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Title: Jihad!
Publisher: "Jihad! and Alpha Continuum are WTUU Productions"
Editor(s): Marty Siegrist
Date(s): July 1978
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Jihad! is a gen multifandom anthology. There was one issue. Published in July 1978, it contais 40 pages. Size: 9¾" - 12". It has art by Kathy Higley and Marty Siegrist.

back cover, Marty Siegrist
front cover, Marty Siegrist

An ad in Scuttlebutt #8 describes it as "poking fun at fans, fanac, and fan idols, including 'A Tale of Blue Trekkies,' a history of fandom (sort of), filksongs, poems, and more."


  • Editorial (3)
  • Mailbox Blues by Kathleen Porter (4)
  • Bein' Green (5)
  • Snipe! by Paula Smith (6)
  • Scurrilous filksongs
    • Come and Relieve Me by Rusty Hancock (8)
    • Ballad of the Typewriter Campaign by Anonymous (10)
    • The (Unscrupulous) Faned's Hymn by Rusty Hancock (11)
    • Nerves by Rusty Hancock (12)
  • A Bird in the Sand by Vicki Edgerton (13)
  • S&H Green Stamp (Starsky and Hutch) (20)
  • Eagles, Space & Trekdom (21)
  • Markers for the Yellow Brick Road (25)
  • Saturday Night Fandom by Rusty Hancock (27)
  • Where There's Life... by Vicki Edgerton (32)
  • Fan Merchandise We'd Like to See by Kathi Higley (37)
  • insert: The F.F. Dartboard by Marty Siegrist, and the Yellow Brick Road Game (a folding game plan for a sci-fi version of the Yellow Brick Road Game [two sheets laid side by side; no game pieces]; and a folding target, maybe for darts.) by Marty Siegrist, Pandora Chaos, Tina Henry, and Signe Jesson

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Reactions and Reviews

"Jihad" means "holy war" and that's just what this fanzine does: Wage war on fandoms of all kind. And no fandom is sacred. "Star Trek," "Star Wars," "Starsky & Hutch," "Space: 1999"... they all get a liberal slap of the tarring brush and a hefty handful of feathers in the pages of this 'zine. Of the fiction in this ish, among the most noteworthy are two stories by Vicki Edgerton. The first, "A Bird in the Sand" is a a Star Trek-fans-fed-up-with-the-whole-of-fandom-travel-back-in-time-to-assisnate-the-Great-Bird-of-the-Galaxy-before-he-can-create-the-show-in-the-first-place story that is absolutely hilarious. Especially when those intrepid fans find out what havoc their so-called mercy killing of Roddenberry wroughts! Vicki's second contribution is a "Space:1999" story entitled "Where There's Life." The Moonbase is suddenly approached by a ship which requests landing clearance on the moon. Does Commander Koenig dare to let the ship land? Who is aboard that mysterious ship? Among the other contributions.... some filksongs about the trials and tribulations of con-going by Rusty Hancock (who also appears later in the 'zine with a take off of "Saturday Night Fever" entitled "Saturday Night Fandom"). There's also an all-you-wanted-to-know-about-the-Eagle-tranports-but-were-too-smart-to-ask cartoon by the editor, Marty Siegrist. And also enclosed is a "Yellow Brick Road" ST fandom game and your very own personal Freddie Frieburger dartboard (which is a personal favorite of mine)... All in all, a highly recommended 'zine. My one gripe with it: a little meager in content, but I've been assured "Jihad" #2... will more than make up for the sparseness of this first ish. [1]


  1. from ComLoC #8 (1978)