Nyub Nyub!

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Title: Nyub Nyub!
Creator: Wanda Lybarger
Date(s): 1996
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
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flyer printed in I Don't Care What You Smell #2

Nuyb Nuyb! is a parody flyer for a proposed zine that was never meant to be published.

The flyer was done in fun, and meant to appeal to fans who disliked Ewoks and their role in the Star Wars movie.

The flyer also pokes fun at various fanfic genres.

From the Flyer

Are you tired of Luke stories? Han and Leia stories? Vader stories? Fans of Ewoks, of course, you are! Ewoks?? Yes:.... Ewoks! We know you're out there. Take heart, have courage and don't be afraid. You are not alone. Come out of the closet and proudly proclaim your passion for those fuzzy heroes of the Rebellion! The editors of this zine want to celebrate what is best about Ewoks. Their spirit and intelligence, their integrity, strength and cunning. Too long has fandom maligned these fierce, cuddly and brave warriors who helped defeat the mighty Empire. Too long have the inhabitants of Endor been the butt of Star Wars jokes. (Ewoks have such cute butts, too!)

Let's give Chief Chiipa, Logray, Wicket, Princess Kneesha and the rest of the tribe the recognition they so richly deserve. It's time for Ewoks to take their rightful place among the other Alliance heroes. Join with us to make "NYTB NYUB! #1" a rousing success. The following submissions have already been accepted:

  • FINDER'S KEEPERS - Wicket was totally enamored of the human princess he found in the forest and totally jealous of Han. Despite the Corellian's objections, Leia decides to reward and thank her brave Ewok rescuer with a steamy one night stand before leaving Endor.
  • CHIEF'S PRIVILEGE - Join Chief Chirpa and Logray for an angst-ridden night of lust and passion as they confess their love for each other and reveal long simmering feelings.
  • THE TROUBLE WITH EWOKS - Wicket and his friends stowaway aboard the Millennium Falcon just before Han takes off on a supply run. Merry mayhem results.
  • EWOK RIDER - Wicket starts dressing in leather and dark glasses and spending all bis time on a souped-up, chopped-down Imperial speeder bike.
  • AND NOW APPEARING - The all Ewok Stormtrooper Helmet Percussion Band plays at Han and Leia's wedding.
  • SHORT JEDI ARE BETTER THAN NO JEDIS - One of the Ewoks, withdrawn and thought off by the rest of the tribe, shyly seeks out Luke. To Skywalker's surprise, the little furball has the Force.
  • MARY SUE EWOK - The Ewok wrapped around Han's leg wanted to welcome the Corellian to the tribe properly in her own inimitable way.

Tongue-In-Cheek Press is looking for farther stories, poems, limericks and cartoons. Tasteful same sex and interspecies sex is acceptable. No gratuitous violence, please. Only Ewok-centered stories will be considered. Tongue-In-Cheek Press, 649 Walkway D, Ewoksville, Endor 00002.