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Name: Elyza Lex
Relationships: Alicia Clark (significant other)
Fandom: The 100, Fear the Walking Dead, Clexa
Other: Fan made character, often understood to be a reincarnation of Clarke Griffin (The 100)
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Elyza Lex is a fanon character created by Clexa (Clarke/Lexa) shippers after one character in their ship, Commander Lexa, was killed in the third season of The 100. The actress who played Lexa, Alycia Debnam-Carey, appears on another show, Fear the Walking Dead, where she plays Alicia Clark. Elyza Lex is shipped with Alicia Clark.

Since Elyza is fan-created, her characterization is determined entirely by headcanons.[1] [2] Some of the most popular characterizations for Elyza include that she is adept at slaying walkers (zombies in The Walking Dead universe), wears a leather jacket, uses multiple guns as weapons, is Australian, is a reincarnation of Clarke Griffin, is gay rather than bisexual (Clarke Griffin is bisexual), has tattoos (often relating to Clarke's or Lexa's character on The 100), is immune to walker bites. She is often personified as being sarcastic, proud and open about being gay, reckless when fighting walkers but protective of Alicia, and aware of how attractive she is. [3][4][5][6][7]


Elyza Lex was created almost immediately after the airing of season 3 episode 7 of The 100, when there was an overwhelming fandom uproar over the death of Commander Lexa. The creation of her character was set in motion by a Tumblr post that read "Here’s hoping that Alicia Clark gets a girlfriend in the future and that that girlfriend is played by Eliza Taylor."[8] Because Alicia Clark is played by Alycia Debnam-Carey, the response to this post was "and call her Elyza Lex"[9], giving her a name that is complementary to Alicia Clark's--Elyza, instead of Eliza (Taylor), Lex, as derived from Lexa. After this initial post, many other people in the fandom jumped on board and began creating headcanons, making fanart, and engaging with The Walking Dead fandom and the Fear the Walking Dead show.

Initially, most of posts on Tumblr about this character and her relationship with Alicia Clark were tagged with Fear the Walking Dead or FTWD, as well as under the Alicia Clark, Elyza Lex, Lexark (the ship name for Elyza Lex/Alicia Clark), and occasionally The 100 tags. However, over time the fandom became more aware and conscientious of Fear the Walking Dead fans who did not want their tags invaded, and so there was a call to tag posts as QTWD, or Queer the Walking Dead.[10][11]


Because this character was created by the Clexa fandom in the wake of Lexa dying, and so the end of their ship in The 100 canon universe, Elyza Lex is shipped mainly with Alicia Clark, and was created in order to allow for this femslash ship. Their ship name is Lexark.

On the AO3, there are also a few fanworks with Elyza Lex/Lexa.

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