Enterprise Reprise

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Title: Enterprise Reprise
Publisher: Other World Books
Editor(s): Roberta Rogow
Date(s): 1985
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover by Jean Ellenbacher
back cover by Mike Smith

Enterprise Reprise is a gen Star Trek: TOS 115-page anthology of the best stories that had originally appeared in issues of Grip.

Cover: Jean Ellenbacher. Other art by Mike Smith (back cover), Gregory Baker, Lynn Eldridge, Terri Lipanovich, Richard Pollet, Mike B. Smith, Gennie Summers, and Jean Ellenbacher.

Editor's Foreword

The editors writes at some length about the history of the Star Trek show and of its cancellation, of fandom, and of Grip (the zine of which these stories were reprinted):
While the network executives pondered, the fans took over. So, there would be no more new adventures,eh? Well then...THEY would make their own! And they did...in those self-published magazines called 'fanzines'. Beginning with Spockanalia, published by Devra Langsam in 1966, and even unto the present day, amateur writers and artists have been inventing their own voyages 'where no man has gone before'. They have tried to extend existing episodes, or explain what led up to a particular episode, or have inserted their own characters into the crew of the Enterprise. They have found romance for Captain Kirk, and philosophy of Vulcan for Mr. Spock, and newer and better diseases for Dr. McCoy. They have created Aliens, and written their own histories of Klingons and Romulans. In short, the fan writers and artists are keeping the STAR TREK legend alive.

Thanks to fannish efforts, there have been three STAR TREK movies, with another on its way (as of tnis writing). STAR TREK conventions continue to draw sizable crowds. And the fanzines keep rolling along. I got involved in this madness in 1973, I had watched STAR TREK since its first season, but I hadn't known about Fandom, or Conventions, or fanzines... until I ran into a fellow-librarian at a Library Conference, who was also involved in one of the first convention committees. She told ne about conventions. I went, I saw, and I was hooked on fanzines...and when I saw a flyer from someone soliciting stories, I sat down and wrote one. Here, at last, was an outlet for something that I had been doing all my life (ever since I picked up a crayon at age 5 and scrawled my name). I found a whole new world of friends Out There; they read my stories and wrote to me telling me what they liked and what they didn't, and how to make things better. The next step, of course, was to edit my own fanzine. Even as far back as 1978, there seemed to be a higher and higher standard for writers of fanzines to shoot for. Where could a beginner begin? GRIP was my answer to that question, and it still is, seven years and twenty issues later. GRIP was meant to be a fanzine for 'new writers' to try out their ideas in fanzine writings. (I've been asked about the title, and the only way to explain it is to say that it was originally a joke...I had made a costume that was supposed to be a fanzine which opened out into a semi-nude Spock centerfold. Since there was a fanzine at the time that specialized in R-to-X-rated stories called GRUP, I used GRIP as the title for this costume. When I decided to edit my own fanzine, I took the title from the costume which had taken the title from the other fanzine...understand?)

GRIP has had very few restrictions, other than the obvious ones about Sex (nothing you couldn't show on Prime Time TV) and Violence (ditto, although I'm a lot stricter than the 6 o'clock news.). I've run stories that were extensions of various episodes of STAR TREK, or that used Klingons or Vulcans who were not connected directly with anyone in the episodes or the movies. I've used material based on STAR WARS, BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS, MOONRAKER, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, and whatever else takes my fancy. I've use poetry, reviews, and at one time I even had a "Letterwar" between two engineering fanatics who tried to explain the Warp Drive!


  • Acknowledgments (2)
  • Forword by Roberta Rogow (3)
  • Scrum of the Universe by Gregory A. Baker (5) (Grip #15)
  • A is For... by Roberta Rogow (20) (Grip #16)
  • White Elephant by Gloria Tookmanian (33) (from Grip #2)
  • Kirk's Angel by Sherrie McGhie (37) (Grip #10)
  • You Call This Clean? by Steven Stark (40) (Grip #3)
  • The New Captain of the Enterprise by Richard Pollet (46) (Grip #8)
  • Venture into Hell by Randall Landers (61) (Grip #7)
  • Reunion by Tess Thomas (70) (written before the films were released) (Grip #6)
  • STAR TRACK TRILOGY by Steven Gordon
    • Star Track I: Space Weed (77) (Grip #17)
    • Star Trak II: The Rash of Kon (88) (Grip #18
    • Star Track III: the Splurge for Spa (100) (Grip #19)
  • Bird's Eye View by Leah Rosenthal (114) (Grip #15)

Sample Art

Art appears here with the publisher's permission.

Reactions and Reviews

  • Scrum of the Universe / romp of a rugby game for Kirk's honor against Finnegan
  • A is For... / on a boring mission, Uhura gets the entire crew hooked on scrabble
  • White Elephant / Finnegan gets Kirk again - with the gift of a valuable sehlat
  • Kirk's Angel / Kirk's dumpy and overworked guardian angel calls to complain
  • You Call This Clean? / escaped lab critter wreaks havoc during a picky commodore's inspection
  • The New Captain of the Enterprise / with Kirk missing and a fleet headed for Vulcan bent on destruction, Spock takes command of the ship
  • Venture into Hell / trying to determine what became of a VIP's colonist daughter, the landing party encounter a planet that won't let them go
  • Reunion / reacting to a subliminal message, the bridge crew gather by a museum model of the Enterprise as Spock prepares to head out on a very long voyage
  • Star Track III: the Splurge for Spa / pretty amusing spoof, with Spa's great line: "I have been, and always will be, the main star of Star Track."
  • Bird's Eye View / 'nother STIII spoof, with Spock regenerated as the Jolly Green Giant [1]


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