Starlines (multifandom zine edited by Janet Walker)

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Title: Starlines
Publisher: Starlines Press (Eugene, OR)
Editor(s): Janet L. Walker
Date(s): 1982-1986
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Starlines is a gen multifandom anthology.

Issue 1

Starlines 1 published in May 1982 and contains 101 pages.

cover of issue #1
inside of issue #1

It contains stories from Space 1999, Hawk of Buck Rogers, UFO, Empire Strikes Back and Battlestar Galactica.

  • Shattered Dream by Sheila Paulson ("When Buck and Wilma see a feathered head on a planet, Hawk's dream of finding other birdman is finally realized, but it's not the happy ending he had always hoped for.") (Buck Rogers)
  • Eagles by Janet Walker ("Alan is lost on an alien planet and Tony must race the clock to find him before the moon leaves them behind.") (Space: 1999)
  • Merry Christmas by Janet Walker ("Walksr) Who left the present under Straker's Christmas tree, and what is the strange UFO they

tracking across the world.") (U.F.O., includes the characters Al Freeman and Alec)

  • Eye of the Beholder by Mary Tchir ("Alan finds another Verdeschi on an alien planet. Now how does he tell Tony?") (Space:1999)
  • The Hollow People by Sheila Paulson. ("Starbuck could have saved Apollo, but didn't. Now he must live with himself and the strange people who are holding him captive.") (Battlestar Galactica (1978))
  • Barbecue Sauce by Esther Reese ("Out for an evening of run and revelry, Hawk and Buck meet Flagg again.") (Hawk)

Issue 2

Starlines 2 was published in 1982 in letter size format and has 110 pages.

cover of issue #2
interior of issue #2
  • Introduction by the Editors (2)
  • The Science Fiction Fan by Esther Reese (2)
  • People Everywhere ("Buck is worried about Hawk’s reaction to New Chicago.") by Esther Reese (Hawk) (4)
  • To Fly Like an Eagle by Virginia Turpin (Space: 1999) (7)
  • Mary by Janet Walker (UFO) (8)
  • The Night Before Christmas by Pallotta (Space: 1999) (9)
  • Starbucked by Janet Walker (Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (19)
  • Genesis by Esther Reese (Star Trek: TOS) (21)
  • Home by Mary Tchir ("The Alphans have finally settled on a planet, but now Maya's brother has arrived to take her away to the new Psychon.") (Space: 1999) (23)
  • Flight/The Offer by Beverly Gillispie (Hawk) (33)
  • A World of Night's Creation, part one by Sheila Paulson ("While Starbuck frantically searches for him, Apollo is stranded on a planet where no one is safe at night.") (Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (34)
  • Alien Lover by Esther Reese (U.F.O.) (49)
  • A Rainy Day by Janet Walker (Space: 1999) (56)
  • Vacation by Janet Walker (Space: 1999) (62)
  • Trust by Esther Reese (Hawk) (67)
  • Blake's 7 Background by Sheila Paulson (74)
  • An Unfound Door by Sheila Paulson ("Stranded on a planet and pursued by Federation troops, Blake leads his people into the caves only to find Vila missing and Avon trapped behind.") (Blake's 7) (75)
  • A Sacrifice Most Fair by Janet Walker (" The fleet enters an area of space controled by a Republic and the payment demanded for the fleet's safe passage, is Athena.") (Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (93)
  • A Question of Priorities? by Janet Walker (U.F.O.) (103)
  • Kali's Song by Turpin (Space: 1999) (104)
  • Retrospection by Beverly Gillispie (Hawk) (105)
  • Forever-Time by Johnson (Hawk) (106)
  • Thoughts by Starlight by Johnson (Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (107)
  • One Empire Too Many by Mary Tchir ("Han and Chewie find themselves in an uncharted section of the universe and must find a way to get home.") (Star Wars) (108)
  • art by Esther Reese, Suzie Molnar (front cover), Mary Bloemker, Beverly Gillispie, Sheila Paulson, RaeAnn Burlington, and Janet Walker

Issue 3

cover of issue #3 -- it portrays (from top left to right: Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica (1978), Vila Restal from Blake's 7, Buck Rogers from Buck Rogers, Gay Ellis from U.F.O., and Helena Russell and John Koenig from Space:1999

Starlines 3 was published in June 1983 and has 98 pages.

The art is by Virginia Turpin, Mary Bloemker, Janet Walker, Esther Reese, Suzie Molnar, Sheila Paulson, RaeAnne Burlington, some drawings reprinted from Currents #2.

