Legend (Robin of Sherwood zine)

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Title: Legend
Editor(s): Janet P. Reedman
Date(s): 1989-1995
Medium: print
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
Language: English
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Legend is a gen and het Robin of Sherwood anthology published in England.

Issue 1

flyer for issue #1, click to read table of contents
cover of issue #1, Tom Clark

Legend 1 was published in 1989 and contains 135 pages.

  • Commemoration by Jeanine Hennig (series of vignettes) Robin meets the Greatest Enemy; the outlaws remember all that passed in the fellowship of Sherwood
  • Blind Trust by Dianne M. Smith and J. P. Reedman, a Beauty and the Beast crossover, Vincent meets the Hooded Man and together they pass through a castle of wizardy in a battle against Darkness. Art by Barb Johnson.
  • The Blessing by Denyse Bridger. An unwed girl leaves her convent. What awaits her in the wilds of Sherwood?
  • Promises Kept by D. Linn. Much is old, weary and heart-sick. Strangely wandering feet lead to a place he hates above all others...
  • Sasha and the Amulet of Light by Brock Smith. The Horned One takes a daughter. Soon her newfound powers are needed when the sorcerer Gillam takes over Nottingham Castle.
  • Children of the Forest by J.P. Reedman. Mariel of Maybury is a wayward lass, and her friend Rob, a renegade. but little do they know their Fates are intertwined with that of the Hooded Man...
  • Scarlet Memories by Peg Kennedy. Madness threatens Will as he seeks to come to terms with his leader's death.
  • Vignettes include "The Bow," by Owen Neill, "The Chosen" by David Niall, "It Is Enough to Aim" by Cindy Fairbanks, "Mystic Reflections" by Andrew Springer, "The Price" by Cindy Fairbanks, "Promises Kept" by D. Linn, "Robin's Last Arrow" by Owen Neill, "A Sense of Duty" by Julie Phipps, "Shadows" by Cindy Fairbanks (tie - Major Oak Bronze Award for RoS Vignette) and "We All Knew Why" by Cindy Fairbanks.
  • Poetry and filks include "Al-Hakim" by Owen Neill, "Ancient Faith" by Owen Neill, "Demons Described" by Joyce M. Rattray, "Devoting Humanity and Courage" by Andrea Springer, "Echo" by David Cavanagh, "The Eden of My Dream" by David Cavanagh, "Eve of Oberon" by Owen Neill, "Every Dawn" by Janet P. Reedman, "For the Love of Marion" by Julie Phipps, "Forest Magic" by Peg Kennedy, "The Haunted Woodland" by Joyce M. Rattray, "Herne's Sons" by Janet P. Reedman, "In Sherwood Alone" by D. Linn, "Isadora" by Julie Phipps, "The Keepers" by Cathy Buburuz,, "Legend" by Denyse Bridger, "Marion" by D. Linn, "Midsummer Celebration" by Janet P. Reedman, "Mourning" by Cathy Buburuz, "Much" by Julie Phipps, "Pipes" by David Cavanagh, "Presentiment" by Janet P. Reedman, "Sacrifice" by Janet P. Reedman, "The Song" by David Cavanagh, "Song of Caer" by David Cavanagh, "The Sun Upon the Stream" by Janet P. Reedman, "Sweet Despair" by Janet P. Reedman, "The Wild Hart" by Geri E. Davis and "Witches and Fiends" by Joyce M. Rattray.
  • Interior artwork by Denyse Bridger, Cathy Buburuz, Jeanett Carnell, Julie Edwards, Arlene Gogan, Barb Johnson, Arthur R. Joyce, D. Linn, David Lloyd, Janet P. Reedman, Paul Reedman and Andrew Springer.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2
flyer for issue #2, click to read table of contents

Legend 2 contains 134 pages and was published in March 1990.

