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Title: News of the Rebellion
Publisher: The Royal Order of the Rebel Forces
Editor(s): Paula Truelove
Date(s): 1978 - 1982
Fandom: Star Wars
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News of the Rebellion was a Star Wars zine. It ran for eleven issues with each having roughly fifty pages.

It included fanart, fiction, letters of comment, news, and poetry.

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 7

  • Love Letter to Luke by Lynne Terry
  • Turnabout by Joe
  • Vapors of Alpha 3 by Chris Carrier
  • Aftermath by by Beth Adams
  • other unknown content

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 7

Must write to congratulate you on the superior-quality of issue 7 of your NEWS OF THE REBELLION.

Was very pleased you have switched to the heavy stock covers, which not only gives the zine a finished's great protection, too! My compliments to your typist(s) who do a great job. The same to your copier. Your writers and illustrators are so very talented, as are your children. (Am I the only dense person in this sector, but who/what is/was Fubar???!!?) "Love Letter ..." and "Turn About" were well written and I hope to see more of Lynne's and Joe's work in future issues. (Hint! Hint!) As for "The Beginning of Evil".. Ms Adams is VERY talented, not only as a writer, but as an illustrator as well. Her story was well written, well paced, and held together very well. My only regret was the long wait to get her superb "Aftermath" ending! I am looking forward to seeing a lot of her work in the future !!

To sum it up, your zine has sprung from humble beginnings and grown into a quality publication. My congratulations to you and your staff. Am eagerly awaiting your future issues. [1]
Congratulations on issue #7. It was well put together, and had a great variety of material. The best was Beth Adams' conclusion of "The Beginning of Evil" and Lynne Terry's "Love Letter To Luke". Each presented interesting aspects of different SW characters, and the latter story is a tribute to Leia Organa's strength and courage. All in all, a well done zine...keep up the good work! [2]
I'm writing to tell you how much I enjoyed issue 7.

My favorite item was "Vapors of Alpha 3". It made you think on how we're ruining our planet, and it was extremely well written by Chris Carrier. In the Felgercarb section the item saying to contact George Orr was very clever and original. (I really liked "The Lathe Of Heaven" when it was shown on PBS) I was sad to see the end of "The Beginning of Evil". It was one of the best SW stories I've read.

I think issue 7 was by far the best of News of the Rebellion. Keep up the good work, Paula! [3]

Issue 8

News of the Rebellion 8 was published April/May/June 1980 and contains 50 pages: 1-27, then 1-22 (a single story). The front and back covers are by Brad Morris.

front cover of issue #8
back cover of issue #8
From Anne Womack:
Frustration City, here. We recently discovered that The Empire Strikes Back won't be here in Tallahassee until June 18, almost a month after the rest of you have seen it. Not only are we Kermit-green with envy, but we had planned for this issue to be a big, first post-Empire one, full of first impressions and reviews, new material and a renewed sense of wonder in the Force!

However -Since Paula's nerves are beginning to fray a little (that girl does more than you'll ever know),I happily agreed to try the editorial this time. Maybe that way she'll be rested enough by the 18 so we can wheel her into Empire.

While we're waiting, we've been contenting ourselves with the 
paperback, the soundtrack, the storybook and every article, review and 
snippet from the magazines we can get our hands on, a little akin to 
Dracula with a supply of fresh blood! It's heaven—especially when the 
reviews are all so good, and when we keep getting those tantalizing 
clips on T.V. Can't believe it's almost here, it has been a long three
 years, you know? Certainly enough time to memorize the script to SW,
which a few of us have. (One member, who wants to remain anonymous
 already has a Boba Fett Doll.)
From Paula Truelove:
A few of us could not stand the wait till June 18 and so packed up and went to Atlanta...thanks to Mary Sue's 'Starbuck' (the car folks) and John's expert driving, we made it....there and back in one day... an experience in itself!

After that, waiting for the 18th was not so hard....but the concrete sure was when it finally did arrive. We were at the theater by 5 am and the first in 11:30, the first showing, the line was rather long and our 6 1/2 hour wait paid off. We hope that by now all of you have had the opportunity to see Empire...for it was well worth the 3 year wait and every cent we all spend to see it time and time again. With this issue we are changing just a bit, with the addition of more stories and a Letters To The Command section. We encourage you to respond as this gives us some idea as to how you feel we are doing. Also a contest we hope you will find fun and enjoy. We have begun compiling the list of Observations from Empire, so take pencil and paper to the next showing and get them down when you spot them....then send them to us. Also your opinions, ideas or dislikes about Empire.

