Then the Night Comes

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Title: Then the Night Comes
Publisher: Ashton Press
Author(s): Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal
Cover Artist(s): Leah Rosenthal
Illustrator(s): Leah Rosenthal
Date(s): January 1998
Medium: fanzine
Fandom: Highlander
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Leah Rosenthal

Then the Night Comes is an alternate sixth season Highlander gen novel, written by Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal. It has 194 pages and was illustrated by Leah Rosenthal.

It has a sequel called The Lightning's Hand.

From a Flyer

A new Highlander novel offering an alternative resolution to the fifth season cliffhanger Archangel and the aired sixth season episodes. Richie Ryan is dead at the hands of his best friend and mentor, Duncan MacLeod. Horrified at what he has done and believing he is pursued by an ancient demon known as Ahriman, MacLeod flees Paris to seek help from old friends in Cornwall. Joe Dawson, Cassandra, and Methos soon follow and the pursuit of who-or what-Ahriman truly is soon involves many of MacLeod's friends in a desperate race from Cornwall to Scotland to Wales. Along the way, Methos must confront more specters from his past, MacLeod learns a few lessons, Joe has a new friendship which is deepening, and Cassandra must learn to deal with a Methos who is, in many ways, different from the man she once knew. Flashbacks take our heroes from ancient Egypt to ancient Babylonia and to Barcelona, Spain along the way. Then the Night Comes is rated PG with no overt sex, either straight or slash. Approximately 145,000 words, 194 pages. Final Price: $20.00, postage included. [1]


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