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You may be looking for The Winds of Time, a multifandom zine.

Title: Time Winds
Publisher: Penguin Press
Editor(s): Susan M. Garrett
Date(s): 1983-1988
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
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Time Winds is a gen Doctor Who anthology that ran for 20 issues. It was edited by Susan M. Garrett.


One of the nicest and most talented people in New Jersey DW fandom is Susan M. Garrett. While she publishes other zines worthy of any fan's attention, her best, in my humble opinion is TIME WINDS. It is attractively put together, the stories are usually first class, and the art is enchantingly diverse. Sadly, Susan will stop publishing TIME WIND after #20. (This seems to be an unfortunate trend in DW fandom. We are losing a lot of very talented people, and there seems to be no one taking up the place of such people as Susan. Sad, isn't it?) [1]

Issue 1

Time Winds 1 was published in 1983. It has a print run of 50.

  • Hide 'N Seek by Susan M. Garrett (Doctor Who/X-Men)
  • One of the Shortest Doctor Who Stories Ever Written by Susan M. Garrett
  • The Maze by Susan M. Garrett
  • The Mistress by Susan M. Garrett (a Master story)
  • Morgana

Issue 2

Time Winds 2 was published in 1983.

  • Companion Test by Susan M. Garrett
  • The Haunting by Susan M. Garrett
  • The Planet of Sorcerers by Susan M. Garrett
  • Wanted: Companion by Susan M. Garrett (co-written with Betsy Marshall)
  • second Morgana story

Issue 3

Time Winds 3 was published in 1983.

  • Murder on the Moon by Susan M. Garrett
  • The Trial by Susan M. Garrett (What really happened in "War Games")
  • The Dream Monster (The Doctor meets Godzilla.)
  • the third Morgana story

Issue 4

Time Winds 4 was published in 1983.

  • The Protectors by Susan M. Garrett
  • Endgame by Susan M. Garrett
  • Conscience of a Time Lord by Susan M. Garrett
  • Another Time by Susan M. Garrett
  • And Do We Not Live in Dreams? by Susan M. Garrett
  • Another Place by Susan M. Garrett
  • Chez Gallifrey (care for Roast Beast a la Leela?)

Issue 5

Time Winds 5 was published in 1983.

  • Another Time, Another Place, part two by Susan M. Garrett
  • Skirmish (The Doctor, the Reliant, the Enterprise, and the Genesis project...)

Issue 6

Time Winds 6 was published in 1983.

  • City of Light and Darkness by Susan M. Garrett
  • Double Trouble by Susan M. Garrett (trouble at a U.S. college)
  • Friday the Thirteenth (Leela's superstitions)
  • Journey to Freedom End (Doctor 3 and Jo as pawns of Gallifrey)

Issue 7

Time Winds 7 was published in 1983. It is a double-size issue.

  • The Road to Gallifrey by Susan M. Garrett
  • The City of Light and Darkness by Susan M. Garrett
  • The City Beneath the Ice by Jennifer Clark
  • Earthgame by Susan M. Garrett (the last Morgana story)
  • other unknown content

Issue 8

Time Winds 8 was published in 1984 and contains 50 pages.

  • The City Beneath the Sea - part I by Susan M. Garrett
  • Way Back
  • Confusion
  • Promises, Promises by Susan M. Garrett
  • other unknown content

Issue 9

Time Winds 9 was published in 1984 and was about 80 pages.

  • It's Christmastime in the City by Susan M. Garrett
  • A Christmas Dirge
  • Limbo
  • A Day in the Death of a Doctor
  • A Day Out in Space (Will Susan and Betty get back in time for class?)
  • The City Beneath the Sea - part II by Susan M. Garrett (The Doctor faces a mysterious foe.)
  • other unknown content

Issue 10

Time Winds 10 was published in 1984. It was co-published by Mark Hernandez.

  • A Day Out in Spaces by Susan M. Garrett
  • When Gabriel Smiles by Susan M. Garrett
  • The Cyber-Dalek War
  • The Creepy Corpse of Crumbleshot Manor
  • other unknown content

Issue 11

Time Winds 11 was published in 1985 and contains 26 pages. It was called the "Austerity Issue" (xeroxed and a smaller price!) Cover art is by Jim Thompson; interior art is by Jim Thompson, Katie Rashid, and Gennie Summers.

