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Zine Publisher
Name: Penguin Press
Contact: Susan M. Garrett
Type: fan fiction
Fandoms: Quantum Leap, Forever Knight, and many more
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Penguin Press was a prolific gen fanzine publisher in the mid-1990s. It was run by Susan M. Garrett.

The press also published Penguin Press Presents, a newsletter update of publications, plus little extras.

The LoC Booklet

cover of the 1991-1992 booklet, 30 pages

Susan M. Garrett would periodically publish the LoCs she received in booklets which she made available to fans. The one for 1991-1992 was available to fans if they sent a letter of comment about a Penguin Press zine to Garrett for a contest to win a t-shirt. All fans received the LoC booklet:

That's right! Not only do you get a shot [when you enter this contest] at a KCC t-shirt, but you also receive, free of charge, a booklet containing all the LOCs Penguin Press has received during the year. The booklet covering 5/91-5/92 will be sent automatically to all of the last contest participants, and contributors, in June of 1992. (If you didn't send us an LOC or contribute to any zines printed during that period but would like a copy of the booklet anyway , please send $ 1.00 and an SASE to the Penguin Press address and ask for the current LOC booklet). The print date of the next booklet will depend on how many LOCs we receive. Please note on your LOCs if you'd like to have your name and address omitted from our LOC listing.

The Published Zines