Before I sign off I wish to thank my entire staff as without them
I could not do all this. Also everyone contributing their talents to 
make the zine even more interesting. And those special friends who enco
urage me when things go wrong, putting up with all my demands, weird
 moods and my crazyness. I thank you!!!!
  • From Central Command, editorials by Paula Truelove and Anne Womack (2)
  • Letters to the Command (3)
  • Star Pulses, ads (4)
  • Spin-Offs, ads (4)
  • Felgercarb, fictional, humorous want ads (5)
  • Filk Song sung to the tune of "Evil Ways" by Pat Grant (5)
  • Cartoon by Glenda Young (6)
  • Lover, fiction by Daryl Davis (7)
  • Groan and Bear It, jokes by Brad Morris, Daryl Davis, Vicky Welfare and Barbara Doyle (8)
  • Shuttlecon II Con Report by Glenda Young (9)
  • photos by Rita Harlow (9)
  • Cartoon Contest (11)
  • Side by Side, Enviable Reward, Disadvantages, and Desperate Hope, poems by Glenda Young and Pat Grant (12)
  • Han and Chewie Illo by Glenda Young (12)
  • Cartoon by Daryl Davis (14)
  • Corellian Aphorisms by Glenda Young (15)
  • Cartoon by Brad Morris (15)
  • The Adventures of Waxel Winfred, chapter 4 by Chris Carrier (16)
  • Adventures in the Kitchen or How Do You Spell Relief, chapter 5 by Chris Carrier (16)
  • Shake Down or Should I Say Shake Up Cruise by Chris Carrier (16)
  • The Price of Friendship, part one by Glenda Young and Paula Truelove, illustrated by Glenda Young and Brad Morris (18)
  • Cartoon by Daryl Davis (26)
  • Cartoon Captain Contest (27)
  • Sable Exchange, part one written and illustrated by Beth Adams (this story is at the end of the zine and has its own numbering: page 1-22)

Issue 9

News of the Rebellion 9 was published in February 1981 and contains 52 pages. The front and back covers are by Beth Adams.

front cover of issue #9
back cover of issue #9
  • From The Rebel Command by Paula Truelove (2)
  • Letters To The Command by Liza Gregory (3)
  • Star Pulses (4)
  • Cartoon by Karla Cagen (4)
  • Felgercarb (5)
  • You Know You've Become.... by Jill E. Storer (5)
  • Jedi Musings by Glenda Young (6)
  • illustration by Pat Grant (6)
  • Cartoon (7)
  • The Truth (8)
  • The Rest Of The Truth by Rita Harlow (9)
  • illustration by Brad Morris (9)
  • Friend by Glenda Young (11)
  • Basic Stormtrooper Exam by Chris Carrier (12)
  • Only Way Out by Kay Crist (reprinted in Bright Center of the Universe #11 in 2001) (13)
  • illustration by Glenda Young (13)
  • Upon Becoming An Admiral... by Brad Morris (17)
  • Cartoon by Barbara Doyle (18)
  • Conversion Of The Saber by Beth Adams (19)
  • illustration by Linda Grant (19)
  • Leia's Lament by Glenda Young (22)
  • illustration by Beth Adams (22)
  • Adventures Of Waxel Winfred by Chris Carrier (23)
  • Dear Princess by ???????????? (24)
  • illustration by Chris Carrier (24)
  • Price of Friendship, part 2 by Glenda Young and Paula Truelove (25)
  • illustrations by Glenda Young (25)
  • cartoon by Karla Cagen (40)
  • Communication Central (41)
  • Sable Exchange, part 2 by Beth Adams, illustrations by Beth Adams (22-52)
  • cartoon by Brad Morris (52)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 9

Please bear with me as I have never written a letter like this before, but wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed issues 8&9 of "News of the Rebellion." The stories are good and so is the artwork. I especially like the picture of Yoda on the cover of issue 9 and the cartoons in both.

I've found that I'm definitely a SW fanatic by Jill Storer's definition and the Felgercarb's (what is a felgercarb?) are cute.

