Time Knight

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Title: Time Knight
Date(s): May 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Language: English
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Time Knight is a gen anthology edited by Roxanne Shearer Koogler.

a 1992 flyer, printed in Good Guys Wear Fangs #1

It is an even mix of crossovers and original universes.


Reactions and Reviews

Three out of five stars. An even mix of cross and original universes.
  • "The Price of Glory" and "To Kill a Vampire" - Pat Dunn and Diana Smith. QL crossed with Pat and Diane's vampire characters, Nicholas and Varina, add vampires to those who can sense Sam as he really is.
  • "Final Entries" - Pat Dunn. Sam's journal, just before he leaped.
  • "Stitches in Time" - Casey Jordan. How Al and Ziggy deduced that God was controlling the leaps, visualizing the threads of the web of time.
  • "Leaping on the Air in Cincinnati" - Fraser Sherman. Sam's at WKRP again.
  • "The Courtship of Jamie's Mother" - Pat Dunn and Diana Smith. and Sam is Jamie, a 12 year old girl. Can he convince her mother that the man she's been seeing is abusive?
  • "Circles" - Shannon O'Connor. Sam's back in college, a disabled Vietnam Vet Vet. Predating Nowhere to Run, Sam can use the arm the leapee is missing, but it takes a great deal of effort and concentration.
  • "Plumb Loco" - Mary Robertson. Sam has no luck at plumbing, but fixes another problem.
  • "Al About Eve" - Fraser Sherman. and no, that isn't a typo :-) Sam switches places with Al, again.
  • "White Knight to Queen" - Kay Simon. Sam to the rescue.
  • "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" - Lee Kirkland. More of Lee's series on Sam in the Beauty and the Beast universe. Sam's farther back in Cathy's past, causing her breakup with Steven Bass. This is a sequel to Lee's digest size QL/BatB zines, but you don't really need them to follow it.
  • "Windows of the Soul" - Heidi Sanchez. Sam rescues, and falls for, another abused woman. I've read quite enough of these now, thank you.
  • "A Three Hour Tour" - Reggie Beck. Guess! [1]


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