Starfleet Annals

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Title: Starfleet Annals (issues #1 and #2) Starfleet Annals Avatar (issue #3), then became Avatar
Publisher: Mary Hartery
Editor(s): Mary Hartery
Date(s): 1975
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Starfleet Annals is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology edited by Mary Hartery. It contains both fiction and non-fiction. There are two issues with the title "Starfleet Annals," then one with the transitional title "Starfleet Annals Avatar," and then the zine became Avatar in 1975, and it became a multimedia zine.

Issue 1

Starfleet Annals 1

Issue 2

Starfleet Annals 2

Issue 3

Starfleet Annals Avatar 3 (v.1 n.3) was published in October 1975 and contains 114 pages. The front cover is by Ed Laprade, the interior illos by Debbie Collin, Claudia Di Falco, Mary Beth Santarelli, and Charlene Taylor.

cover of v.1 n.3
flyer printed in Warped Mind
  • Mission of Mercy by Mary Hartery (a UFO a4venture story)
  • Peace at Last by Mary Hartery ("a Kath1een Ames love story- the female - James Kirk of Starfleet?")
  • Fate of the Damned by Mary Hartery (article, a UFO reprint, concerning Paul Foster in one of his strangest incidents)
  • Memory by Jesse Powell ("a different kind of STAR TREK story.")
  • Interstice by Johanna Cantor (sequel to "Dagger of the Mind")
  • The Steel Mallard by S. Langford (a [[Questor) adventure, also in The Vaslovik Archives #1)
  • The Arcturian Jewels Affair by Roberta Rogow ("another adventure in the life of the crew of the Enterprise')
  • Maneuver by Mary Hartery ("a Klingon War story with Kathleen Ames and the crew of the Guadalcanal")
  • Gods Against Us ("a KOLCHAK story with a surprise ending")
  • Remembrance ("the editor's personal account of the February NYC convention")
  • My Song by Joan Cash ("a narrative sf poem")
  • Dyondes ("a narrat1ve poem about interstellar lovers")
  • puzzles