Sherwood Tunnels

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Title: Sherwood Tunnels (originally "The Sherwood Tunnels)
Editor(s): Dianne M. Smith
Date(s): 1990-1993
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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flyer illustrating the bridge that was the title change of this zine
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Sherwood Tunnels is a gen multifandom anthology that is a continuation of the zine Who's Blake. As a result, Sherwood Tunnels begins with issue #5. That means "Sherwood Tunnels" #1-#4 DON'T EXIST.

Issue 5

Sherwood 5 was published in 1990 and contains 298 pages. Art by Wilma Douglas, Julie Edwards, Barb Johnson, C.M Burnett, Frances Quinn, Mary Prince, and Arlene Grogan (front cover).

front cover of issue #5, Arlene Grogan
back cover of issue #5, C.H. Burnett
From the editorial:
Welcome to the first issue of "The Sherwood Tunnels" yes, I know it's #5; 1-4 went under the name "Who's Blake" for those who may never have picked up my fanzine before. To celebrate a name change I went a bit crazy and this is the biggest issue I dared print, I foridged [sic] the planet to find the most talented writers and artists in fandom for your reading enjoyment.

[much snipped about the authors and stories]

Well enough of my rambling, please don't forget those LOC... I need input. Issue 6 due out fall/early winter so please submit now before it's too late. Any fantasy media considered... surprise me. I am looking for stories on a edge... fresh ideas ... romance, adventure, danger or just plain fun. Remember no slash or trash, so please if you have never submited [sic] to me before, now is the time -- believe me I don't bite. I am also taking pre-orders -- $5.00 to reserve your issue. Thank you for your support and see you in the winter or at Tunnel Con, I'm really looking forward to meeting all you "kind folks in the flesh."

REMEMBER!!! Cancellation is only the beginning.
  • Ode to Beauty & the Beast by Elsie E. Kerr (1)
  • Depths of Despair by Claudia Rose Bertrand (Truth and trust are the keys which Catherine and Vincent must discover for their friendship to develop and grow. A first season adventure.) (Beauty and the Beast) (2)
  • Through the Eyes of a Child by Gin Turpin (The children Below enjoyed playing the 'what if' game which allowed them the freedom to imagine the impossible. What if Vincent is granted the impossible?) (Beauty and the Beast) (10)
  • Heart of Dark by David Tulley Beauty and the Beast) (18)
  • After the Silence by Laurie Ather (What happened after the scream? A what if story. An alternate ending to the trilogy. Catherine must save Vincent from himself while dangers from other sources threaten the Tunnel World.) (Beauty and the Beast) (20)
  • Cage by David Tulley (Beauty and the Beast) (28)
  • When the Bough Breaks by Diane Schilichting (A child is born but the joy is short lived. Life and Death are the price one pays for impossibilities.) (Beauty and the Beast) (29)
  • Cries in the Night by Kathy Hall (Beauty and the Beast) (46)
  • Great Expectations by A. Nonymous (Beauty and the Beast) (47)
  • A Robin by Any Other Name by Dianne M. Smith (Shadows fill each others souls. (Beauty and the Beast)/Batman) (51)
  • Journey Through Purgatory by Sherry Sanfilippo (Sadness penetrates the tunnel world as one of Vincent's children is presumed dead. A journey cross country leads to salvation through despair. The longest and most intense Vincent's Pride yet.) (Beauty and the Beast) (62)
  • Castles in the Air by Claudia Rose Bertrand (Beauty and the Beast) (116)
  • Wheel by David Tulley (Beauty and the Beast) (117)
  • untitled poem by Janet P. Reedman (119)
  • Death is for the Dying by Kathy Hintze (Blake's 7, A journey through the past for Vila and Avon.) (120)
  • The Scarlet and The Black Trilogy by David Tulley Captain Scarlet (134)
  • untitled poem by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (139)
  • Revelation by Denyse Bridger (Robin of Sherwood) (The past still haunts Erenelle... the powers of light and darkness are tested and the fate of the Hooden Man and his Master lie in the balance. Continues the sage of Ernella, Daughter of Herne and the Lady of the Lake. Prophecy shattered, destinies entwined, the adventure continues for Sir Guy and Nasir. Death looms closer as a Sorcoress and demon comes to claim Ernalle's soul and destroy Herne's son. Second in proposed three part series.) (140)
  • Forest Lord by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (219)
  • Kingdom Upon the Earth by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood, sequel to ILLUSION. Picking up where 'Illusion' left off. Robert of Huntingdon exiled to Scotland married to the lovely Isador of Caerleon. The outlaws disbanded... and scattered or DEAD! The forest God once again brings the people of Sherwood together to battle for justice and peace. Robin of Loxley returns once more to Sherwood to continue his destiny.) (221)
  • Corn King by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (298)

Issue 6

Sherwood Tunnels 6 was published in 1991 and contains 372 pages. Art by Mary Prince, Arlene Gorgan Oliver, Frances Quinn, Nancy Freedman, Jan Eastwood, Simone Smith, C.H. Burnett, and Joey Sweeney.

