Double Natural

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Title: Double Natural
Editor(s): Rich Kolker
Date(s): August 1981
Medium: print
Fandom: MASH
Language: English
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front cover
a 1981 flyer

Double Natural is a gen 100-page anthology. It has the subtitle, "Journal of the 4077 Mobile Army of the Surgical Hospital in Korea."

The art is by Pat O'Neill, Mary Bloemker, T.J. Burnside, and Nancy Gervais.

From a flyer: "Finally, a fanzine devoted to what most critics call, "The Best Show on Television."

  • April 20, 1918 by Greg Baker ("Buck Private Sherm Potter learns the reality of war, and changes the direction of his life.") (4)
  • BIO - Sherman Potter (10)
  • Almost by Rich Kolker (11)
  • Absence Makes the --- by Gail Pittaway (13)
  • BIO - Hawkeye Pierce (20)
  • Over the Sea of Japan by Joel Davis ("After Henry Blake is shot down on his ay home, Hawkeye faces his grief, and writing Henry's wife; Frank takes his first hesitant steps of command; and B.J. says goodbye to Peg, as the war continues.") (21)
  • Prologue by Rich Kolker (crossover with The Questor Tapes) (31)
  • BIO - "Trapper" John McIntyre (37)
  • A Woman's Place by Susan Hope Hochman ("A nurse remains distant from the 4077 crew until an emergency reveals her secret.") (75)
  • BIO - B.J. Hunnicut (90)
  • Letters by Howie Weinstein ("No mail for days leaves the 4077th crazies crazier than usual. Radar learns about being the bearer of no tidings is sometimes worse than being the bearer of bad.")
  • Rest and Retardation by Nancy Gervais (91)
  • Happy Endings by Rich Kolker ("The 'police action' is over and Hawkeye stands at the Panmunjom Bridge as a special prisoner of war returns to freedom.") (99)

Reactions and Reviews

Like most of Rich Kolker's productions, DOUBLE NATURAL is a quality zine, and it's about time someone put out a M*A*S*H zine! The best stories are by Rich himself, the one by Greg Baker, and a rejected script by Howie Weinstein. Baker's "April 20, 1918" is a tight, lucid account of Private Sherman Potter's first day in the trenches during the Great War. "Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder," by Gail Pittaway, is a fun story about what happens to the 4077th when Hawkeye goes on a two-week leave. "Over the Sea of Japan," by Joel Davis, tells of the events immediately following Radar's announcement in the OR about Colonel Henry Blake's death. Overall, it misses the poignancy it tries to reach by too much commiseration and sentimentality. "Prologue," by Rich Kolker, is a "M*A*S*H meets Questor" story when BJ's 17-year old cousin, Jerome Robinson, is brought to the 4077th as a patient, while another visitor is a mysterious Dr. Vaslovik. The cuteness and lack of subtlety inherent in many cross-universe stories is not present here and it's just long enough for you to love it and not tire of it. 'Letters," by Howie Weinstein, is a rejected script concerning the results of a two-week delay in the mail. There's a very touching subplot involving Winchester, which adds another human dimension to the character, making him more than just a rich Boston snob. Susan Hope Hochman's "A Woman's Place" is a good effort but incomplete, not fleshed out enough. It concerns the plight of a woman doctor who wants to work on the front but is barred by Army regulations. Mary Bloemker's and T.J. Burnside's art are the best in the zine. All of Mary's renderings of the M*A*S*H characters are excellent and most of T.J.'s are lovely, the best being a full page piece of Margaret in post-op. Recommended. [1]


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