Executor Logs

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Title: Executor Logs
Publisher: Imperial Press, under the purview of The Supreme Order of the Imperial Forces
Editor(s): Pat Grant and John Reitz
Type: fan club newsletter
Date(s): around 1980ish?
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Executor Logs was the newsletter for a Star Wars fan club out of Florida called The Supreme Order of the Imperial Forces.

From a 1982 flyer:
The Executor Logs is the quarterly news letter which the club publishes. Size of the "Logs" are currently around l6 pages containing original artwork, short stories, poems, both commercial and personal ads, puzzles, contests and much more. Contributions are excepted for both the "Logs" and 'zine. Material will be returned if accompanied by a S.A.S.E. with sufficient postage.

A 1994 Description

One interesting historic fact about F.O.E.: Originally [Forces of Empire] began as a sort of joke. I was a member of a group in Florida known as "The Royal Order of the Rebel Forces," run by Paula Truelove (of Flip of a Coin fame). Some friends and I decided to give her a little friendly fun and began sending Imperial transmissions to her Rebel Royalness. Someone suggested we should turn it all into an actual club, offering friendly competition to the Rebel "upstarts". So, laughing through it all, I typed up (on a manual typewriter) the first issue of Executor Logs, the newsletter of The Supreme Order of the Imperial Forces. It was 2 pages long. And it went out to 15 people. Boy, have we come a long way from such an amusing beginning! [1]


  1. from Pat Grant in Southern Enclave #40 (1994)