I Swear

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Title: I Swear
Creator: dualbunny, greensilver, pipsqueak, and sweetestdrain
Date: August 2011
Format: digital vid
Length: 4:19 minutes
Music: I Swear by All-4-One
Genre: slash, mpreg, shipvid, crackvid
Fandom: Smallville
Footage: Smallville, Batman Returns (film)
URL: I Swear (LiveJournal)
I Swear (Youtube)
screencap from vid

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I Swear, a Clex vid by dualbunny, greensilver, pipsqueak, and sweetestdrain, premiered at Vividcon 2011.

Vidders' Summary: 12 years later. A Clark/Lex story.

Quite possibly the ne plus ultra of crack vids. Compared to "slashcon gold" by one vidder and vid commentator[1], it is the vid about Clark/Lex's undeniable love in which the level of crack keeps rising, and rising, and rising....

I Swear may be what all subsequent vids aiming to become the Big Serious mpreg, slash, or crack Vids of Their Time will have to measure up to.[2]

The vid has inspired at least one fanfic with accompanying fanart.[3]

Recs and Reactions

  • "[...] aka The Vid that Broke the Con. This is the best crack I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing, and I got to do it in a room of 130 people all feeling it right along with me. This vid had me literally screaming at the screen (emotionally! WE WERE INVESTED OKAY). There were tears of laughter. It received a standing ovation, the first time I have ever seen that at VVC. I will forever remember the joy of watching this vid for the first time. Forever. I am not even kidding."[4]
  • "This vid is Cracky McCrackerson, come from Cracktown and I love it so much. I feel like all that Smallville I watched back in the early 00's has finally paid off. Even if you're unfamiliar with Smallville it has, uh, a strong narrative. If you've ever read a kink meme in any fandom, run to see it. Trust me on this one. Best watched with fellow fans, if at all possible."[5]
  • "You must watch this if you've ever been a Clex fan. I can't say anything more about it except that it is a completely life-changing experience. I don't think I'll ever look at that relationship in the same way again."[6]


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