  • The Visit by Sue Bursztynski. The King of Scotland is awoken by an intruder in his chamber. Robert of Huntington, now Robin the Hood, visits his kingly uncle.
  • Sins of Pride by Denyse Bridger. Loxley and his men rescue a pair of young siblings from Gisburne. However, their kindness is repaid by betrayal.
  • [unclear] Visions by Janet P. Reedman. [unclear] summons his dark master as he muses on the future.
  • Dawn Meeting by Sue Bursztynski. After losing Sarah de Talmont, Sir Guy goes for a drink and meets a certain de Bois who has suffered a similar disappointment.
  • The Hooded Man's Justice by Julianne Toomey. Mercenaries bring terror to the villagers of Sherwood. Their leader possessed a blood-red sword that is more than an ordinary weapon. Loxley must fight the creeping evil and cast it from the forest.
  • The Shattered Mirror by Julie Phipps. [unclear] of York is a witch, the Sheriff under her spell. A sacrifice is demanded, will the Sheriff 's steward did for [unclear]?
  • The Gift by Cindy Fairbanks. A simple homespun shirt takes on great significance ot Nasir.
  • The Duke of Cornwall by Denyse Bridger. Power-hungry kin capture the son of [unlcear] of Cornwall, and Nasir. The outlaws rescue the lad, and learn his true heritage.
  • Green Magic by Janet P. Reedman. When his friends are held prisoner far from home, Robin must awaken ancient powers of earth and stone.
  • Last Rites by Paula Jones. An aged [unclear] seeks absolution for sins of the past.
  • Cross to Bear by Cindy Fairbanks. Robert speaks with the Lady Margaret on her death bed and is given a heavy cross to bear.
  • Peace by Julie Phipps. Robert seeks his love in Holstead. but another has visited her in her sanctuary...
  • much more fiction and poetry by Gwen Neill, Jerre Meeks, S. San Filippo, art by Frances Quinn, Tom Clark, Barb Johnson, Cathy [unclear], Wilma Douglas, Julie Edwards and J.P. Reedman

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Michael Praed's Robin, Arlene Gogan Olivier

Legend 3 contains 170 pages and was published in 1991. Full color cover by Arlene Gogan Olivier. Other art by Tom Clark, Frances Quinn, and others.

Fiction by Janet P. Reedman, Marshall, Chevening, Toomey, Bridger, Bursztynski, and Jenni. Also includes some original fiction.

  • For I Have Faced Death by Ness Ayton ("An original Arthurian story. What Arthur and his companions encountered on the way home from one of their battles in the north.") (originally published in Zineaid #1)
  • The Meeting Place, fiction by Louise Bath
  • Sleepless Night, fiction by Toni Wapner & Lucy Leung
  • The Veil, fiction by Kitty Gamerra
  • Out of the Ashes, fiction by Caitlin Sebastian
  • White Moon, fiction by Janet P. Reedman
  • The Swords of Nasir, fiction by Brock Smith
  • Lady Rufus, fiction by Louise Bath
  • The Fair Unknown, fiction by Denysé Bridger
  • Yearking, fiction by Jackie Marshall
  • Of Broken Dreams and Missing Swords, fiction by Julianne Toomey
  • Robin Said Something Like That Once, fiction by Daisy Leung
  • Labelle Avec Mercy, fiction by Sue Bursztynski
  • Whisperwood, fiction by Tristian A Mac Acery
  • Isabella, fiction by Laura Chevinire
  • Legend, fiction by Sue Bursztynski

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, Michael Praed's Robin

Legend 4 contains 173 pages and was published in 1991. It has art by Frances Quinn, Nary Prince, Todd Parrish, Anna O'Brien, Tara L.M. O'Shea, Laura Todd, Jeannie Pellerin, Fiona Chaney, Tom Clark, Kathy Luzzi, Rache and Sharuka.

