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Title: Landspeeder
Publisher: published by Deleted Expletive Press
Editor(s): LA Adolf (editor), Jacqueline Taero (co-editor)
Date(s): May 1979-August 1983
Frequency: an ad in Jundland Wastes says it was bi-monthly
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Landspeeder is a Star Wars newsletter (the editor refers to it many times as a zine). It contains poetry, filks, short fiction, serialized long fiction, art, movie and book reviews, zine ads, want ads and TESB/RAIDERS photos. It ran for 21 issues.

ad printed in Skywalker #3 (1979)

This zine ended just after Return of the Jedi was released.

When the The Fanzine Archives: A Library for the Preservation & Circulation of Fan-created Material, then called "The SW Fanzine Lending Library," was first formed in 1987, it was one of only three zines that specifically asked to not be included.

This zine was bound by one staple in the upper left-hand corner. For mailing, it was folded and addressed on the back like a newsletter.

From a 1981 ad in News of the Rebellion #8:
A bimonthly zine devoted to the SW saga, 20 pages, quick printed: Landspeeder offers news, a column from England, poetry, toons, filks, puzzles, short fiction, serialized longer fiction, zine ads, want ads, TESB photos and more.

Some Tidbits

In a 1979 issue:

  • Hanni, We Hardly Knew Ya by LA Adolf (Wounded while saving Luke, Han may die. While unconscious he has a strange experience. Who does he meet and why?)

In an unknown issue:

A fan in 1981 writes that she will has fiction (under her pen name: Phaedre Kendt) and non-fiction (under her RL name: Kathleen Woodbury) in issue #7 and #8. [1]

Issue 1

Landspeeder 1 was published in May 1979.

Issue 2

Landspeeder 2 was published in July 1979.

Issue 3

Landspeeder 3 was published in September 1979.

Issue 4

Landspeeder 4 was published in October 1979.

Issue 5

Landspeeder 5 was published in January 1980.

Issue 6

Landspeeder 6 was published in March 1980.

Issue 18/19

Landspeeder 18/19 was published in April 1983.

Issue 20/21

Landspeeder 20/21 was published in August 1983 and contains 40 pages. It was the last issue.

front cover of issue #20/21
  • Hallo from the UK, letter by Doris T (2)
  • review by Bob Buchtel of Return of the Jedi original motion picture soundtrack (3)
  • review by Bob Buchtel of "Lapti Nek Overature: Urth" (one of "a Pandora's box of truly awful imitations" of the film score. "It is a horribly uneven disco medley of Star Wars themes... all built into the frame work of Lapti Nek... Forget the cheap imitations and stick to the artist's original recordings!") (4)
  • a review of The Return (rare for this zine as it states it does not do zine reviews), see that page (5)
  • Lone Mourner, poem by Jacqueline Taero (6)
  • Darth's Deduction, poem by Jacqueline Taero (6)
  • Hail and Farewell, co-editorial and editorial closing remarks by Adolf and Taero (7)
  • Zine Ads, interspersed with satiric ads (8)
  • It Could Happen on Your World, At Any Time!, transcribed by Pat Nussman, a fundraising letter from Leia Organa (10)
  • Ewok Celebration Song by Linda Anne Watson (11)
  • Cave-In, fiction and art by Wanda Lybarger (12)
  • It's Dark Again, poem by Linda Anne Watson (14)
  • Too Many Relations, poem by Jacqueline Taero (15)
  • Heart of Stone, poem by Suzy Sansom (15)
  • Dirge Without End, fiction by Marcia Brin (16)
  • Revenge of the Jedi, poem by Dorene Fox (17)
  • Something to Believe In, fiction by Phaedra Kendt (18)
  • The Archetypal Hero, article by Kathleen D. Woodbury (21)
  • What's in a Name, article by Kathleen D. Woodbury (23)
  • Star Wars Summer, review by Sherry Magee of Return of the Jedi (24)
  • My Sweet Leia, poem by Barbara Trimble (26)
  • The Haunting (Luke's Lament), poem by Jacqueline Taero (27)
  • Nonsense Verses, to the tune of the Imperial March, filk by Dianne Wickes and Sherry Magee (27)
  • Forum: readers' letters about Return of the Jedi (28)
  • Forum: readers' letters about "What SW Has Meant in My Life" (35)
  • Forum: readers' speculations and predictions about "The Third Trilogy" (38)
  • ... And There Ain't NO More, poem by Jacqueline Taero (39)
  • list of contributors (40)


  1. from TREKisM #16