I don't think I'll be applying to be a Stormtrooper, but it's nice to know I can pass the test and now I have a new career just waiting for me. Thanks, Paula, for putting together such an interesting and exceptional zine. [4]
Paula, Rebels, Corellians, Bounty Hunters, Non-Terrans and Fifth Dimensional Creatures (think I've covered everyone and thing....)

A great friend of mine, Michelle Fanzo, loaned me "News of the Rebellion" issue 9 (thanks Michelle!). Let me start at the very beginning. The covers, Yoda and the Kiss were magnificent! Beth is truely gifted! (Don't blush!). I hope to see more from her in the future. The insignia is quite well done; I make part of it out as an "AE", correct Kathy? Brad Morris' illo to THE TRUTH rivals McQuarrie himself. Rita Harlow's THE REST OF THE TRUTH, though having a desolate ending, and not following "Empire's" lines, was moving. The "mercy killing" was not grotesque, but, the natural order of things.

ONLY WAY OUT by Kay Crist, was not only a Han-based story, but a little study in psychology. "The Only Way Out," is a phrase most often linked with suicidal persons and the story struck me as very thoughtful. CONVERSION OF THE SABER was interesting. I've never read an explanation for the red saber before. I would have liked to have read the first part to PRICE OF FRIENDSHIP, but I did like the (last) scene in Han's quarters where he tries, and does, give back the fee to save Luke. I wonder if the mention of the missing medallion means he tries to give this back also, or upon thinking of giving back the credits, Han picks it up to look at it and just set it down absent-mindedly, in another place where Leia didn't see it? After SABLE EXCHANGE, I understand Beth Adams changed her image of ol' Darth, but some Vader fans (even after "Empire") still see him as a romantic figure, and I'm sure the story pleased them more than it did me, I guess I'm just the simple-minded type who thinks if he is a bad guy, you're not suppose to like him. The lack of military details struck me somewhat wrongly, but since I haven't yet proved myself as a "Star Wars" writer, I will complain no farther (and when I come out with my epic, you can take a blaster to my head, Beth). Oh yeah! Karla Cagen's "tilt" cartoon was great! [5]
Issue 9 was great, one of the finest to roll off the Rebellion's printing press yet. The stories get better and better, though some of the artwork could use improvement. But more on that later.

Being a Mark Hamill fan as well as a Harrison fanatic, my favorite piece is undoubtedly "Jedi Musings". It captured Luke's feelings about being left out in the cold by Han and Leia (I swear, folks, that pun was not intended!) without becoming melodramatic or overly mushy. I have a hunch that this experience is just another in a long line of bittersweet memories for our Jedi. "The Truth" and its sister story, "The Rest of the Truth", were also good; an interesting look at how things might have turned out had Vader really been Luke's father. I must admit to having a fondness for alternate/look universe stories of this kind, especially when they center around a certain sexy Corellian. Is there anyone out there who'd like to put their two credits in regarding the Luke/Vader situation? "Only Hay Gut" and "The Price of Friendship" MAGNIFIQUE!! Kay Crist has Han's character down perfect..from his hesitancy in not wanting to die, yet knowing that he must in order to escape Jabba's cruel plans to the confused, little-boy-lost behavior he displays while talking to Leia in Glenda and Paula's "Price of Friendship". It's a charming side of Han people seldom ever see, but one that, if not over-used by writers, proves to be a challenge just as much as all of his other complex personalities. I say personalities because Han's varied and different sides seem to break off from the main center of his being to form into something entirely new. Hmm, on reading that last sentence, I realize the Jedi in me is starting to come out, which means I must be leading up to "Part Two; Sable Exchange" or "Conversion of the Sabre! So here goes, Maybe I wasn't in a good frame of mind when I read "Sable Exchange" the day I received the zine, because I found myself becoming bored only a few pages into the story. However, on re-reading it, I discovered a pretty good story that (this time) held my attention, though it did have a tendency to ramble from time to time. And even though I knew everything would turn out well in the end. Luke and Vader would be returned to their respective sides of the war...I did bite my fingernails in quite a few places, particularly the part where Dimitri was rescuing Luke from the prison. ABUGH! Sometimes, those escapes can be a little too good! "Conversion of the Sabre" Was an excellent way of explaining how Lord Vader's sabre is red instead of blue-white. I personally subscribe to the notion that the sabre simply picks up on and reflects it's owner's aura, but that's just my theory. After laughing my way through "You Know You've Become a Star Bars Fanatic When..." (and finding myself in almost everything on the list. And yes, I do. look for the hyper-drive switch while sitting in traffic), I found myself in complete hysteria on reading the Stormtroopers exam...number 9 was particularity amusing. So were the cartoons, especially the one of Han and Luke on page 4. Tilt, indeed! "Leia's Lament" and "Friend" were very good, Leia's expression of love for Han were hauntingly beautiful, while Chewie's words to Lando chilled me to the bone.., mainly because I know he means it. Which raises the question; who'll have the pleasure and honor of killing Lando, Han or Chewie? I say let both 'em take their grievances out of him; that way they'll both be satisfied. About the artwork...the cover drawing of Yoda was fabulous, but the back cover disappointed me greatly. It looked unfinished. The art for "Sable Exchange" and "Price of Friendship" was good. It's nice to know that Vader's looks can be easy on the eyes, even if his methods aren't easy on body and soul. However, the art on pages 6,13, and 18 left a lot to be desired. Whoops, almost left out the drawing of Leia that accompanies "Leia's Lament" nice work! Whoa! You guys wouldn't happen to consider making "Dear Princess" a regular feature, would you? I like it! *** I have only one thing to say regarding Liza Gregory's letter... ALRIGHT! Being one of the guilty who must hang their head in shame at not having supported the Rebellion, I can't make any excuses for not participating, but I will say this, Liza's right, folks, Paula and the gang need our support; they can't do it alone. Contrary to popular belief Rebel leaders don't die, they usually end up on the funnyfarm from lack of help in their work. As Starbuck once yelled at Cy, "I can't do it alone!" (Yeah, I know this is the wrong zine. but it's the only thing that'd come to mind. Keep up the good work! And Kay The Force Be With You!


