The Wolves and the Lambs Affair & The Final Affair

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Title: The Wolves and the Lambs Affair & The Final Affair (The M.U.N.C.L.E. Book)
Publisher: Paula Smith and Carol Lynn
Editor(s): boojums Press/Ceiling Press (Debbie Goldstein and Carol Lynn)
Date(s): 1977
Medium: print
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
Language: English
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front cover, Laura Virgil
back cover, Marty Siegrist

The Wolves and the Lambs Affair & The Final Affair is a gen 97-page anthology containing two stories. Artists include Gordon Carleton, Laura Virgil, Martynn, Pat Munson, Marty Siegrist and Joni Wagner. It was a joint publication of boojums Press and Ceiling Press.

  • The Wolves and the Lambs Affair by Joan C. Holly (named used inside zine), J. Hunter Holly (name used on the front of the zine)
    • "Wolves?" (1)
    • "Straightjackets won't be necessary." (4)
    • "One blind mouse." (11)
    • "I thought I might capture you." (15)
    • "Oh be joyful, Thrush is coming." (22)
    • "Interrogation and old lace." (25)
    • "No one has ever drowned in a glass of water." (29)
    • "Yes, sir, Mr. Solo." (31)
    • "Scrambled everything is my specialty." (35)
    • "We're now to be 'handled' like husbands." (39)
    • "Do-it-yourself Carnaby." (44)
    • "They're smaller and softer, sir." (48)
    • "I can't take your bravery standing up." (52)
    • "Between us, we could get to the moon." (59)
    • "You look like you've been squashed by a truck." (62)
    • "Hamburger buns?" (65)
    • "Since when do you need a gun?" (69)
    • "Can a woman love a battered man?" (74)
    • "Your knight has had it." (76)
  • The Final Affair by Paula Block (reprinted from Warped Space #18, two sequels to this story are in Syndizine #1, A Hawk and a Handsaw by Eileen Roy (UNCLE/Prisoner), and Finale by Paula Block)

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