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Title: Multiverse
Publisher: Soratobu Ninja Press
Editor(s): Nikki White
Date(s): 1979-1999
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Multiverse is a gen "mixed universe" anthology fanzine (i.e containing characters/situations from more than one SF/fantasy TV/film 'world'). The first nine issues featured Star Wars. It was edited by Nikki White and ran for 30 issues ending in 1999. In addition to the anthology fanzines, two novellas, Incident on Ardnor and Life Was Not Meant to Be Easy were also published featuring characters from the series.


The first issue of Multiverse appeared in December 1979. Prior to that I'd been sending my articles and stories away to various zines both here and overseas where they'd always been accepted but I felt that I always had more than I could place, plus had started writing a series set in my own universe which used some of the characters from Star Trek and Star Wars as well as an original race, the Ensovaari. So why not do a zine of my own? This would be a no-frills fanzine (bit like this website) with no fancy borders and not much art. What it would have would be card covers, heavy staples and heavy tape along the spine. And unlike most of the fairly short Australian fiction zines of that time, it would be around 100 A4 pages long. It would also be one of the few fiction zines devoted to more than one SF "universe" (Lori Chapek-Carleton's Warped Space was just about the only other one) and probably the only one with "mixed universe" (or "crossovers" as the ghastly term is currently) stories as well. [1]

Its Physical Production

Nikki about producing the zine:
I went out and bought a second-hand reconditioned Gestetner mimeograph and a big, heavy office Ambassador manual typewriter with which to cut the wax stencils. Not having anywhere else to put it, I housed the Gestetner on the dining room table. The joys of wax stencils - trying proof read them, trying to correct them (and heaven help you if you jumped a line). The stinky pink correcting fluid; the stencil glue that smelled like rotten apples, both of which could give you quite a buzz ("No, officer, I've just been printing a fanzine..."), the duplicator ink that dried on the rollers on very hot days part-way through a run and tended to run out on a public holiday, anyway, the thermocopier which never reproduced art properly....I wrote all of the first issue and most of the subsequent few but soon was joined by other fans, most notably two South Australians, J.J. Adamson and Jill Curtin in the second issue. Later issues featured work by well known local fans such as Sue Bursztynski, Susan Clarke (now Batho). Edwina Harvey, Christine Hawkins, Bryn Lantry and Shayne McCormack as well as the Adamsons, and included contributions from the UK (Jackie Marshall) and the USA (eluki bes shahar, Pat Dunn and Diana Smith being the best known). The first few issues came out roughly quarterly before settling down to twice a year until the 1990s when it became mor[e] or less annual. MV was sold, exchanged or sent as a contributor's copy to all states in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Holland and Sweden. [2]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Multiverse 1 was published in December 1979 from Australia and is 105 pages long.

  • Superman: The Amalgam (article) (5 pages)
  • The Logical Choice (Sarek/Amanda) (16 pages)
  • My Universe and Welcome to It (Star Wars) (2 pages)
  • New Boys In Town (Star Wars) (11 pages)
  • Wild Corellian Boy (Star Wars) (17 pages)
  • Black Knight/Cyberslayer (Darth Vader/Star Trek: TOS + Klingon story) (47 pages)

Issue 2

Multiverse 2 was published in March 1980 and contains about 100 pages.

  • Attack (SW/Original) - Nikki White
  • Trek to America - Jill Curtin
  • Star Trek the 4th Season (review of ST:TMP) - Nikki White
  • To Boldly Go Where No Corellian Has Gone Before (ST/SW) - Nikki White
  • Superman Strikes Out - Nikki White
  • Dr. Who In the 25th Century (DW/Buck Rogers) - JJ Adamson

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Multiverse 3 was published in June 1980.

  • Sith is a Four Letter Word (Star Wars/Original Fiction) - Nikki White
  • Ninja in the Belfry (The Samurai) - Nikki White
  • Red light, Green Light (Star Wars/Original Fiction) - Nikki White
  • Nobody's Innocent Child (Star Wars) - Nikki White
  • Fun, Profit and the Corellian Way (Star Wars/Original Fiction) - Nikki White

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Multiverse 4 was published in February 1981.

