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Name: Maureen Garrett
Also Known As:
Occupation: director of the Official Star Wars Club in the early 1980s
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Maureen Garrett was the director of the Official Star Wars Club from June 1981 to March 1986.

One thing she is known for is her role in the conflict between Star Wars fans and their fanworks. It was she who sent fans and their zines the series of letters from Lucasfilm stating its control over what could and couldn't be published. See: Open Letter to Star Wars Zine Publishers by Maureen Garrett.

Her resignation letter as an employee of LucasFilm is printed in its entirety in Comlink #25 in March 1986. In it she writes: "The highlight of my career with Lucasfilm was having the opportunity to be an extra in Howard the Duck. I was dressed as a punk, covered with chains, and wearing an upswept hair-do, a costume of my own design. A lot of footage was shot, but you'll probably only see my hand! Look for me in a smokey night club sitting at the front bar during a fight scene."

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