Touched by Magic

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Title: Touched by Magic
Publisher: Ashton Press
Author(s): Ann Wortham & Leah Rosenthal
Cover Artist(s): Leah Rosenthal
Illustrator(s): Leah Rosenthal
Date(s): August 1999
Medium: fanzine
Fandom: Highlander
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cover by Leah Rosenthal

A 174-page sequel to Then the Night Comes and The Lightning's Hand. Color cover by Leah Rosenthal. Interior artwork by Leah Rosenthal. Graphics by Laura Virgil. Color back cover by Karen River


The aftermath of MacLeod's battle with Ahriman and the subsequent problems with the fabled Sword of Nuada, along with a little prodding from Amanda, have convinced Duncan MacLeod that what he and his clan of friends really need is a good, long vacation-preferably someplace warm and exotic and fun, far away from ancient enemies, curses, Immortal challenges, and the like. His first mistake was in assuming that anything in his life could ever be so simple. His second mistake was deciding to take his friends along with him... [1]

Reactions and Reviews

Lots of excellent humour and an outstanding encounter between MacLeod and "Elvis".[2]


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