Scaring the Sheep

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Filk Album
Album Title: Scaring the Sheep
Producer: Floating Filk Studios
Type: music
Medium: CD
Fandom: multimedia
External Links: Floating Filk

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Scaring the Sheep is a CD of filks sung by Kathy Sands. It has the subtitle, "A Collection of Salacious Songs." It has a sister CD, No Sheep Aloud.

Solo 3:31

  • Parodying "Lola"
  • Music by Raymond Douglas Davies
  • Lyrics by George "Syke" Paczolt

Son of Sith 2:36

  • aka “Darth Vader's Mother Wears Army Boots”
  • Parodying "The Imperial March"
  • Music by John Williams
  • Lyrics by Leah Rosenthal, Michele Rosenberg, Mary Otten, Kathy Sands

Star Whores

  • aka “Makin' Wookies (sic)” 1:26
  • Parodying “Makin' Whoopee”
  • Music by Walter Donaldson, Gus Kahn
  • Lyrics by Fred Kuhn

Sandglass 1:58

  • Music by Ann Passovoy
  • Lyrics: Jacqueline Taero

Five Nights Late 2:44

  • Parodying “Five Nights Drunk”
  • Music: Traditional
  • Lyrics: Kathy Sands

Don't Touch! 3:41

  • Parodying "Don't Push That Button"
  • Music by Duane Elms
  • Lyrics by Kathy Sands

Slash Wallow 2:47

  • Parodying "Titwillow"
  • Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan
  • Lyrics by Kathy Sands

Circle Jerk 3:51

  • Parodying "The Circle Game"
  • Music by Joni Mitchell
  • Lyrics by Rennie Levine

The Rooster Song 6:03

  • Music: Traditional
  • Lyrics: some Traditional and/or Anonymous, some by Leo, Kathy &/or Matthew Sands, 1 verse by Stephen Joel Zeve & Casey Sears

Chocolate Eclair 3:43

  • Music: Traditional to "Sweet Betsy From Pike"
  • Lyrics by Rennie Levine

When I Was a Young Girl 4:58

  • Music: Traditional
  • Lyrics by Suzette Hayden Elgin (1 verse K Sands)

Starship Unity 2:17

  • Parodying "Johnny Be Fair"
  • Music: Traditional
  • Lyrics by Anne Passovoy

That Real Old-Time Religion 5:10

  • Parodying “That Old-Time Religion”
  • Music: Traditional
  • Lyrics: Many

Queen Eleanor's Confession 3:51

  • Music: Traditional
  • Lyrics: Traditional, from several versions

Scotland’s Depraved 4:22

  • Parodying “Scotland the Brave”
  • Music: Traditional
  • (per)verses compiled from many anonymous sources & augmented by K Sands

The End Of The Tail 2:59

  • Parodying “Captain Jack and the Mermaid”
  • Music by Meg Davis
  • Lyrics by Jane Mailander

Bend Over, Greek Sailor 6:02

  • Music: Traditional
  • Lyrics: Traditional & Athelstan
  • Lead Singer for the lot: Kathy Sands (who writes slash filk, poetry, stories, & novels as Valaria)
  • Many of these lyrics were previously published in issues 9, 10, 11 & 12 of 1 In 10 published by Neon Rainbow Press
  • Guitarist, kazooist, whistler & primary backup singer (not to mention 1st-order nit-picker & proofreader): Marc S. Glasser
  • Producer, all-around techie & 2nd backup singer (to "That Real Old-Time Religion"): Harold Stein
  • CD cover & insert layout and design (& priceless advice!): Teri Lee