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Name: Gilligan's Island
Creator: Sherwood Schwartz
Date(s): September 26, 1964 – April 17, 1967
Medium: Live-action Television series
Country of Origin: United States
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Gilligan's Island is an American sitcom. The show followed the comic adventures of seven castaways as they attempted to survive (and in a later movie escape from) the island on which they had been shipwrecked. Most episodes revolve around the dissimilar castaways' conflicts and their unsuccessful attempts, for whose failure Gilligan was frequently responsible, to escape their plight.

Despite its comedic overtones, the show had been an attempt to present a disparate cross-section of society learning to get along.[1] It was later declared by one commentator to be one of the shows from the 1960s which displayed "utter banality" when compared to later shows that began to explore more sophisticated and socially aware content.[2] The increasing sophistication of television content and audience expectations (or their cynicism of lighthearted content) may have been a contributing factor when, in the late 1990s, both the comedic element and the optimistic societal ideals of Gilligan's Island were challenged with a proposal to reboot the series containing an element of murder and cannibalism. Creator/Producer Sherwood Schwartz and his estate opposed any such reboot.[3]




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