Issue 10

cover of issue #10, Peggy Perkerson
back cover of issue #10, D.R. Drake

News of the Rebellion 10 was published in December 1981 and contains 42 pages. The editor notes that this issue is being published almost a year after issue #9.

This issue contains a short letter by Maureen Garrett. For more on this subject, see Star Wars Letters.

The editorial:

Greetings! Hope everyone survived the summer and are enjoying the holidays. It's been almost a year since issue 9 and after recieving loads of material on Han Solo and Indiana Jones, we decided to dedicate issue 10 to Mr. Harrison Ford as he brought both characters to life for so many of us. Most of the regular features are back as well as a new one we call Rebel Ramblings. As you will see it is for members to sound off on how you feel about a movie, or to express your views on one of the nagging questions from the Star Wars saga, etc... Also in this issue....Kay Crist who gave us "Only Way Out" (issue 9), returns with "Devil-Hype". A beautiful story of true friendship. Sheila Paulson, a fine, fan-fiction writer, who's work has been featured in 'Facets' the Harrison Ford devoted zine, honored us with two of her pieces "Appearances" and "Homecoming". I think you will be as impressed with them as we were. Glenda Young, my friend and talented co-editor, writer/artist came up with a few masterpieces that are excellent. Hey, Glen, are those eyes really blinking? Judy Watson, a new convert to Ford-fandom caught our attention with the stirring "Map Room Moments". Welcome to the ranks, Judy. "The Great,All American,Super,Fantastic, Raiders Of The Lost Ark Trivia Quiz" by Frances Lee and Kris Kenney, "The Great All Alien Super Fantastic Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back Scramble"by Chris Carrier and The Star Wars Crossword Puzzle by Alicia Sczenk all took a lot of work (not to mention patience) so,we thank them, and hope you enjoy working each one. Newest addition to the staff is D. R. Drake. A fine artist, as well as writer, which you will see for yourself all throughout this issue. Welcome Drake and we are looking forward to working with you in future issues. Other artist contributing are Peggy Perkison (front cover), a local Tallahassee artist. Michelle Fanzo, a high school student who enjoys drawing. Brad Morris, a high school senior and founder of Atlantium Films (where the Renaissance continues) came up with a few cartoons. One may prove to top his 'Imperial Streetwalker1 cartoon (issue 8). And a dear friend, Beth Adams, who's been away serving Uncle Sam came through with a beautiful drawing of Han. Thanks to Lucasfilm Ltd. for being interested in 'News Of The Rebellion', and to Maureen Garrett (Director of the Star Wars Fan Club). Hey, folks, this is one fantastic lady and we should all be glad that she cares about the fans, even going out of her way to help when she can. Most of all my sincere appreciation goes out to my staff, without them you would not have this in your hands. You're all the best! Thanks too goes to the entire set of encyclopedia's at the Woraack house...what would we have done without them.

