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Title: Grimmoire
Publisher: Ashton Press
Date(s): 2013-2016
Series?: yes
Medium: fanzine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
External Links: Ashton Press
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cover of issue #1 by Montana

Grimmoire is a gen multimedia fiction zine.

Issue 1

Grimmoire 1 was published in May 2013 and contains 200 pages. It is digest-sized. It contains short stories by Deb Walsh, Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal, Storyhaus & Ann Wortham, Susan Macdonald, Doctor Beth and a novella by Sheila Paulson. Fandoms include Grimm, Stargate SG-1, CSI, Sanctuary, Buckaroo Banzai, and Star Trek TOS.

It contains no deathfic.

  • When Worlds Collide by Storyhaus & Ann Wortham--When an archeologist is found murdered at the Luxor hotel, CSI Nick Stokes finds himself swept up into something much larger than a simple murder. And who is Dr. Daniel Jackson and why is he involved? (Stargate SG-1/CSI)
  • Alliance by Deb Walsh--Helen Magnus is trying to stop an illegal Abnormal slave operation when she realizes some of the Abnormals they've rescued are something she's never encountered before ... Can an alliance result between the Grimm and the Sanctuary? (Grimm/Sanctuary)
  • The Man with the Dragonbone Flute by Susan Macdonald--Remus finds himself invited to join the Hong Kong Cavaliers for a time ... until it all goes wrong. (Buckaroo Banzai/Harry Potter)
  • The Realization by Doctor Beth--A missing scenes/extended scenes story surrounding the episode "A Private Little War." (Star Trek: TOS)
  • The Surly Bonds of Earth by Sheila Paulson--An airplane trip to New York, transporting a Wesen prisoner, find Nick and Monroe in desperate need of some help. Luckily, some of the Ghostbusters are on board! (Grimm/The Real Ghostbusters)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Grimmoire 2 was published in 2014 and contains 200 pages. It has short stories by Ann Wortham, Susan Macdonald, Doctor Beth and a novella by Sheila Paulson. It is digest-sized.

  • Guard Dog (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Grimm) (5 pages)
  • Guilt By Association (Dark Angel) (7 pages)
  • Chupacabra (High Chaparral) (4 pages)
  • Light At The End Of The Tunnel (Supernatural) (8 pages)
  • In The Presence of Mine Enemies (The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne) (34 pages)
  • Why Did I Let You Talk Me Into This (Castle) (15 pages)
  • The Tapestry (Real Ghostbusters/Grimm) (88 pages)
  • The White River Kappa (Supernatural) (17 pages)
  • Encounter In Portland (Grimm/Supernatural) (19 pages)

Issue 3

Grimmoire 3 was published in May 2015. Printed photocopy, 180 pages (digest size), GBC bound. Art by Montana, Babs, and Leah Rosenthal.

cover of issue #3
  • Molly by Susan Macdonald (Supernatural)
  • The Mystery in the Library by Lorraine Anderson (Castle/The Librarians)
  • More Than Words by serendipity8791 (Real Ghostbusters)
  • Christmas Eve Party by Susan Macdonald (Dr. Who)
  • Mishap in Sunnydale by Susan Macdonald (Incredible Hulk/Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Is There a Doctor in the Navy Yard? by Lorraine Anderson (DW/NCIS)
  • Harry Potter and the Board of Governors by Susan Macdonald (Order of Phoenix AU)
  • The God of Many Eyes by Sheila Paulson (Real Ghostbusters)
  • The Bride From Hell by Susan Macdonald (Kung Fu/Friday the 13th)
  • Puente Antiguo by Susan Macdonald (Thor)
  • Never Even Saw Him by K Hanna Korossy (Supernatural)

Issue 4

Grimmoire 4 was published in 2016 and contains 209 pages.

  • Twins (Harry Potter) (2 pages)
  • Four Ghostbusters and a Future's Past (The Real Ghostbusters) (90 pages)
  • Temporal Headaches (Star Trek: DS 9) (28 pages)
  • It's the Muppet Show with Christian Kane (The Muppet Show) (9 pages)
  • The Six Million Dollar Man (Mag 7/SG-1/SG-Atlantis) (20 pages)
  • Getting Out of the Car: Happily Ever After (The X-Files) (14 pages)
  • The Hobbit of Gondor (Lord of the Rings) (35 pages)
  • The Shark King (Grimm) (15 pages)