  • The Body In Question (Star Wars) - Shayne McCormack (Luke wonders what to do when your best friend is not the man he was..)
  • Solo's End (Star Wars) - Mick Avenhouse (Solo has a close encounter of the worst kind with Vader.)
  • Dark Jedi/Winner Take All (Star Wars/Original Fiction) - Nikki White (The ninth segment of the "Chronicles of the Empire" series.)

Issue 5

Multiverse 5 was published in June 1981.

  • What Now, Mr Spock (Star Trek: TOS) - Susan Clarke
  • Solo's End - Mick Avenhouse (Star Wars)
  • Witch-child (Star Wars) - Nikki White
  • Doing Vader - eluki bes shahar (Star Wars)
  • You Might Have Been a Headache (Star Wars) - Nikki White
  • Dark Jedi Winner Take All - Nikki White (Star Wars)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

The material found here is of such variable quality that one hesitates to say anything negative or positive about Multiverse. From what I have seen, I would say that this issue is a step up from past issues in the areas of repro and artwork. However, the written material (heavily emphasizing Darth Vader) seems to be a mixture of the delicious and the abysmal. The first SW material appearing is an adventure story, 'Solo's End.' A serialized chase, this tale has Vader making childish attempts to destroy Solo as Solo darts from cave to cave, planet to planet. As in all good serialized adventures, each episode ends with a cliffhanger. Unfortunately, even though Avenhouse seems to have shown some improvement since the story began in the last issue, he has major problems. The plot-line is disjointed; the characters is shallow and undeveloped. The problems with his writing are those of most new writers -- foreshadowing is pompous, transitions from scene to scene abrupt, and the reader is told the action rather than being drawn into it. Darth Vader's fascination is explored in the essay, 'Doing Vader.' Is he really that wonderfully wicked? The fascination of the serpents eyes for the mesmerized bird is the most striking analogy Eluki draws to explain why we love Vader. The thrill of playing of fire. The piece is liberally sprinkled with literary quotations and allusions, a touch that personally liked very much. White's profile of Vader, 'You May Have Been a Headache But You Were Never a Bore,' follows 'Doing Vader.' An interesting compendium of Vader's main personal attributes, it is a reprint from Mos Eisley Tribune #3. Ms. White had not seen TESB at the time she wrote this so it is limited in that sense. She is aware of the various influences upon Lucas as he created the SW universe and these are painted out in the course of the article. In particular, I felt this was an interesting piece to be included in Multiverse because of the two fictional pieces, also by Ms. White, appearing in this issue. Both stories center around Darth Vader. The first, "Witchchild", is the story of Vader' s life before he joined the Imperial forces. Despite some flawed writing, I enjoyed this piece very much because of the distinct culture Nikki gave the Sith., Ritualistic, primitive, it gives credence to her theory that Darth left his people because he wanted to use the powers of a Jedi to bring them into competition with the rest of the cultures of the planets around it. To her, Darth falls by doing the wrong thing for the right reason. He wishes to fight the Emperor but by use of the same means as the Emperor uses. All in all, I found the characterization of Vader in this piece to be one of tmost valid that I have ever read. What disappointed me was the fact that the second fictional piece dealing with Vader was so poor by comparison. "Dark Jedi/Winner Take All" takes place in an alternate universe, so far removed from anything I recognized as for it to be purely coincidental that the characters bear the same names as the personalities created by George Lucas. In this universe, TESB has never taken place. Darth has been hurtled by shock waves from the Death Star's explosion into a world of matriarchs, Japanese ninja, Klingons, and Federation types. In my this is the worst sort of cross-universe writing. Nothing blends. It is very much as if Ms. White was simply taking everything she was ever interested in and throwing it together in a story without regard for compatibility or cohesiveness. It is stated by the author that this particular story is part of a series which includes "Witchchild" as well as Ms. White's novella, Incident of Ardnor. By and large, I was not greatly impressed by Mulitiverse 5, but I do feel compelled to say that from what I have seen of former work, this issue is an improvement over the ones before. [3]

Issue 6

Multiverse 6 was published in November 1981.

