Usagi Tsukino

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Name: Usagi Tsukino
Occupation: student, superhero
Fandom: Sailor Moon
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Usagi Tsukino is the main character of Sailor Moon. She is frequently portrayed in canon and fanon as ditzy yet kindhearted, and she transforms into alter ego Sailor Moon. Her past life was as Princess Serenity, and in the future she is Neo-Queen Serenity.


Canonically, she is in a relationship with Mamoru Chiba, who she was also involved with in a past life. She is sometimes also paired with Seiya in fanfiction due to their interactions in the last season of Sailor Moon, when Mamoru was missing and Seiya had romantic feelings for her. Other common pairings include: Prince Demando/Diamond (a villain from Sailor Moon R who was obsessed with her future self) and Rei Hino (who is both the hardest on Usagi but also the most trusted by her). Minako Aino is also a common pairing for her; Usagi hero-worshipped Minako's celebrity alter ego Sailor V, got along beautifully with the real Minako once they met, and Naoko Takeuchi has drawn the two in suggestive poses.


There is a common fanfic trope/plot/trend where Usagi Tsukino is horribly mistreated and/or underestimated by her senshi and boyfriend, only to run off and develop her powers in secret and come up and stun them all. Presumably, this trope is rooted in a sort of wish-fulfillment self-insertion on the part of the authors.

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