cover of issue #11, Jim Thompson
  • A Mid-Simulated Night's Dream by Sarah K. (5)
  • Legacy by Ellen S. and Leia M.--Sarah Jane and her granddaughter encounter the Doctor again. (8)
  • In the Gardens of Paradise by Barbara O.--The Doctor stops by the gardens of Gallifrey and meets the daughter of an old friend. (11)
  • Genocide as a Side Effect by T. Sarick--Poem. (13)
  • The Castle of Count Death by John P. (14)
  • Bloody Circle of Stones by T. Sarick (26)

Issue 12

Time Winds 12 was published in 1985. It is subtitled, "Earth Issue." It has art by Anne Davenport, Maggie Johnston, Katy Rashid, Gennie Summers, and Jim Thompson.

front and back covers of issue #12
  • Assistant Editor's Page (4)
  • Letters of Comment (5)
  • The Thing in the Broome Closet by Susan M. Garrett (6)
  • Not Your Standard Bug-Eyed Monster by John Peel (9 pages) (Doctor Who/A-Team crossover) (10)
  • Monster Is As Monster Does by Susan M. Garrett (20)
  • Friends and Foes of Doctor Who by Andrew Anderson (21)
  • Doctor Who and The Bojeebus by James Crawford (22)
  • The Fight by James Crawford (25)
  • The Bloodstone by Shawn M. Garrett (26)

Issue 13

Time Winds 13 was published in 1985 and contains 58 pages.

cover, issue #13
inside pages, issue #13
  • Brave Heart by Susan M. Garrett
  • The Lascheme Description
  • Who's Who by Katriena Myers
  • Dark Circle (Doctor Who/Dr. Strangelove)
  • The Heiljan's Song
  • Catspaw
  • other unknown content

Issue 14

Time Winds 14 was published in 1986 and contains 60 pages.

  • unknown content

Issue 15

Time Winds 15 was published in 1986 and contains 44 pages.

  • Night of the Blue Box part I by Susan M. Garrett (Doctor Who/Wild Wild West)
  • A Fine and Private Forest by Susan M. Garrett (Doctor Who/The Last Unicorn)
  • other unknown content

Reaction and Reviews: Issue 15

Issue 15-Has a cute cover, depicting various trick or treaters (cowboy suite, Mr. Spock, very short 4th Doctor, and Earth Verdure) at the door Or the TARDIS, where a very bemused 6th Doctor gazes at them. Within the covers we have, "A Fine & Private Forest" a 3rd Doctor/Jo Grand cross with THE LAST UNICORN by the editor. Very nice, and it sheds an interesting light on how Joy Grant may have felt about the Doctor. Remember Rodan from "Invasion of Time"? Well, Sue Ann Sarick has a neat little story about her meeting up with the 4th Doctor again. Illustration by Gennie Summers. "Inverse Possibilities" by Autumn Lee, describes what occurs where and when two Tardis' get tangled up together. I really like Lake Jasmine. Illustrations by Maggie Johnston. Finally, there is "Night of The Blue Box" Part 1 of a DW/Wild, Wild West crossover, featuring the 5th Doctor and a certain memorable villain from WWW. And lots more!!! Excellent issue! [2]

Issue 16

cover of issue #16, Ann Larimer

Time Winds 16 was published in June 1986 and contains 36 pages. The front cover is by Ann Larimer, other art by Rhonda Henderson and Charles Albritton.

  • LoCs (3)
  • On Second Thought by Rie Sheridan, art by Maggie Johnston (5)
  • We Saw the Future by James Crawford (6)
  • Revenge of the Cardboard Box by Laura Mulqueen Campbell (8)
  • contest
  • Paradox by C.L. Crouch (10)
  • Afternoon Tea in Their Garden by Liz Shaw (12)
  • Genesis Flip Side by Rie Sheridan (17)
  • Hotel Castrovalva by Ann Davenport (18)
  • One for the Road by Esther McClure (20)
  • How Could You, Liz? by Diana D. Jarvis (25)
  • Full Circle by Laura Mulqueen Campbell (26)
  • For Want of a Nail by Rie Sheridan (27)
  • Inversion, Recursion by Barbara O'Quinn, art by Gennie Summers (29)
  • Negative Image by Pepper Smith (30)
  • If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Harry by Atlanta Leyda and Jill Stone (36)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 16

Issue 16 - Has a lovely portrait of Nyssa and Tourlough III in a friendly pose. This is a good "What If?" issue. What is Sarah had decided to stay with Juliano at the end of "Masque of Mandragora"? ("Second Thought" by Rie Sheridan) What if the 2nd Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe tried to escape from the Time Lords at the end of "War Games"? ("We Saw The Future" by James Crawford) What if the 4th Doctor had not discovered about The Android Invasion"? ("For Want of a Nail" by Rie Sheridan), and so on. There are also some well-done poems and filks (I especially loved the calligraphy and portrait of the 4th Doctor in the poem "Paradox" by C. L. Crouch, and the filk "Hotel Castrovalva" by Ann Davenport) Definitely worth a look. [3]

Issue 17

Time Winds 17 was published in September 1987 and contains 86 pages.

