The Royal Order of the Rebel Forces

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Fan Club
Name: The Royal Order of the Rebel Forces (also "The Supreme Order of the Jedi Forces," also "The Royal Order of the Imperial Forces")
Dates: 1977
Founder(s): Paula Truelove
Country based in:
Focus: Star Wars & Star Trek
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The Royal Order of the Rebel Forces was a Star Wars fan club formed by Paula Truelove in 1977.

From Jundland Wastes #2: "'News of the Rebellion' with something for Trekkies, Rebels, and even Imperials & all others."

a 1983 flyer

A related club is Forces of the Empire.


A 1982 Description

From a flyer printed in Antithesis #20:
The Supreme Order of the Imperial Forces is a club devoted mainly to the Star Wars saga, specifically, to its Imperial ranks. We are now an international club Kith its members in many foreign countries. Local meetings are held for the members living in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Membership includes a membership certificate, membership card, four newsletters per year and . special sales and contests far members only. Dues are only $3.00 plus 4 long S.A.S.E's with 2 stamps each per year.

A 1994 Description

One interesting historic fact about F.O.E.: Originally [Forces of Empire] began as a sort of joke. I was a member of a group in Florida known as The Royal Order of the Rebel Forces, run by Paula Truelove (of Flip of a Coin fame). Some friends and I decided to give her a little friendly fun and began sending Imperial transmissions to her Rebel Royalness. Someone suggested we should turn it all into an actual club, offering friendly competition to the Rebel "upstarts". So, laughing through it all, I typed up (on a manual typewriter) the first issue of Executor Logs, the newsletter of The Supreme Order of the Imperial Forces. It was 2 pages long. And it went out to 15 people. Boy, have we come a long way from such an amusing beginning! [1]


  1. from Pat Grant in Southern Enclave #40 (1994)