The French Songbird Affair

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Title: The French Songbird Affair
Publisher: NorthCoast Press
Author(s): Diana Smith
Pat Dunn
Cover Artist(s): Lisa Madden, Suzan Lovett
Medium: print
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
Language: English
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cover by Lisa Madden

The French Songbird Affair is a gen 107-page Man from UNCLE novel by Diana Smith and Pat Dunn. It is set in the same universe as The St. Crispin's Day Society. Color cover by Lisa Madden, back cover by Suzan Lovett.


From the publisher, "In January, 1946, Alexander Waverly ,late of British Intelligence, recruited 13 uniquely qualified men to be the Enforcement agents of a newly organized, multi-national security agency called U.N.C.L.E. One of them was a man Waverly had run intelligence operations with during World War II, a dashing wealthy playboy gambler named Nate Cassidy.

Affable, incorruptible,a master of manipulation,over the years Cassidy became the unofficial dean of the field agents, a friend of Illya Kuryakin and the mentor of Napoleon Solo. Indeed, it was Cassidy's idea to pair them together.

But now it's 1968 and Cassidy is dead, murdered by Thrush with a bullet to the head in the middle of the desert outside Las Vegas. And even though he always counseled Solo not to allow personal relationships to interfere with his duty to U.N.C.L.E., it seems Cassidy has left behind a loose end --- a longtime mistress tucked away in Switzerland named Lili Toussaint, once known as Seraphine.

Lili's existence has been a secret to everyone but Waverly, but now Thrush knows as well, and without Nate to protect her, she's a target for kidnapping or worse. Solo and Illya are sent to protect her and as the story alternates between the present day peril and Nate and Lili's adventures during WW II, Solo must come to terms with the contradictions of his spiritual godfather, a man he thought he knew, and re-examine his feelings about what it means to be an U.N.C.L.E. agent." [1]


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