  • Introduction (2)
  • A Courtin' We Will Go by Esther Reese (Hawk) (3)
  • You Think You've Got Problems by Janet Walker (Star Wars) (4)
  • Background by Kathy Hintze (Blake's 7) (5)
  • Margin for Error by Sheila Paulson ("When Jenna is injured, Blake blames Vila, causing Avon to reconsider his place on the ship and wonder who will be blamed next.") (Blake's 7) (reprinted in Down and Unsafe #5) (6)
  • A Case of Deja Vu by Stone (Space: 1999) (19)
  • With Friends Like These by Walker (Buck Rogers) (20)
  • The S.H.A.D.O. Affair by Walker ("A UFO, fleeing Sky 1, destroys a private plane and Straker must find his way through the red tape that hides the owner’s identity. And who are the two men poking into things around the studio.") (UFO/Man from UNCLE)(21)
  • In the Meantime by Esther Reese ("On the Lexington, Chekov makes contact with an alien fleet, while Kirk fights Starfleet for permanent command of the Enterprise.") (Star Trek: TOS) (26)
  • Happy Birthday by Tchir ("When things start disappearing on Alpha, Tony must use all his knowledge to find the culprit.") (Space:1999) (41)
  • To Sleep, Perchance to Dream by Walker (Battlestar Galactica (1978) (46)
  • Dark Vader Visits Mr. Rogers Neighborhood by Sheets ("Darth Vader meets his match and the three bears.") (47)
  • Keeping Ahead of the Game by Walker (UFO) (49)
  • A Place in Time by Burlington (Buck Rogers) (51)
  • Wishful Thinking, a poem by Sheila Paulson (Blake's 7) (53)
  • Situation Normal by Walker (Space: 1999) (49)
  • Dream World, Inc. by Turpin (Original Fiction) (56)
  • A World of Night's Creation, part two by Sheila Paulson ("Apollo is captured by the Terons, while Starbuck remains the only one on the Galactica who still believes he is alive.") (Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (59)
  • Secret Dreams, poem by Burlinton (Hawk) (70)
  • My Friend by Walker (UFO) (71)
  • If They Only Knew, poem by Gillispie (Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (73)
  • The Caretakers of Cantra by Turpin (Space:1999) (74)
  • Motives, poem by Sheila Paulson (Blake's 7) (88)
  • Liking is Never Enough by Mary Tchir (Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (89)
  • No Greater Gift by Kathy Hintze ("On a raid into the Federation Banking Complex, Vila is injured, leaving Avon to protect him until Liberator returns.") (Blake's 7) (90)
  • Justification, poem by Gillispie (Hawk) (97)
  • Mayhen by Burlington and Co. (Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (98)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

[No Greater Gift]: Kathy Hintze was one of the first authors I discovered on the web when I fell for Blake's 7 in 2001. Vila is her favourite, but she does tend to torture the poor guy to get Avon and others to show they care. Though I think her Vila lacks the trademark Restal sense of humour, I do enjoy her stories very much; she writes all of the crew well, especially Avon and Vila. This story, set in season 3, is a classic hurt/comfort story and a favourite of mine. Vila and Avon decide to break into a vault containing the main offworld monetary centre of the Federation Banking System on the aptly-named planet Mephisto. The vault is protected by complex security systems and concealed traps, and Avon makes a mistake; Vila impulsively saves him, almost at the cost of his own life. Avon obviously cares very much for his injured friend, but without any out-of-character sentiment or overt revelation of feelings. He shows it by his actions and by the concern he displays when no-one is there to see--just as in the series. [1]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, portrays Roj Blake from Blake's 7, Alan Carter from Space:1999, Ed Straker from U.F.O., Wilma Deering from Buck Rogers, and Adama from Battlestar Galactica (1978)

Starlines 4 was published in February 1984 and is 99 pages long.

The art is by Joanne Borges, Suzie Molnar, Esther Reese, Vikki Weidner, RaeAnn Burlington, Sheila Paulson, Virginia Turpin, and Janet Walker.

