Jorah Mormont

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Name: Jorah Mormont
Occupation: Knight
Title/Rank: Queensguard, Ser
Location: Westeros
Status: Alive in the books, deceased on the show
Relationships: Jeor Mormont (father), Maege Mormont (aunt), Lyanna Mormont (cousin), Lynesse Hightower (ex-wife)
Fandom: Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire
Other: played by Iain Glen
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Jorah Mormont is a fictional character from A Song of Ice and Fire, and is played by Iain Glen in the HBO television series Game of Thrones.

He is intelligent, brave and loyal to what he loves but he has done extremely questionable things in the past and his pragmatism sometimes conflicts what I would say is morally correct.[1]


Before the beginning of the series Jorah was exiled from Westeros for selling slaves. Jorah meets Daenerys Targaryen at her wedding to Khal Drogo. He is spying on her for Varys, adviser to King Robert. Over time he comes to love Daenerys and stops spying for her enemies. He stays with her throughout the series, as her trusted adviser and friend, helping her conquer Slavers' Bay. In Season 4 his past betrayal is revealed and his is banished. He meets Tyrion Lannister and captures him hoping to take him to Daenerys and win back her favor, instead they are captured by slavers. Jorah competes in the fighting pits and saves Daenerys' life when rebellion breaks out.

He travels with Daario Naharis to find Daenery's after she escapes Meereen on Drogon. Finding her at Vaas Dothrak, Jorah admits his love for Daenerys but he can't serve her again. He has greyscale and Daenerys commands him to find a cure. In season 7, Jorah is at the Citadel and he is cured by Samwell Tarly. He arrives at Dragonstone, returning to his Queen's service.




  • In 2019, during the final season, Jorah was the thirteenth most popular Game of Thrones character on Tumblr[2]

Common Tropes in Fanworks


  • Jorah has been given a few nick names by fans:
    • Jorah the Explorer: Jorah is one of the most well traveled of all Game of Thrones characters, and was often used to provide exposition in scenes with Daenerys
    • Ser Jorah of House Friendzone: because of his unrequited love for Daenerys, and her treatment of Jorah as a friend and rejection of him as a potential suitor
    • J-bear: his house sigil is a bear


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