  • Flash Gordon review - Dale Scott
  • First Encounters (Star Wars) - Caren Perlmutter
  • Monkey Magic (Monkey TV series) - Nikki White
  • Reflections (Star Wars) - Susan Clarke
  • Rescue Mission (Star Wars) - Jenny McLean
  • Solo's End Mick Avenhouse
  • Fathers and Sons (Battlestar Galactica) - Jenny McLean
  • The Quest of Taelith Kender (Star Wars/Original Fiction) - Nikki White
  • Star Trek Remembered - Linda McCarthy

Issue 7

Multiverse 7 was published in April 1982.

  • Solo's End - Mick Avenhouse
  • Friendship (Battlestar Galactica) - Jenny McLean
  • The Superfluous Superman (Superman/Star Wars) - Nikki White
  • Windows on Time (Dr.Who/Battlestar Galactica/Buck Rogers) - L. Tristy Spence
  • You've Come a Long Way Baby - Nikki White
  • Thoughts in the Night (Battlestar Galactica) - Jenny McLean
  • Galactic Noticeboard - Linda McCarthy
  • Mission on the Alkhmar (Star Tred/Original Fiction) - Nikki White

Issue 8

cover of issue #8

Multiverse 8 was published in August 1982.

  • Time Bandits review - Dale Scott
  • Zaphod Meet Marvin (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) - Edwina Harvey
  • Runt of the Litter (Blake's 7/Original Fiction) - Sue Bursztynski
  • Survivor (Alien) - Mike Adamson
  • How to Warm a Wookiee (Star Wars) - Caren Perlmutter
  • The Broken Bamboo' (Blake's 7) - Nikki White
  • Moment of Truth (Star Wars) - Linda McCarthy
  • Animal Ship (Star Trek/Muppets) - Susan Clarke

Issue 9

Multiverse 9 was published in November 1982.

  • Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan reviews
  • Protection (Star Trek) - Linda McCarthy
  • The Ronin (Blake's 7/Original Fiction) - Nikki White
  • Incident (Star Wars) - Caren Perlmutter
  • Aftermath (Star Wars/Samurai/Other) - Nikki White
  • Star Flight (Buck Rogers) - L. Tristy Spence
  • Outsider (Samurai/Star Wars) - Nikki White

Issue 10

cover of issue #10

Multiverse 10 was published in June 1983 and 94 pages.

  • Shakedown (Star Wars/Samurai) - Nikki White (28 pages)
  • Tartarus Incident (Blake's 7) - JJ Adamson (7 pages)
  • Only the End of the World Again (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) - Edwina Harvey (6 pages)
  • The Ronin, part two - Nikki White (41 pages) (Blake's 7/Original Fiction)

Issue 11

Multiverse 11 was published in February 1984 and contains 121 pages.

  • Around the World in Half a Daze (UK/Japan trip report) - Nikki White
  • The Ronin, part three - Nikki White (Blake's 7/Original Fiction)
  • Corsair Lord (Battlestar Galactica) - L. Tristy Spence
  • Gambler's Choice (Star Wars/Battlestar) - Susan Clarke
  • Kharina (Blake's 7) - Linda McCarthy
  • Two Brothers (Blake's 7) - Vikki Weidner
  • A Cry in the Night (Blake's 7) - Gail Neville
  • Trial by Error (Blake's 7) - Nikki White
  • A World of His Own (Blake's 7) - Geoff Tilley
  • Happy Easter (Blake's 7/Alien) - Nikki White
  • Travis by the Stars - Nikki White

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 11

Multiverse, as the name suggests, is a zine of stories set in different media SF universes. It even has a series which involves characters from ST, SW, BG, B7 and The Samurai. This universe is thus a complex mixture and the threads are difficult for someone to sort out when beginning in the middle of the series, however ideas such as that of Spock and Avon getting together over computers, and Han Solo in Kirk's crews are irresistible and would seem worth the effort of pursuing. [4]

Issue 12

Multiverse 12 was published in August 1984.