  • Introduction by the Editors (2)
  • Near Miss by Greenleaf (Doctor Who) (4)
  • Caretakers Of Cantra (conclusion) by Virginia Turpin (Space 1999) (6)
  • Transit, poem by Sheila Paulson (Hawk) (23)
  • Love & The Starship Captain by Denise Sheets (Star Trek/The Love Boat) ("Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock set sail on the LOVE BOAT to find their lost shuttle craft. Hindering their search is Gopher and Issac.")(24)
  • Thanda by Sheila Paulson ("Blake and Avon are captured and tortured by the Federation. Their only hope is Thenda, a self-proclaimed rebel who admits there is a traitor in their rebel group.") (Blake's 7) (33)
  • The Way You Are by Sheila Paulson (Star Wars) (44)
  • The Conscience of the King, poem by Janet Walker (Battlestar Galactica) (46)
  • P.O.V., poem by Caveata Lector (Doctor Who) (47)
  • The Players & The Game by Sheila Paulson (Space 1999) (48)
  • The Crichton Project by Janet Walker (Buck Rogers) (52)
  • Anakin, poem by Sheila Paulson (54)
  • The Encounter, poem by Ted M. Trimbath (U.F.O.) (55)
  • What Thoughts Are Fantasy (Part I) by Sheri Crowell ("Discovering a new race of people. Hawk finds that they can teleport through time. So he sets out to stop the destruction of his people on Throm and save Koori.") (Buck Rogers) (56)
  • A Mid Winters Nightmare by Esther Reese ("When their Eagle crashes on a planet, Alan, Tony and Maya are sold at a slave auction but that's only the beginning!") (Space 1999) (74)
  • The Vigil,poem by Sheila Paulson (Star Trek: TOS) (79)
  • Dreams & Things by Kathy Hintze ("Vila thinks he sees an old friend on Liberator but no one will believe him — until he is almost killed and there is no one else to blame.") (Blake's 7) (80)
  • Missing SHADO by Janet Walker (U.F.O.) ("While preparing for the yearly budget meeting with SHADO's financiers, Straker disappears — right after a UFO attack.")(87)

Issue 5

front cover of issue #5, Vikki Weidner
back cover of issue #5, Anne Davenport

Starlines 5 has a June 1985 publication date, but the editorial states that it did not come out until December. The zine contains 123 pages.

The art is by Vikki Weidner (front cover, interior), Sheila Paulson, Esther Reese, RaeAnne Burlington, Anne Davenport (back cover, interior), Janet Walker, and Barb Johnson.

From the editorial:

I GIVE UP.' I realize that's not a good thing for an editor to do, but at this point—I GIVE UP. On Starlines #5, that is. I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding, and it has helped tremendously. I have simply decided to go ahead and get the zine printed— as is— rather than to make you wait any longer. So please ignore the typos — I don't want to know about them.

If there is a page missing, or anything like that, feel free to tell me about it, but anything else . . . well, let's just pretend it doesn't exist — PLEASE.

I have really begun to think this issue of Starlines was jinxed, (I know it is now) sometime about December.

[much personal info snipped]

The good news is that issue #6 is being put on a computer, so it will be easier to work with and to correct. Hopefully with this issue printed, everything will settle down—I hope.

As always, we'd love to hear from the readers, but only about the stories, NOT about the typos.

The cover is a bit different this time, due to the fact that the guy who usually does it is in Portland and I'm in Eugene, Hopefully, we'll get back to normal in the next issue. Trinette Kern's story "Rise from the Ashes" was printed in the Thom Christopher Fan Club's year book. The "Celestial Message',' listed in the flyer for this issue, isn't here. Mainly because it is my story and at this time, I can't find the dumb thing.- (That'll teach me to move!)

Before I end, I'd like to thank all the friends who have helped me get through the last year. I couldn't have done it without them. There were good times in with all the bed. I got to meet Paul Darrow, Mike Keating, Brian Croucher, and Terry Nation from Blake's 7, as well as Nick Courtney, John Pertwee, Pat Troughton and John Nathan-Turner from Doctor Who. As well as a lot of family times. Seeing Esther being chased by a six foot grey mouse was priceless (we've got the photos!) Anyway, we'll try for a better issue next time, the first story is almost completely in the computer right now—and it's a long one.

