Red Candy

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Title: Red Candy
Author(s): Shortcake Cunningham
Date(s): 1998
Length: 3 chapters
Genre: het romance
Fandom: Hanson and Blur
External Links: May 2000 via wayback

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Red Candy is a Hanson fanfic by Shortcake Cunningham. It was written in 1998.

Shortcake Cunningham was an older fan, and her story features Taylor in a relationship with an older woman--a relationship which led to his exile in France. During the portion of the story set in France, Alex James of Blur also makes an appearance. Shortcake had this to say about writing such a story:

As an adult, it is difficult to appreciate Hanson (or other young bands) without being called a variety of names. This I can accept, I'm a Duran Duran fan, I can handle barbs. What I cannot accept is the casual use of the term "pedophile." I like Hanson because of their music and my personal crushes aren't based on their ages. Pedophiles like children, toddlers, babies. There is a very big difference. I have refrained from graphic descriptions in these stories because a) less is more and b) I don't want to get arrested. I would prefer to think of these stories as more Nabokov than NAMBLA. In addition, the elitist (or is it the professional?) in me prefers that my stories not be lumped in with some of the other works out there. The quality of the writing is, in some cases, rather poor. It would be condescending to say this is because of the median age or intelligence of Hanson's fan base. Not everyone can write well, not everyone aspires to. Which is fine. But I take my writing very seriously, including my fan fiction. Writing is a serious business, it takes effort to do well. I don't want my hard work to be labled or classified as fluff; There are already too many black marks against these pieces because of content and genre. In addition, it is easy to misinterpret what I was going for here, which is why I would prefer my stories stay with Entertain Me!, where they can be read in their proper context with other works written as seriously.[1]

Reactions and Reviews

The first part is deceptively simple, the first few bits of it centered around Ellen, the older woman, struggling to send Taylor an email and fantasizing while listening to Speechless. The fantasy is minimal, almost restrained in description, but it works. The theme of red candy is brought up over and over, with the chapter ending as Ellen is finally able to feed Taylor a piece of the treat. While it works with the author’s style, I wouldn’t have minded seeing a little bit more of Taylor and Ellen’s relationship developing and less of Ellen and her friend Caff’s now outdated indie cred splashed across the screen.[2]
A mature side to Hanson fiction.[3]


Red Candy was story of the week at Hanson Story Links. It is featured in the hall of fame.


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