Rhaegar Targaryen

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Name: Rhaegar Targaryen
Occupation: Prince
Relationships: Aerys Targaryen (father), Rhaella Targaryen (mother), Viserys Targaryen (brother), Daenerys Targaryen (sister), Elia Martell (wife), Lyanna Stark (presumed lover), Aegon Targaryen (son), Rhaenys Targaryen (daughter)
Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones
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Rhaegar Targaryen is a fictional character in the book series A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones. He does not appear in the stories proper except in flashbacks or other people's perspectives.


Rhaegar Targaryen is a Prince of Westeros. Prior to the beginning of the story, he met Lyanna Stark at a tournament and crowned her the Queen of Love and Beauty. He later disappeared with her. Lyanna's father and brother demanded her return from Aerys Targaryen but were killed by the Mad King. As a result of this, Lyanna's betrothed Robert Baratheon and her brother Ned Stark mounted a rebellion known as Robert's Rebellion. Rhaegar Targaryen eventually fought on behalf of the crown and was killed by Robert Baratheon at the Trident.


Fandom reaction to Rhaegar Targaryen can be quite mixed, especially since everything known about him is through the perspective of someone else. Some fans appreciate his aesthetic and his determination to try to fulfill a prophecy to save the world. Others question his political sense and the morality of taking a young woman from her family.


  • Lyanna Stark/Rhaegar Targaryen (canon): This popular ship explores a relationship which is pivotal to the story but is portrayed little on screen. Topics of exploration may include whether the parties were in love, whether the relationship was consensual, and how they felt about the fallout of the relationship.
  • Rhaegar Targaryen/Elia Martell (canon): This explores Rhaegar's relationship with his canonical wife.
  • Rhaegar Targaryen/Jon Connington: Jon Connington is canonically in love with Rhaegar. Stories may expand on his pining and his actions because of it. They may also explore whether Rhaegar is aware of it and what his actions and responses to it would be.