Stay tune for the next issue as well as our new zine: Return of the Seven, a Blake's 7 zine. The ad's in the back of this zine. As always, we need submissions. They don't have to be our usual fare, there are lots of science fiction shows/movies out there, so let's here about them. Greatest American Hero is considered s/f, V, Sapphire and Steel, if it's science fiction and good, we're interested. So let's hear from you. Can't promise we'll take it, but at least you'll have a return letter you can feed your goat.
  • Letter from the Editor (1)
  • Alien by Rodgers ("Commander Ed Straker of SHADO finds himself on Moonbase Alpha working with Maya. How will he react to working with an alien.") (UFO/'99) (4)
  • The Game Again by Sheila Paulson ("Five years after Gauda Prime, Avon has made a new life for himself with a new name and a new job. But his security is threatened by and old enemy, who just might not be the only one to survive their past conflicts.") (Blake's 7) (15)
  • What Thoughts are Fantasy, conclusion by Crowell ("Hawk, using Maren's talents, goes back to Throm before his people's massacre to save them. When Buck follows. Hawk must choose between the future he wants and the future he has already lived.") (Hawk) (42)
  • Minyos Syndrom (sic) by Neill (Doctor Who) (67)
  • Welcome to the Universe, the Hard Way by King ("A badly injured Starbuck is dumped by the Cylons on an inhabited planet. When the Galactica arrives to get him they find themselves on the mystical planet Earth.") (Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (88)
  • Cross Currents by King (88)
  • Lost and Found by Sheila Paulson (Star Wars) ("After the destruction of the Death Star, Han, Luke and Leia go in search of a new base for the rebellion. But Darth Vader plans to destroy the rebels to appease the anger of the Emperor.") (91)
  • Rescue Mission by Sheila Paulson (Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (103)
  • Rise from the Ashes, part one by Kern (Hawk) (103)
  • Flying High by Esther Reese ("Avon is rescued from Federation interrogators after being drugged and shows the Liberator crew a totally different side of himself.") (Blake's 7) (122)

Issue 6

back cover of issue #6, Esther Reese

Starlines 6 published in August 1986 and is 124 pages long. The art is by Esther Reese, Vikki Weidner, and Sheila Paulson.

From the editorial:

Just a few words about this issue and then you can get on to the good stuff; the stories. The few things done in a different type and reduction were completed on the computer at work when the boss wasn't around.

I would like to thank a number of people; Anne Davenport for the use of Zen and Slave—without which this would have taken even longer: Valery King for her typing on the stories and for putting up with me all those evenings as I pecked away beside her chair. Sheila Paulson, for her stories, encouragement, and artwork donated after my frantic appeals for HELP! Esther Reese for her typing, writing, artwork and confidence that this zine could be completed within this century.

This issue is a departure from previous issues, evident in the non Science Fiction stories included in these pages. I decided to go with a wider selection for a number of reasons, mainly because I like the stories, but also so that the zine would appeal to a wider audience. I also had two stories that were not returned in time by their authors. Our Ladyhawke story is entitled "On Pain of Death", mainly because the author was so threatened into finishing the story. Esther wanted me to mention that the Spanish in "Forms and Shadows", was written by a first year Spanish student, so if she got any of the grammar wrong, please forgive her.

This issue of Starlines will be the last. There are a number of reasons for this. The main reasons is my lack of time to work on the zine, and related to that is the fact that it is not fair to the readers to have to wait so long between issues. My job is extremely time consuming, and cuts heavily into my free time. [Details about employment snipped.] This severely cramps my typing time for the zine. So this is going to be the last issue of Starlines. I will be printing a second issue of Return of the 7, but after that, I am leaving zine editorship.

Thank you all for buying the zine, and another thanks to Esther and Sheila, without whom this zine would probably not be.
  • Gateway by Sheila Paulson ("Han and Chewie rescue Blake, Avon, and the rest of the Scorpio crew in this post-"Blake" story. Whether or not Blake lives, they face many decisions in their new environment and cause a few problems for the people who already live there.") (Star Wars/Blake's 7) (3)
  • Soliloquy to a Stone Wall by Esther Reese (Buck Rogers) (39)
  • Two Solitudes in Snow Time by Sheila Paulson (The Master) (42)
  • U.F.O.s by Janet Walker ("Alien are ships approaching Earth at high speed. Are they the same aliens, or is this someone new?") (UFO) (55)
  • On Pain of Death by Esther Reese ("The Bishop is dead, Navarre is once again Captain Of The Guard of Aquila, but now he must bring order to chaos, and find which of his friends, if any, are still alive.") (Ladyhawke) (56)
  • Rise from the Ashes by Trinette Kern ("Buck and Wilma contend with Hawk's inability to fly his ship without losing control, and must find the root of his problem before it explodes in their faces.") (Buck Rogers) (83)
  • A Mid-Winter’s Brooding by Esther Reese (Wizards and Warriors) (106)
  • A Lonely Place in the Sky by Sheila Paulson ("In a blind and disabled Eagle, Alan Carter must find his way back to Alpha, or be lost forever.") (Space 1999) (108)
  • Celestial Message by Janet Walker (Battlestar Galactica) (109)
  • Triad, poem by Sheila Paulson (Star Trek: TOS) (111)
  • Forms and Shadows by Esther Reed ("Benny has a pre-cog of Jonathan’s death. Can he change the future, this time?") (Shadow Chasers) (112)


  1. Recced by Vilakins at Crack Van, December 10, 2005