Okay it's time I shut down and let you read on. Please pay close attention to the announcment following all this it is very important. So until issue 11 (when I crawl up from the local sewer) best wishes for the holidays to all and keep the Force burning bright.
From Maureen Garrett:
An issue arose over the summer which we felt should be brought to the attention of all the followers of the Star Wars saga. We recieved a letter from Lucasfilm expressing concern about the unacceptability of certain material in Star Wars fan fiction. The following is from the October 7th, 1981 letter stating the policy. The key factor which we would like all fanzine publishers and contributors to keep in mind is the wholesome nature and broadbased appeal of the STAR WARS Saga. The character of the films and all authorized literature themselves best illustrate the manner in which we believe the STAR WARS Saga should be depicted. Lucasfilm can only appeal to your sense of decency and respect for the STAR WARS characters in asking that you consider our desires. Lucasfilm objects to material that contains: pornography, vulgarity, or explicit gore and violence. The kind of writing which 99.9% of you have already labeled as "garbage"."

We hope that you understand that our policy is an exercise in OWNERSHIP not censorship. The law enumerates certain privileges which belong to any copyright owner; one of these privileges is the exclusive right to reproduce in any medium, the characters, plot, setting and and any other elements of his story and to prevent third parties from publishing unauthorized work substantially similar to his own.

Lucasfilm supports the publication of STAR WARS Fanzines. We value your interest, appreciate your opinions"and trust your intentions. If you have any questions, please write or call." P.O. 3ox 2009, San Rafael, California -94912- Telephone, (415) 457-5282. Maureen Garrett: Director - Star Wars Fan Club, Frances Smith: Legal Counsel

  • Ode To Harrison by The Unknown Carpenter (1)
  • Table of Contents (2)
  • From The Rebel Command by Paula Truelove (3)
  • Letters To The Command (4)
  • Groan And Bear It!!! (5)
  • Star Pulses
  • Felgercarb
  • Rebel Ramblings (6)
  • Cartoon by Alicia Sczenk (8)
  • Cartoon by Glenda Young (9)
  • Map Room Moments by Judy Watson (10)
  • Map Room Moments Illo by Glenda Young (11)
  • Ramblings Of A Zine Typist by U.N. Known (12)
  • Illo by by Karla Cagen
  • Smugglers Prayer by D.R. Drake (13)
  • Illo by by D.R. Drake
  • Devil-Hype by Kay Crist (14)
  • Cartoon by Brad Morrison (20)
  • A Day In The Life Of Harrison (21)
  • Illo by by D.R. Drake
  • A Day In The Life Of Indy (22)
  • Illo by by D.R. Drake
  • Foiled Again by Glenda Young (23)
  • Illo by by Brad Morris
  • Cartoon by Karla Cagen (24)
  • Adventures of Waxel Winfred by Chris Carrier (25)
  • Dear Princess by ???????????? (26)
  • Somewhere, Out In The Empire by Lucy Carr and Cindy Mehall
  • Cartoon by Karla Cagen (27)
  • Homecoming by Sheila Paulson (28)
  • Homecoming Illo by Michelle Fanzo
  • Notorious Spacer by Deli Ca Tessant (29)
  • Cartoon by Brad Morris
  • Beth's Han by Beth Adams (30)
  • Appearances by Sheila Paulson (31)
  • Illo by by Glenda Young
  • Cartoon by Brad Morris (35)
  • Quizes by The Kenneys (36)
  • Star Wars Crossword (37)
  • Cartoon by Chris Carrier (38)
  • Communications Central (39)
  • Wookiee Ad Council by Alicia Sczenk and Don Sprinkle
  • SW Fan Club Ad
  • States and Harrison by Ford-atics (40)
  • Answers to Quizzes (41)

Issue 11

Issue 11 was published in 1981.

  • A Matter of Responsibility by Sheila Paulson. Han is suspected of treason soon after the destruction of the Death Star.
  • other unknown content


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