Australian Darkover Council

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Fan Club
Name: Australian Darkover Council
Founder(s): Jill Curtin
Country based in: Australia
Focus: Darkover
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Australian Darkover Council was a Darkover council. It was founded in 1979.

This council published the zine Kierestelli, which was originally a newsletter.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg wrote:
This group has grown since last fall when I registered it, and it is now Chartered. They put out a newsletter every 8 weeks that shows signs of becoming a regular fanzine. USA Friends are invited, urged, coerced and begged to submit stories, poems, artwork and con reports to Jill. She's also planning to hold meetings, so any Australian fan should contact Jill for details (SASE). Also, she's found hers to be one of the few active sf groups in the area, so she's also got Pern, Simes, Amber, Deryni (etc.) fans organizing. I've been getting a number of orders for my books from Australia, and I think it's the result of her recruiting method (loaning out her copy of HOUSE OF ZEOR after extracting an Oath on Starstone to return it unbent). [1]


  1. from Darkover Newsletter #21 (March 1980)