  • Night of the Blue Box part II by Susan M. Garrett (Doctor Who/Wild, Wild West)
  • And a Little Child Shall Lead Them by Autumn Lee
  • Murder at Cloudesley Manor by Aloma Pedersen
  • Forest of Fear by James Crawford
  • Night of the Blue Box, conclusion
  • other unknown content

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 17

Issue 17 - A group portrait of the first six Doctors under a diamond logo that shows the title TIME WINDS. Nice job, Nan Nelson. You do great portraits! We have some excellent longer stories here. "And a Little Child Shall Lead Them" by Autumn Lee starts the issue off well. The 4th Doctor and Romana (Mark 1) go to visit Sarah Jane Yates, nee Smith. Problems occur with the return of the Master (?) and just who is Jo Yates real father? Well done, though some fen will be enraged by some elements in the story. (So, what's life without a little excitement?) "Murder at Cloudesley Manor" by Aloma Pedersen if you are a devoted Mystery fan, you will guess who I'm referring to right right. Luckily, that doesn't ruin the story. Delightfully in period, it reminded me of an Agatha Cristie story. "Forest of Fear" by James Crawford was not up to his usual. high standard. It's a average story, it's just that James has done far better work. It's worth a look, though. Oh, "Night of The Blue Box" is completed in this issue. Good story! All in all, an enjoyable issue. So, before Susan stops publishing this zine, make sure to pick up a copy or two of TIME WINDS. You will be glad you did! [4]

Issue 18

cover of issue #18

Time Winds 18 was published in 1987 and contains 154 pages.

  • Trick or Treat by Kaye Dunham (6th Doctor, Addams Family)
  • The Brigadier's Tale by Stephen Bergdahl (Brigadier, Harry)
  • The Lady IS a Tiger by Barbara O'Quinn (6th Doctor)
  • Alyson LaFleur by Barbara Mater (4th Doctor)
  • The Tomorrow Tesh by Dianne Elliott (4th Doctor, Leela, Tomorrow People)
  • The Doctor and the Prince by Jill Grundfest (6th Doctor, Peri)
  • A Question of Conscience by Cecily Chambers (6th Doctor, Peri)
  • Second Time Around by Steven Zwanger (6th Doctor, Romana, Master)
  • The Master & the Rose by Rachel Wood (4th Doctor, Adric, Master)
  • Shadows by Thomas Beck (Sarah Jane, K-9)
  • ...plus art, verse & such.

Issue 19

cover of issue #19

Time Winds 19 contains 144 pages. It was published in January 1988.

  • Once Under the Mistletoe by CarolMel Ambassador (4th Doctor, Sarah Jane & Harry)
  • Between the Devil and the Big Blue Box by Autumn Lee (4th Doctor) - Portnoy and Abercrombie were only the beginning of the Doctor's troubles.
  • There is a Higher Law by Liz Smith (Tegan) - Tegan deals with life without the TARDIS.
  • Shadow by John Ezzy (Sarah Jane & K-9)
  • Whispers in the Dark by Autumn Lee
  • A Matter of Time by Jill Grundfest (6th Doctor, Sarah Jane & Harry)
  • Testing, Testing by Autumn Lee (Mike Yates)
  • A Rose on Gallifrey by Rachel Nash (4th Doctor, Leela, Adric, K-9)
  • Too Far to Turn Back by John Ezzy (Sarah Jane)
  • ...plus art, verse & such.

Issue 20

cover of issue #20

Time Winds 20 was published in May 1988 and contains 192 pages.

  • The Oschnur Switch ("The 4th Doctor learns why people should never eat blue food.")
  • Reunion ("V.H. Adderly is assigned to two cases, investigate the attacks on a married couple who write mysteries and protect a scientist at a science symposium, who just happens to be married to an old friend of his... by the name of Jo Grant.")
  • Betsy & Susan Meet the Black Guardian by Susan M. Garrett
  • Outing ("The worst tragedies are the quiet ones.")
  • There is a Higher Law ("Tegan deals with life without the TARDIS.")
  • Standoff Over Southwinds by Kathy Wesley (5th Doctor, Fred) ("The Fifth Doctor is saddled with a bunch of alien children on a peace mission in a shopping mall.")
  • other unknown content, including crossovers with Dallas and Voyagers!


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