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Name: Nicholas and Varina
Occupation: varied over time. Nicholas was often a doctor, and at least once was an art collector and dealer. Varina frequently sang professionally on the stage, and was often a patroness of the arts. As vampires, they tried to be of the "good-guy" type.
Relationships: Husband and wife.
Fandom: We wrote some original stories, but most were crossovers with established media or historical fandoms. I should mention that the "Sherlock Holmes" story likely used the Granada TV version starring Jeremy Brett.
Other: Gen Romance Crossovers Action-Adventure Historical Vampires
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Nicholas Tannek and Varina Tannek are two original characters created by Pat Dunn and Diana Smith.

Some fans were granted permission to use the characters in their own stories.

From The Collected Nicholas and Varina: "The characters of Nicholas and Varina Tannek and Liam O'Connell are copyrighted 1995 by Diana L. Smith & Patricia C. Dunn, and all rights for the use of these characters are reserved to the authors."

Pcdfanwriter remembers: "This was our first ever attempt to publish our own zine. It came out just before Bill Hupe transferred his business to Peg Kennedy. A good number of our first run (most, probably) had just been placed with him. They ended up in the storage locker and were, after some time, among the titles saved by the Zine Rescue Project. We were lucky, I guess."

The characters are vampires and appear in many fic crossovers.

From an introduction in Good Guys Wear Fangs #1: "They are an absolutely delightful vampire couple who go through time doing their best to be philanthropic, regardless of what fate has dealt them."

A fan wrote in Rallying Call:
Re: the RoS story. *ahem* OK, I've gotten a grip and pulled myself together. (I have very mixed feelings about this story, as there were some...'production problems' on it.) Nicholas and Varina are the creation of my co-authors; they're a vampiric couple who've popped into nearly every fandom known to fenkind, and have their own zine. Nicholas is physically modeled on Duncan Regher [1], and Carina's resemblance to Deaana Troi [2]is purely intentional. I'm glad you liked the story, though. I'd have scrapped the happy ending, but that's what happens when you write with other people. [3]

Similar fan creations are Vas & Dex, Tris/Alex. Clan Mitchell, Elyza Lex, and the spoof character Mary Sue Whipple.

Some Fanart


  • Faded Roses #3 (1991):
    • Queen of the Night by Pat Dunn and Diana Smith (crossover with Amadeus)
  • Good Guys Wear Fangs #1:
    • The Truth About Murdoc by Diana Smith and Pat Dunn (crossover with MacGyver): "MacGyver can't quite figure out what to do with the situation when Varina takes him in hand and insists that she is there to help save him from Murdoc's diabolical plan."
    • Of Wooden Stakes and Silver Crosses by Diana Smith and Pat Dunn (crossover with. Columbo) "Columbo can't quite believe what his eyes are telling him as he investigates a gruesome murder committed by a self-styled "vampire-killer" who is stalking Nicholas."
    • The Intrepid Vampire Killer by Diana Smith and Pat Dunn (Original Universe) "Set in ages past in which Nicholas and Varina find an interestingly non-violent means for dealing with a self-righteous "vampire-killer" of that age."
    • Angel of Darkness, Angel of Light by Diana Smith, Pat Dunn, and Valerie Meachum (crossover with Dark Shadows) "Two vampires very unlike himself and one formerly-immortal witch join forces in an attempt to free Barnabas from his curse. Barnabas has a real reason to believe that there is hope when an ancient witch as powerful as Angelique takes her head to head. Guest starring Liara the Irish Witch, an original character created by Valerie Meachum."
  • Heartsblood (1992):
    • The Adventure of the Abducted Wife by Pat Dunn and Diana Smith (crossover with Sherlock Holmes)
    • Lucky Night by Pat Dunn and Diana Smith (Original Universe)
    • The Secret by Pat Dunn and Diana Smith (crossover with Phantom of the Opera)
  • Let's Ride #15:
    • Blood Brothers by Pat Dunn and Diana Smith Magnificent Seven (The arrival of a new doctor in town brings some changes to the small community of Four Corners, and none of the Seven will be the same.)


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