  • Prodigal Daughter (Blake's 7) - Gail Neville
  • Final Act (Blake's 7) - Russell Devlin
  • Dr. Who and the Flight of the Fleet (Doctor Who/Battlestar Galactica) - Pat Dunn
  • The Dissolving of Duloom (Star Trek) - Roger Kuiper & Bob Schreib
  • My Universe and Welcome to It - Nikki White
  • And Some Prefer Nettles (Blake's 7/Original Fiction) - Nikki White

Issue 13

Multiverse 13 was published in March 1985.

  • Prodigal Daughter - Gail Neville
  • Fault in the System(Blake's 7/Dr. Who) - Karen McCutcheon
  • Human Brother Cylon Foe (Battlestar/Space 1999) - Geoff Tilley
  • Avalon (Blake's 7) - Adrian Butcher
  • Alternatives (Blake's 7/Star Trek) - Felis Sylvestris
  • And Some Prefer Nettles (Blake's 7/Original Fiction) - Nikki White

Issue 14

Multiverse 14 was published in January 1986 and contains 58 pages.

flyer for issue #14
cover of issue #14
  • Sally Knyvette interview
  • Prodigal Daughter- Gail Neville
  • Brian Croucher interview
  • Hunter Out of Time (Blake's 7/Doctor Who) - Adam Jensen
  • Gareth Thomans & Sheelagh Wells interview
  • Dr. Who and the Return of the Galactica - Pat Dunn
  • Jacqueline Pearce interview

Issue 15

Multiverse 15 was published in August 1986 and contains 115 pages.

cover of issue #15
flyer for issue #15
  • Loves in Alternative (Blake's 7/Doctor Who) - Jackie Marshall
  • Mephistopheles in the Cellar (Blake's 7/Dracula) - Bryn Lantry
  • Every Home Should Have One (Blake's 7) - Linda McCarthy
  • On the Town (Blake's 7/Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy) - Edwina Harvey
  • Dr. Who and the Return of the Galactica - Pat Dunn
  • And Some Prefer Nettles (Blake's 7/Original Fiction) - Nikki White

Issue 16

cover of issue #16
1987 flyer for issue #16

Multiverse 16 was published in April 1987 and contains 83 pages.

  • Giant Shadows on the Wall (Blake's 7) - Gail Neville
  • Amber Ambiguities (Blake's 7) - Bryn Lantry
  • Shadow of the Wolf (Blake's 7) - Sue Bursztynski & Susan Clarke
  • And Some Prefer Nettles (Blake's 7/Original Fiction) - Nikki White
  • The Paladin Connection (Dr. Who/Knight Rider) - Linda Terrell
  • Dr. Who and the Return of the Galactica - Pat Dunn

Issue 17

Multiverse 17 was published in September 1987 and contains 84 pages

1987 flyer for issue #17
  • Avontrokerrdred (Doctor Who/Blake's 7) - Pat Dunn & Diana Smith
  • An Alien Touch (Blake's 7) - Moira Dahlberg
  • Kunoichi (Blake's 7)- Nikki White
  • Death of a Time Lord (Doctor Who) - George Ivanoff
  • Star One, Too (Blake's 7) - Nikki White
  • While Walking Through the Park One Day (Dr. Who/Knight Rider) - Linda Terrell
  • Exchanges (Doctor Who/Blake's 7) - Pat Dunn & Diana Smith
  • A Klingon's Lot is Not a Happy One, part on' (Star Trek/Dark Shadows) - Nikki White

Issue 18

cover of issue #18
1988 flyer for issue #18, click to read

Multiverse 18 was published in May 1988 and contains 85 pages.

