The Castaways (Star Trek: TOS zine by Cheree Cargill)

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Title: The Castaways
Publisher: Falcon Press
Author(s): Cheree Cargill
Cover Artist(s): Cheree Cargill
Date(s): 2006
Medium: print
Genre: adult het
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover by Cheree Cargill
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The Castaways is an adult het, 462-page Spock/Chapel novel by Cheree Cargill. It was first published as a zine by Falcon Press.

The art and photo montages are by Cheree Cargill.

It required an age statement to purchase.


From the publisher:

Vengeance has a long memory and a cold heart, as Spock and Christine Chapel find out when they are abducted by Romulans and left to die on a Pleistocene-like planet.

Spock learns that actions can have repercussions years down the line as he and Christine are abducted by Romulans and left to die on a planet resembling Earth's Pleistocene period. But they are equally determined to survive, although any hope of rescue is so remote as to be non-existent.This monumental novel covers nearly fifteen years of their struggle and spans over 400 pages. Their fight to stay alive takes them through the search for food and shelter, numerous natural disasters, marvelous discoveries, birth, death, and an emotional bonding that sees them through it all.This novel is intended for adults only and contains sexually explicit scenes

Chapter Titles

  • Part One: Exile. Rated NC17. Vengeance can have long reaching effects, as Spock and Christine learn. Kidnapped and left to die on a remote, uninhabited planet, they have no choice but to go on living and learn to survive on a primitve world resembling Earth's Pleistocene Era.
  • Part Two: Terra Two. Rated NC17. Facing their second winter on the planet they have named Terra Two, Spock and Christine realize that they must leave their home and follow the herds in order to survive. And so, with their infant son, they set out to explore their new world.
  • Part Three: Sea Home. Rated NC17. With another year threatening famine, Spock must again move his family south in order to hunt game to feed them. This time they follow the river all the way to the sea ... and there they find a place they hope they can truly call home.
  • Part Four: d'Vel'nahr. Rated NC17. Spock begins to teach his son the ways of Vulcan, unaware that events are unfolding that will test those beliefs to the very limit.
  • Part Five: Pilgrammage Rated NC17. Following a tragedy that nearly drives him insane, Spock must undertake a pilgrammage into the wilderness of Terra Two in an attempt to purge his soul and restore purpose to his life.
  • Part Six: Rites of Passage. Rated NC17. Spock moves his family back to the crashed Romulan ship they had found years earlier, unaware that it will be the site of the next test in his relaionship with Christine and setting of Sapel on the road to manhood.
  • Part Seven: Begin Again. Rated NC17. Following the disastrous summer at the Romulan ship, Spock, Christine and Sapel start all over again at their cabin at Sea Home, hoping to find a place they can live in safety. They'll need it, too -- Christine is pregnant once more and this time there are problems.
  • Part Eight: Lemuria. Rated NC17. Spock, Christine and the children return to the land of the lemur people who had taken them in the year before. The Teela'u are gentle and peaceful ... but across the river are a more advanced group who are their sworn enemies ... and Spock finds himself in the middle of a war.
  • Part Nine: Walking in the Promised Land. Rated NC17. Fleeing the civil war between the Lemurians, Spock leads his family north into unknown territory. There they find a beautiful, verdant valley that they name Eden. The snake in the garden? The dormant volcano at the head of the valley.
  • Part Ten: East of Eden. Rated NC17. In the dead of winter, Spock, Christine and the children are forced to run for their lives when the volcano erupts. Now, lost in the wilderness, they desperately search for food, water and shelter before they either starve ... or freeze to death.
  • Part Eleven : Resurrection. Rated NC17. Returning to Sea Home promises to be chock full of difficulties, not the least of which are the neverending search for food, a premature baby, and Sapel's impending sexual Awakening.
  • Part Twelve: Endings and Beginnings. Rated NC17. Rescured at last, the family returns to Vulcan and civilization ... but things aren't going as well as they had hoped and dreamed for so long.


"The children were settled onto their sleeping furs and already deep into slumber as Spock banked the fire for the night and pulled his leather shirt off over his head, draping it across a drying rack by the wall. Then, unlacing and shedding his moccasins and leggings, he lay down beside Christine, wearing only his loincloth. She had dressed in an old, buttery soft leather dress, thin from years of wear, but comfortable to sleep in.

As he settled beside her, she pulled the furs up over them and turned into his arms. He kissed her softly and asked in a low voice so as not to disturb the children, "Did you have to go far today?"

"Mmm ... all the way to the river. We were really lucky to find the fruit tree that we did. The summer was too dry. Pickings are slim."

"I know," he answered. "It's time to go farther south. Maybe to the sea this year."

She looked worried. "That's a long walk. Do you think the children can make it that far?"

"We'll move in easy stages," Spock replied thoughtfully. "If I can catch one of the horses, I can rig a travois. If they were bigger, we could ride."

She gave a lop-sided smile. "If wishes were horses..."

He shrugged and drew her closer. "You should sleep now," he murmured.

She snuggled against him, content in his comforting warmth. After a few minutes, she whispered, "How long have we been , Spock? I can't remember. Is this the ninth or the tenth summer we've seen?"

"By my estimate, it has been eleven years, two months and approximately sixteen days," he responded softly.

She opened her eyes to look at him in amusement. "Approximately?"

He peered down at her, one eyebrow lifted. "Even I lose count, Christine. Go to sleep now."

"Yes, sweetheart. Good night."

"Good night."

Silence descended once more but Spock did not sleep. His thoughts turned instead back to the events, eleven years before, which had brought them to this world and the life they now knew..."

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