Logan's Run Organization of Fans

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Fan Club
Name: Logan's Run Organization of Fans
Dates: 1976-1980
Leadership: Lisa Jardon, Fay Metze
Country based in: California, US
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Logan's Run Organization Of Fans (LROOF) was the first Logan's Run fan club. It was based in California.

Club membership included a newsletter called "The Circuit," a membership card, and a pen.

The club dissolved in 1980 leaving a bunch of membership unfulfilled. On a few occasions (about once a year) they included a little wallet sized picture along with the regular issues. Their newsletter had some fan fiction at first, and a column by William F. Nolan. Each issue was about 19 to 25 pages. The president of the club was Fay Metze (who later married and became Fay Popejoy) and the editor of the fanzine was Lisa Jardon. [1]


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