  • Family Ties (Doctor Who/Blake's 7) - Pat Dunn & Diana Smith
  • Right Forest Wrong Tree (Blake's 7/Superman/Star Wars) - Nikki White
  • In the Hooves of Horses (Black Stallion/Doctor Who) - Linda Terrell
  • Separation (Blake's 7/Doctor Who) - Pat Dunn & Diana Smith
  • A Klingon's Lot is Not a Happy One, part two - Nikki White

Issue 19

cover of issue #19

Multiverse 19 was published in September 1988 and ontains 85 pages.

  • Escape (Doctor Who/Blake's 7) - Pat Dunn & Diana Smith ("Alternative Escape" in issue #22 is a response fic for this story.)
  • A Klingon's Lot is Not a Happy One, part three - Nikki White
  • Time Barely for Stones (Doctor Who) - A.A. Twist
  • What's in a Name (Blake's 7) - Linda McCarthy
  • Right Forest Wrong Tree (Blake's 7/Superman/Star Wars) - Nikki White

Issue 20

cover of issue #20

Multiverse 20 was published in February 1989 and contains 85 pages.

Issue 21

Multiverse 21 was published in December 1989 and contains 84 pages.

cover of issue #21
  • At Least You Can Choose Your Friends by Moira Dahlberg (Blake's 7) (31 pages)
  • Right Forest Wrong Tree by Nikki White (Blake's 7/Superman (movie)/Star Wars) (24 pages)
  • Phantom Agents by Peter Lempert (Science Fiction) (4 pages)
  • As Clear as Snow by Geoff Tilley (UFO) (7 pages)
  • A Klingon's Lot is Not a Happy One, part four by Nikki White (Star Trek: TOS) (12 pages)

Issue 22

Multiverse 22 was published in July 1990.

  • Brother Against Brother (Blake's 7/Doctor Who) - Pat Dunn & Diana Smith
  • Tommy & Co. (Frisco Kid) - Linda McCarthy
  • Interlude (Blake's 7) - Sue Bursztynski
  • T'hy'la (Star Trek/Blake's 7) - Jenny Gallagher
  • A Klingon's Lot is Not a Happy One, part five - Nikki White
  • Alternative Escape (Blake's 7/Doctor Who) - Kathryn Andersen

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 22

[Alternative Escape -- notes from the author]: This is an Alternative Universe Crossover story -- but it is doubly Alternative. Its origins are as follows: Pat Dunn and Diana Smith wrote a series of stories (in Nikki White's fanzine, Multiverse) about the childhood of Avon (of Blake's 7 fame). They decreed that Avon was, in fact, a Time Lord (full name, Avontrokerrdred) and was related to the Doctor. While still a child, he was kidnapped by the Master, taken to the Blake's 7 universe, stranded, and adopted by some kindly souls.

Pat and Diana then wrote a story called "Escape" (which appeared in Multiverse #19) which was set immediately after the last episode of Blake's 7, where Avon is rescued by his parents, and is taken home to Gallifrey.

I was rather frustrated with "Escape", feeling it had a number of plot holes, and thinking they could have done it better. In fact, I thought I could do it better. So I put my money where my mouth was, and did so -- and this is it. (I then sent it to the authors to ask their permission for its existance... oh well...) Being an alternative to "Escape" it is titled "Alternative Escape". It was published in Multiverse #22 in 1990 -- with Pat and Diana's permission.

Note that I wrote this back in 1989, so there may be clunkiness in style. But I still think the plot holds up, despite its age.

Being an alternative to Escape, it was constrained to start at the same point, in the same way. So, cast your mind back to the last episode of Blake's 7, and begin... [5]

Issue 23

Multiverse 23 was published in July 1991 and contains 85 pages.

front cover of issue #23, the back cover is blank
  • A Klingon's Lot is Not a Happy One, part six - Nikki White (Star Trek: TOS) (2)
  • A Friendly Little Game - Pat Dunn & Diana Smith (Doctor Who and Blake's 7) (24)
  • Frozen Assets - Nikki White (Blake's 7/Doctor Who/Star Trek: TOS) to be continued (53)

Issue 24

Multiverse 24 was published in July 1992 contains 60 pages.

