Haunted Fandom

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Title: Haunted Fandom
Editor(s): Cheree Cargill
Date(s): May 2012
Medium: print
Size: digest-sized
Fandom: no fandoms are represented, the stories are by fans
Language: English
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Haunted Fandom is a paranormal 36-page minizine edited by Cheree Cargill. It premiered at MediaWest*Con in 2012.

It contains true stories of strange and unexplained happenings experienced by real people in fandom. Contains anecdotes about hauntings, UFOs, angels, strange dreams, and other oddities that have actually happened to the people in this zine.

Ghost Stories and Unexpected Happenings

  • The Old Gate by Laura Quiles (3)
  • Little Boy Ghost by Katy Cargill (4)
  • The Ghostly Lincoln by Aquarius (5)
  • Mischief by Laura Quiles (7)
  • Michigan Murders by Aquarius (8)
  • The Plague Child by Ruth (10)
  • Spectral Visitor by Idms (10)
  • The Oiuja Board by Elaine Batterby (11)
  • The Ghost in the Closet by Katy Cargill (12)
  • Skeptic or Believer by Riahannon C (15)
  • Hello, Charlie by Katy Cargill (18)

Haunted Travels

  • The Train Car Ghost by Katy Cargill (20)
  • The Old Farmhouse by Katy Cargill (21)
  • The Little Big Horn Battlefield by Katy Cargill (22)

Angel Stories

  • Daddy and the Angels by Cheree Cargill (26)

UFO/Abduction Stories

  • The Unexpected Light by Cheree Cargill (27)
  • The Corvette by CW (28)
  • The Building in the Field by PE (29)
  • They're Real by Cheree Cargill (30)

Strange Dreams

  • My Grandfather and Me by Cheree Cargill (32)
  • A Dream About an Old Hotel by Elaine Batterby (32)
  • My Mother's Premonition by Elaine Batterby (33)