front cover of issue #6, Arlene Grogan Oliver
back cover of issue #6, Simone Smith

From the editorial: "Sherwood Tunnels is a multi media fiction fanzine. Most of the stories are 'G' rated (not offensive to anyone) ... but be warned some may/or may not contain situations and scenes adult in nature. (this is the 'obligatory warning' just in case)"

  • To Live Again by Claudia Bertrand (Beauty and the Beast) (2)
  • The Puca and the Phoenix by Francis Quinn (The Phoenix) (8)
  • Of Darkhounds and Dark Horses by Francis Quinn (The Phoenix) (20)
  • Surprises by Linda Knights (Blake's 7) (6 pages, later revised and reprinted as a standalone, Surprises (31)
  • Justice by Linda Knights (Robin of Sherwood) (37)
  • When I Went Down to the Woods One Day!! by Iva Strangelove, a very mild titillating vignette, not listed in the table of contents (58)
  • Dragon Slaying by Janet P. Reedman (Fantasy) (59)
  • Unearthly Dilemma by Dianne M. Smith (Beauty and the Beast/Nick Knight) (65)
  • Trust by Valerie A. Landercasper (Starman) (94)
  • Missing Ingredient by Paulette Edwards (Beauty and the Beast (98)
  • Twilight of the Gods by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (104)
  • No Greater Love by Effie Burton ("SM despairs of ever providing Scott with the life he feels he deserves.") (Starman) (187)
  • Out of Time by T.M. Cason (Beauty and the Beast/Doctor Who) (193)
  • Mirror of My Soul by Denyse Bridger (Star Trek: TNG) (212)
  • Sad, So Sad by Jane Winsor (Robin of Sherwood) (216)
  • Pathfinder by Marcia Lebvre (Beauty and the Beast) (218)
  • Companions of the Storm by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (226)
  • Reunion by Linda Knights (Blake's 7) (240)
  • Christmas Cookies by Effie Burton (Starman) (246)
  • The Best Gift of All (Starman) (247)
  • Across the Water by Louise Barth (Robin of Sherwood) (249)
  • Who Dares Nothing by F. Elizabeth Gregory (Beauty and the Beast) (288)
  • Beach Blanket Blonds by Janet P. Reedman, a satiric vignette poking fun at fan-writing and the use of the the blond (not listed in the table of contents) (296)
  • Mind for Murder by Jackie Marshall (Pulaski/Doctor Who) (297)
  • A Visit from Her Mother by Susan D. Smith (Star Wars) (314)
  • Tit for Tat by Sue Bursztynski (Arthur of the Britons (318)
  • The Wheel Turns by Dianne M. Smith (Wizards & Warriors) (328)
  • Good Night, Sweet Prince by Jane Winsor (The Phoenix) (335)
  • Time Distort by Denyse Bridger (Robin of Sherwood/Star Trek: TNG) (355)
  • The Quest for the Pottaper by Tristian Smith, age 9 (Wizards & Warriors) (370)

Issue 7

cover of issue #7

Sherwood Tunnels 7 was published in 1992 and contains 387 pages. Authors/Artists: Nancy Hutchins, Linda A. Furey, Leslie Goldberg, Janet P. Reedman, Dianne M. Smith, Sue Burszynski, Denyse M. Bridger, Linda Knights, and more.

  • The Other Side Of The Magi (DOCTOR WHO/PHANTOM OF THE OPERA) (24 pages)
  • Deceptions (ROBIN OF SHERWOOD) (9 pages)
  • Hunter (THE BANKER) (4 pages)
  • Keeping The Rhythm (STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION) (7 pages)
  • Only Human (NICK KNIGHT) (6 pages)
  • Winter’s Tale (ROBIN OF SHERWOOD) (4 pages)
  • Thousands Of Voices (QUANTUM LEAP) (8 pages)
  • Rogue (SAPPHIRE & STEEL) (6 pages)
  • Sky Father (ROBIN OF SHERWOOD) (22 pages)
  • A Moon Is My Mistress (BEAUTY & THE BEAST) (14 pages)
  • A Certain Time and Place (ROBIN OF SHERWOOD/STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION) (20 pages)
  • Child’s Play (Miami Vice) (25 pages)
  • Night Of Reckonings (NICK KNIGHT/MAX SCHRECK) (26 pages)
  • Robin Hood and The Hunter (ROBIN OF SHERWOOD/STAR WARS) (12 pages)
  • Many Voices (ROBIN OF SHERWOOD) (8 pages)
  • Introspect (WIZARDS & WARRIORS) (3 pages)
  • Paradox (WIZARDS & WARRIORS) (11 pages)
  • L’Il Ethelburg (ROBIN OF SHERWOOD) (3 pages)
  • Whom The Gods Love (STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION) (24 pages)
  • Interlude (ROBIN OF SHERWOOD) (7 pages)
  • Dry Ice (NICK KNIGHT) (9 pages)
  • Heart Unmasked (ZORRO) (36 pages)
  • Serpent’s String (BLACK ADDER/ROBIN OF SHERWOOD) (5 pages)
  • Flower Of England (BLACK ADDER/ROBIN OF SHERWOOD) (9 pages)
  • Point Of No Return (NICK KNIGHT/LOST BOYS/BEAUTY & THE BEAST) (54 pages)
  • Closest Leap (QUANTUM LEAP) (7 pages)
  • Taste For Adventure (PULASKI) (23 pages)