  • For Shadrach Flowers Also (Blake's 7) - Moira Dahlberg
  • Frozen Assets, part two (Blake's 7/Doctor Who) - Nikki White
  • Family Fixation (Blake's 7/Doctor Who) - Christine Hawkins
  • Matchmakers (Doctor Who/Blake's 7) - Pat Dunn & Diana Smith
  • Unfinished Business (Doctor Who/Blake's 7) - Nikki White

Issue 25

Multiverse 25 was published in March 1993 and contains 87 pages

  • McCoy and the Pirate (Star Trek) - Susan Clarke & Sue Bursztynski
  • We Are Seven (Blake's 7) - Christine Hawkins
  • Unifinished Business (Dark Shadows/Blake's 7) - Nikki White
  • Delicate Matters (Doctor Who/Blake's 7) - Pat Dunn & Diana Smith

Issue 26

Multiverse 26 was published in April 1994 and contains 92 pages.

  • Five Go To Cygnus Alpha (Blake's 7) - Christine Hawkins
  • Chasing Dark Shadows - Nikki White
  • Sarah Jane Investigates Twin Peaks - Nyssa Groenewegen (Twin Peaks/Doctor Who)
  • Reversal of Fortune (Deep Space 9/Blake's 7) - Moira Dahlberg
  • 24 Hours From Nowhere (Dracula/Blake's 7) - Nikki White
  • Revelations (Doctor Who/Blake's 7) - Pat Dunn & Diana Smith

Issue 27

Multiverse 27 was published in November 1994 and contains 79 pages.

cover of issue #27
  • Lois Lane Confesses by Sue Bursztynski (Superman) (2 pages)
  • Ransom by Pat Dunn & Diana Smith (Doctor Who/Blake's 7) (20 pages)
  • Unfinished Business by Nikki White (Blake's 7/Dark Shadows) (28 pages)
  • Interlude by Nikki White (Blake's 7) (8 pages)
  • The Eagle and the Bat by Nikki White (Dark Shadows/Original Fiction) (19 pages)

Issue 28

Multiverse 28 was published in January 1996.

  • The Springfield Solution (Quantum Leap) - Linda McCarthy
  • Unifnished Business (Dark Shadows/Blake's 7) - Nikki White
  • Hunting Wabbits (Babylon 5) - Katrina Weeden
  • Ro Remembers (Star Trek: TNG) - Sue Bursztynski

Issue 29

Multiverse 29 was published in November 1996.

  • Qupid's Arrows (Star Trek:TNG) - Sue Bursztynski
  • A Space Tale (Star Wars) - Susan Smith Clarke
  • Unifnished Business (Dark Shadows/Blake's 7/Forever Knight) - Nikki White
  • Hollow Memories (Babylon 5) - Katrina Weeden
  • Partners (Forever Knight) - Christine Hawkins & Karen McAllister
  • If Only (Quantum Leap) - Linda McCarthy
  • Our Place (Star Trek:TNG/Original) - L. Tristy Spence
  • Consequences (Quantum Leap) - Linda McCarthy

Issue 30

Multiverse 30 was published in June 1999 and contains 85 pages

  • Multiverse history and index
  • Starfleet Aacdemy Course Calendar & Outline - Christine Hawkins
  • Unifnished Business: Another Day, Another Dimension (Blake's 7/Dark Shadows/Babylon 5/Space Above & Beyond) - Nikki White
  • A Conversation Over Tea (Star Trek:TNG) - Sue Bursztynski
  • Dracula 97 report - Nikki White
  • Sic Moritur Vir (Babylon 5) - Christine Hawkins
  • The Vampire in Film - Nikki White
  • The Doctor's Companion (Doctor Who) - Sue Bursztynski
  • Unfinished Business: Another Day in the Strife (Dark Shadows/Blake's 7/Xena) - Nikki White


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