Artforum Interview with Marty Siegrist

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Artforum Interview with Marty Siegrist
Interviewer: M.A. Smith
Interviewee: Marty Siegrist
Date(s): June 1989
Medium: print
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Marty Siegrist was interviewed about fan art for Artforum #1.

Some Excerpts

Pencil is probably popular vith artists because it's a more forgiving medium than ink. Erasing pencil is fairly easy. Erasing ink is definitely less so. It's easier to achieve softer effects and near-photographic quality vith pencil, too. And fans are real fond of photo realism.
Coquille paper is fun stuff. I've heard it was (possibly still is) popular with illustrators for books and magazines. The texture breaks up the pencil marks, so it's possible to get away wth printing off the original, rather than springing for a screen, depending on how the pencil work is done, it won't necessarily be great repro, but better than pencil on smooth board. And it has an elegant appearance, making even my basically non-pencil style look okay.