The Circles of Time

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Title: The Circles of Time
Publisher: Starlines Press
Date(s): March 1989
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Blake’s 7/The Master
Language: English
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inside pages

The Circles of Time is a gen Blake's 7 AU 97-page crossover with The Master.

The zine contains no interior art, and the back cover is blank.

It is a series of three stories by Sheila Paulson.


  • Stranger in a Strange Land ("Cally is rescued from the planet Terminal by benevolent aliens who bring her to Earth. Unfamiliar with different times and dimensions, they bring her to Earth in the middle i980s where she falls in with John Peter McAllister, Ninja master, and his student. Max.") (reprint of "The Circles of Time" in Anglo File) (1)
  • You Deserve a Blake Today ("Life for Cally, Avon, Vila and the others becomes more complex when Cally's favorite aliens rescue Blake from Gauda Prime and bring him to Earth-without warning him what he is to find there.") (32)
  • Back to the Future ("What happens when Cally and her friends are finaly returned to their own time and go searching for the other survivors of Gauda Prime? Will the man they find destroy everything they have accomplished so far?") (64)