Dark Master Dark Servant

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Title: Dark Master Dark Servant
Editor(s): Cheryl Pryor and Belea Keeney
Date(s): 1997-2000
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Dark Master Dark Servant is a Star Wars adult gen zine, with an emphasis on Vader and the Emperor. It ran for four issues.

On a 1999 flyer for issue #3, the editor notes that issues #1 and #2 are "sold out and available through the Corellian Archives lending library."

Issue 1

Dark Master Dark Servant 1 was published in 1997 and contains 50 pages. The editor refers to it as a "mini-zine." Its front cover is by Nancy Stasulis, the back by Z.P. Florian. Interior art is by Z.P. Florian.

front cover of issue #1, Nancy Stasulis
back cover of issue #1, Z.P. Florian: "Fans are still debating whether Anakin Skywalker was blonde or black-haired."

The front cover got a honorable mention in the 1997 Star aWards, and Nancy Stasulis is listed as the artist. It featured stories by MJ Mink and Joyce Yasner, among others.[1]

From the editorial: "Yes, it's a mini-zine, and in retrospect that's a good thing. A huge 200 page project would have overwhelmed us. We're hoping to grow, so please do send contributions."

  • I Take All by Deborah Kittle (1)
  • To Bespin by Marti Schuller (2)
  • Discipline by Z.P. Florian (4)
  • Alliance by Cheryl Pryor (9)
  • Phoenix, poem by Veronica Wilson (12)
  • Almost by Z.P. Florian (14)
  • At the Looking Glass, fiction by Belea T. Keeney (19)
  • Fade to Black by Deborah Kittle (22)
  • His Young Apprentice, fiction by Z.P. Florian (24)* Father Figure, filk by Belea Keeney (30)
  • A Matter of Life and Death; also was also here by M.J. Mink (Anakin fights another Jedi student.) (32)
  • Sweet Victory by Veronica Wilson (35)
  • Strange Encounter by Marti Schuller (40)
  • Cartoons by Snapper Carr (50)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Wow, what a gorgeous cover by Nancy Stasulis! I don't believe I've ever seen a cover that so perfectly matches a zine's title. Great work. Loved Z.P. Florian's is-he-or-isn't-he blond backcover as well.

Humble appreciation for your overly generous comments in the editorials, gals, but you both deserve all the credit for your new zine. I look forward to many, many more issues!

I loved the poem "Phoenix" by Veronica Wilson, but then she always captures Vader so ideally.

"At the Looking Glass" by Belea Keeney gave a rare look at Vader's final recognition of age. I think anyone over forty has experienced something similar, though to a far lesser degree, I'm sure. I especially liked the dreams and visions Vader had of what was to come as I've always felt the Emperor was the one to reveal the truth regarding Luke to Vader. Nice work.

The filks and other stories showed unique views on our favorite Dark Lord as well. Thanks for producing a forum for further exploration of this fascinating character.[2]

There are some good stories in the zine. I especially like "His Young Apprentice" by Z.P. Florian. However, I missed stories about Vader and Luke Skywalker. Most of the stuff was about Anakin Skywalker.

The stories were also a little bit short, but they can be good too. Longer stories have more action. But when you consider that it was your first fanzine, it was not so bad at all. It can only get better.

Once again, thanks for the zine. I am looking forward to hearing from you again, with new stories from the Dark Side and its servants.[2]

Just finished reading DMDS and it's a nice first effort. Belea's filk "Father Figure" is actually one of the few pop songs I knew and enjoyed her interpretation of it. I really enjoyed the stories, well done and thought provoking. And I must say the cover by Nancy Stasulis was "Most Impressive."

Continued success for upcoming issues.[2]

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, Nancy Stasulis
back cover of issue #2, A.G. Steyn

Dark Master Dark Servant 2 was published in 1998 and contains 160 pages.

The art is by Nancy Stasulis (front cover, interior), A.G. Steyn (back cover), and Z.P. Florian.

From the first editorial:

Limericks! I'm hearing their cadence in my sleep now. If I have to edit one more limerick from the Mad Limericist I'll go...to Nantucket. Seriously I'm so proud of this issue and so honored that we could present such wonderful stories about our favorite Sith.

For as one of our contributors Z.P Florian said, with Yoda-like wisdom, after the prequels open he isn't "our" Darth anymore. One of the greatest joys of reading fan fiction is that we can be introduced to everyone's Darth, or Anakin—from sensual prince or rough Tatooin. And I think there are some great Darths here waiting to make your acquaintance.

