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Synonym(s)centaur fic, centaur art
Related tropes/genresshapeshifting
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Centaurification is a fanwork trope in which a character has the ability to become a centaur part-time via shapeshifting.

Unlike with animal transformation fic, in centaur fic being a centaur is often considered a natural state for the character. Usually this makes it AU, though some comic characters are subject to this in canon. And unlike with most 'plain' canon centaurs (such as Firenze in Harry Potter), a character subject to centaurification is not in centaur-form all the time but a shapeshifter, thus reconciling canon events happening with the character's centaur nature. AUs where a character is permanently a centaur exist as well, but may be known as Centaur AUs rather than Centaurification.


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