  • poem by Juliane Toomey (1)
  • Dark Day Dawning by Julianne Toomey (2)
  • poem by Julie Phipps (6)
  • poem by Todd Parrish (6)
  • Family by Tara L.M. O'Shea (7)
  • poem by Juliane Toomey (9)
  • poem by Janet P. Reedman (9)
  • poem by Alan Frame (9)
  • The Path of the Wolf by Agnes Vanderschoot (10)
  • poem by Francesca Quinn (28)
  • poem by Andrea O'Brien (30)
  • Crossed by Todd Parrish (31)
  • poem by Juliane Toomey (35)
  • Promise to Keep by Debra Batus (36)
  • poem by Todd Parrish (49)
  • poem by Janet P. Reedman (49)
  • The Story Teller by Tara L.M. O'Shea (50)
  • poem by Todd Parrish (53)
  • poem by Tara O'Shea (53)
  • poem by Francesca Quinn (54)
  • The Shattered Mirror by Linda Slusher (57)
  • poem by Andrea O'Brien (94)
  • So Must It Be by Denyse Bridger (95)
  • poem by Lucy Leung (97)
  • Ghost Story by Christine Ethier (98)
  • poem by Nancy Hutchins (99)
  • Perhaps by Jacquie Groom (100)
  • Much in Love by Paula Jones (102)
  • Senseless Death by Nancy Hutchins (109)
  • poem by Juliane Toomey (111)
  • It Shall Never Be by Cindy Fairbanks (112)
  • poem by T. Emmons (115)
  • Brothers by Jacquie Groom (116)
  • poem by Janet P. Reedman (118)
  • poem by Karen Campbell (118)
  • poem by Juliane Toomey (118)
  • Pigs Might Fly by Jule Phipps (119)
  • poem by Nancy Hutchins (121)
  • Three Times is the Charm by Sue Bursztynski and Sue Isla (122)
  • poem by Juliane Toomey (132)
  • Herne's Ravens, part 1 by Louis Bath (133)
  • poem by T. Emmons (153)
  • poem by Todd Parrish (154)
  • Reflections of the Past by J.E. Dransfeild (156)
  • poem by Lucy Leung (158)
  • poem by T. Emmons (158)
  • The Truth About the Afterlife by Sue Bursztynski (159)
  • poem by T. Emmons (163)
  • The Sleepers Awake by Daisy and Lucy Lueng (164)
  • Three Times Three by Janet P. Reedman (168)
  • poem by Janet P. Reedman (170)
  • poem by Jenny Larins (170)
  • poem by Jenny Larins (171)
  • poem by Jacquie Groom (171)
  • poem by Lucy Leung (171)
  • poem by T. Emmons (173)

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

Legend 5 contains 215 pages and was published in 1992 and contains 224 pages.

  • Deciding Which Path to Follow by Matthew Whitney (Tuck is confronted by his own conscience. How can he continue to associate with a band of thieves and remain true to his order's vows? When he leaves his friends and seeks out a reknown blind priest in seclusion, he finds more answers than he bargained for.)
  • The Rival by Sharon Wells (A newcomer is accepted in Robin's band of thieves, but unbeknownst to them all, Henry has an ulterior motive of revenge.)
  • Not Quite Dead by Janet Reedman (Bishop Hugh is charged with holy fire to purge the pagans that would be celebrating Beltaine. However, he's forced to reconsider when he has a face-to-face encounter with Heme on Heme's territory)
  • The Pilgrimage by Julie Phipps and Jacguis Groom (Robert screamed in anguish, clutching at his stomach, trying desperately to cling on to consciousness. "Marions?" he gasped, hoping against hope that she would come to his rescue. But Marion was lost in Loxley's arms, and barely heard. "Do you like pain?" Gulnar continued. "This is for killing ay Master...")
  • more stories by Todd Parrish, K.A. Williams, Laura Woodswalker Todd, Kitty Laust Gamarra, Jacki Marshal, Debra Batus, Hazel Coll, J.M. Pellerin, Louise Bath, Grace Meisel, Sue Bursztynski, Karen Campbell
  • poetry and cartoons

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, Frances Quinn

Legend 6 was published in 1994 and contains 266 pages. Front cover by Frances Quinn.

From Bill Hupe's catalog: "What was Tuck's life like before he came  to Sherwood Forest, and who was the horned man who came to the friar in  his dream? ; the young Hooded Man travels the ShadowWorld and faces his own greatest fear and much more."

  • interior art by Tim Brown
  • I See Red by Marc Lines
  • The Saracen by Rhonda Stovin
  • other content

Issue 7

Legend 7 was published in 1995.

  • Once Upon A Time by Norma D. Plume
  • Fancy Fairground Tricks by Sue Bursztynski
  • Come To Me, My Son by Janet P. Reedman
  • Morning Offering by Bettina Hallinan
  • other content