As always--a dark chocolate treat to our contributors. Without whom... A tip of the helmet to co-ed Belea for her tireless typing and editing. And especially a swift kick to that crazy limericist- -you can stop now!
From the second editorial:

Just a brief note from me to say hello and thank you, dear readers, for buying the zine and THANK YOU, dear contributors, for writing the zinel We have been thrilled at the positive response we have recieved from the Star Wars fan community.

The stories in this issue have wide-ranging viewpoints and perspectives. Most have a Vader-sympathetic tone and that's to be expected. They range from Maggie Nowakowska's realistic and canonical piece, "Conversations, Too" to 2.P. Florian's witty and lighthearted take on Vader as Anakin. Whether the authors write Vader as dead or alive, all took the time to explore this character in a variety of ways.

We will continue to be as inclusive as possible and encourage submissions from new writers, as well as contributions from the proverbial "old guard". It has been wonderful to hear from different points of view on something as mundane as the question, "What IF Vader had lived?" Some of the stories on these pages answer that question...

Enjoy the stories and artwork and please, write to let us know what you think.

  • A Bitter Reminder by Mary Jo Fox (5)
  • Cartoon by Z.P. Florian (6)
  • Memories by Marti Schuller (7)
  • Dark Jedi by Mark Richards (17)
  • Incident at Nijmegen by Joyce Yasner (Piett tries to help Vader.) (29)
  • Beneath the Darkness by Melissa Mastoris (43)
  • Skywalkers by Tara Ludmer, art by Z.P. Florian (44)
  • Bright Lord/Dark Lord by Cheryl Pryor (45)
  • Invitation by Melissa Mastoris (59)
  • Twilight by Belea T. Keeney (60)
  • A Man Formally Known as Vader by Z.P. Florian (61)
  • Touching the Light by Amy Fisher (80)
  • Conversations, Too by Maggie Nowakowska (83)
  • The Stranger by Marti Schuller (95)
  • Breaking Free by Melissa Mastoris (103)
  • Advertisement by A.G. Steyn (104)
  • Heart of Darkness by Joyce Yasner (reprinted from Time Warp #6/7 v.2) (This story is notable as when it was originally printed, it was a first foray into Ewok culture.) (107)
  • The Road Home, Part 1 by MJ Mink. Luke meets his father under difficult circumstances. (Alternate universe, mild slash.) (offline) online here, Archived version (123)
  • Ads (really) (153)

Issue 3

Dark Master Dark Servant 3 was published in 1999, and has 128 pages. It won the Star aWards "BEST 1999 SW ZINE 100-200 PAGES" award.

cover of issue #3

[3] Featuring stories on the infamous Dark Lord, his previous incarnation as Anakin Skywalker and his relationship with his son. Also includes slash. Contributing are well-known fanfic writers and artists Z.P. Florian, M J Mink, Nancy Stasulis, Sandra Scholes, Cheryl Pryor and Mark Richards.

  • Dark Lord in my Bathtub by Nancy Stasulis. Her first written material ever published in fandom.
  • Wounded Time by Veronica Wilson. This controversial story takes Veronica’s universe to it's "logical" conclusion. Or is it finished at all?? (Alternate universe, slash, rated R.)
  • The Road Home, Part 2 by MJ Mink. The bond between Luke Skywalker and his father is strengthened when the pair return to Sith together for healing. (Alternate universe, mild slash.) (offline)
  • The Visitors, Part 1 & 2 by Z. P. Florian. Two Vaders and two Palpatines, two universes. Can Palpatine save Vader from his own terrible grief? (Alternate universe, slash, rated R.)
  • Special Operations by Cheryl Pryor. An Alliance operative gets into trouble with a certain Dark Lord, even when they're both "on vacation."

PLUS: color covers by Z.P. Florian and A. G. Steyn. Stories by Mark Richards, Joyce Ann Allen, art by Sandra Scholes, plus filks, and poetry.

Issue 4

cover issue #4

Dark Master Dark Servant 4 was published in 2000, and has 102 pages. Color cover by Nancy Stasulis, fiction and art by ZP Florian, Belea T. Keeney, Mark Richards, Selinthia Avenchesca, MJ Mink, and more.[1] [3]


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