Anglo File

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Title: Anglo File
Publisher: The Followers of Who?/Goody Press?
Editor(s): Joseph Collins Edwin
Date(s): 1985
Medium: print, zine
Genre: gen
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Anglo File is a gen multifandom 100-page anthology.

The art: Front cover: composite of Mike Cole, Matt Webb & Vikki Weidner. Back cover: Vikki Weidner. Interior art: Mike Cole, Nancy Miller, Virgina Turpin, Matt Webb, Vikki Weidner.


  • Deadly Reflection (Blake's 7) by Kathy Hintze (Blake's 7) (5)
  • Vanya's by Sandra Carter (Doctor Who) (16)
  • Masterstroke by Joseph Collins Edkin (Doctor Who) (18)
  • Conflicting Desires, poem by Vikki Weidner (Blake's 7) (reprinted in Interface #10) (38)
  • Alive (also may be untitled) (Blake's 7 poem) (reprinted in Interface #10) (40)
  • Sing a Song of the Doctor by Sharon Jensen (Doctor Who poem) (42)
  • A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forest by "the Marie Triplets" (Jean Marie Dewey, Christine Marie Edmunds and Joseph Marie Edkin)(Robin of Sherwood) (43)
  • The Circles of Time by Sheila Paulson (Blake's 7/The Master) (reprinted as "Stranger in a Strange Land," part 1 of 3 in The Circles of Time) (47)
  • Resolutions by Joseph Collins Edkin (Doctor Who) (72)
  • You Are Truly Fixed by Karl Rasmussen (Doctor Who related (76)
  • No Way Out by Joseph Collins Edwin)(Avengers/Modesty Blaise/Prisoner) (79)