The Last Unicorn

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Name: The Last Unicorn
Abbreviation(s): TLU
Creator: Peter Beagle
Date(s): Novel (1968), Film (1982), Graphic novel (2014)
Medium: novel, animated film, graphic novel, musical
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: Wikipedia (novel) Wikipedia (film) IMDB entry
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A unicorn living alone in her lilac forest learns she may be the last one left in the world. She undertakes a quest to discover if that rumor is true, acquires human allies, and has adventures that will change her forever.

Beagle's novel was a cult hit and eventually that inspired Rankin-Bass to fund an animated film adaptation. Happily, Beagle was permitted to write the script. That script, as well as the artistic style, some stellar voice acting, and fitting music, lead to the film becoming a "sleeper hit" for many fantasy fans.


A beloved classic that inspired many people to come out and enjoy screenings of the film hosted by Peter Beagle decades after the film's premiere. Beagle has been generally supportive of fan creativity, discussing or posting fanart in particular. At screenings fans in cosplay felt comfortable approaching and talking with him.

Fanart appears to be the most popular form of fan creativity. Fancrafts and cosplay feel more prominent than in bigger fandoms, but that may be because this small fandom seems to cherish everything they can find.

Over half of the fics on AO3 are gen, with most of the rest featuring canonical het pairings.

Common Tropes in Fanworks

Crossovers and fusions are particularly popular in TLU fanfics.

Example Fanworks


  • Walking Man's Road by AmberDiceless "Oi, Shem! That unicorn's gonna make a run for it! ...oh, it's too late. Well you've still got one of 'em!" In which Aziraphale and Crowley are, for once, happy to have been mistaken. A crossover scene with the central characters of Good Omens.
  • Cocoon by FireEye On the making of Lady Amalthea's dress. An evocative gap-filler set in Hagrid's castle.


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