Out of the Blue (Quantum Leap zine)

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Title: Out of the Blue
Publisher: Penreddy Publication
Editor(s): Kay Simon
Date(s): November 1990
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Language: English
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Out of the Blue is a gen 104-page anthology. Longer stories are connected leap out to leap in.

Reactions and Reviews

Two out of five stars. Average zine, the only real standouts are a set of three very short pieces. One nice touch, the editor arranged to connect the long stories leap out to leap in. The stories are: 'Double Take' by Kay Simon, Sam's a spy who may be a double agent. "The 'Write' Stuff" by Lee Kirkland, Sam has to deal with fandom, as a zine writer. He may speak 7 languages, but he can't understand what his 'roommate' is talking about. Al just appreciates being in the women's dorm. 'Mother's Day' by Kay is a more serious leap, into a poor, black mother of three, with a fourth on the way and a 16 year old sister who is also pregnant. Al says the next baby will be an important Senator, but Sam isn't sure who he is really there to help. 'Ghost of a Chance' by Pat Dunn and Diana Smith, asks what happens if Sam changes places with a ghost. This one is the most far-fetched, I've seen a much better version of a similar situation in another zine. Some fun though, as Sam has to deal with ghosts of the leapee's ancestors. 'The *Which* Generation?' by Kay, makes Sam a TV writer on a dying show. Should it hold on another year or go into syndication? In 'East Leaps West' by Margaret Davis, Sam gets to dance again. He's a Russian Prima Ballerina on a US tour. Can he and Al stay clear of the KGB? Lots of leaps into women here. The best stuff in the zine is a set of a poem and 2 short looks at the character's motivations, all centering on MIA and Vietnam - a poem by Roxanne Koogler, 'A Country of the Heart', an entry in Al's 'Observer's Log', also by Roxanne, and 'In Sam's Head' by Kay. [1]


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