Issue 8

front cover of issue #8, Frances Quinn
back cover of issue #8, Frances Quinn

Sherwood Tunnels 8 was published in July 1993 and contains 263 pages. The art is by Frances Quinn (both covers), Arlene G. Oliver, LJC, Todd Parrish, Deb Walsh, Gail Molar, Michelle West, Paige Sullivan, Mary Prince, Jeanne McClure and Fiona Chaney.

The editorial:

Finally ...another issue finished. I so hope you enjoyed the collection of writings and art that was included in issue 8. It's been a very busy year, but I can't think of anything that I actually managed to get done? Oh well, what else is new. I have a wonderful group of friends to thank, as without them there wouldn't be a book.

Janet P. Reedman who kindly loaned me her word processor as well as sending me the wonderful story, and of course continues to offer her support towards my writings. You are a true friend, and I hope you will find what you are seeking across the ocean.

To Arlene G. Olivier for the pieces of art, I know [personal information redacted], Lucy & Daisy, thanks for the last minutes [sic] stories. Frances for the art and wonderful cover. Denyse Bridger for' your writings... and friendship. Ellen Squires for her last minutes editoring bf 'Blood runs dry' (isn't that a horrible title, sorry I couldn't think of anything else) If you enjoyed the story with Adrian and Brandan please let me know. This was my first attempt at creating my own characters and I am cur10US what everyone thought.

A big hug for everyone who send me their words and pictures, without you I wouldn't still be doing this. There are many times I need to be reminded why I still continue to put these books together. I must also thank Bill Hupe and Peg Kennedy for being willing to take over the printing and distribution of the books. I don't think there would have been an issue 8 without there kind offer. So everyone if you want any back issues, please write to Bill Hupe but if you want to summit or have views to share, write to me. I still hope to hear from everyone, I need to hear from you.

Well, that's it for now. As I mentioned before, please keep sending me submissions, anything goes, there has been a few very 1nteresting contenders in the wings lately. I would love to see more Nick Knight/Forever Knight, how about, Highlander? Kung Fu? Time Trax? Deep Space Nine? More crossovers, and of course don't forget, Robin of Sherwood, Star Trek Next Generation etc...
  • Robin Hood's Pennystone by Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood) (2)
  • The Den of the Werefox by Martin'o (Robin of Sherwood) (18)
  • Dark Quarters, poem by Todd Parrish (27)
  • The Topless Towers of Camelot by Sue Bursztynski (Star Trek/Robin of Sherwood) (28)
  • April Will Come by Carrie O'Brien and Nancy Louise Freeman (Robin of Sherwood) (38)
  • Return of the Firewitch by Gail Molnar (Wizards & Warriors) (61)
  • poem by Patience Sibeal (76)
  • Stranger Things Have Happened by Jacquie Groom and Julie Phipps (Robin of Sherwood) (77)
  • Spirit-Wolf by Gianna D'Andrea (Beauty and the Beast) (101)
  • Hiatus, Beauty and the Beast poem by David Tulley (119)
  • Infernal Devices by David Tulley (Space: 1999) (121)
  • This is What the Elder Said, poem by Patience Sibeal (125)
  • The Blood Runs Dry by Dianne M. Smith (vampire fantasy) (126)
  • Close to the Edge by Jackie Marshall (Pulaski) (145)
  • Uta Means Sword by Patience Sibeal (fantasy) (182)
  • poem by Patience Sibeal (189)
  • Big Man, and Much, poems by CarolMel Ambassador (194)
  • A Soldier's Tale by Louise Bath (Robin of Sherwood) (195)
  • Kingmaker by LJC (Arthurian fantasy) (200)
  • Dances with Wolfsheads (Robin Hood) (211)
  • The Myth of Life by Denyse M. Bridger (Logan's Run) (214)
  • Robin of Sherwood poem by Andrew Giles (244)
  • At What Price by Denyse M. Bridger (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) (245)
  • Last Goodbey by Dianne M. Smith (Nick Knight) (251)
  • The Assignment by Lucy Leung (Raven) (254)
  • Consideration, poem by CarolMel Ambassador (257)
  • Till Our Paths Cross Again by Daisy and Lucy Leung (Human Target/Nick Knight) (258)
  • A Holodeck Story by Katlin (Star Trek: TNG) (263)