No Sheep Aloud

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Filk Album
Album Title: No Sheep Aloud
Producer: Floating Filk Studios
Type: music
Medium: CD
Fandom: multimedia
External Links: Floating Filk
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No Sheep Aloud is a filk CD by Kathy Sands. It has the subtitle, "A Collection of Non-Salacious Songs." It is a sister CD to Scaring the Sheep.

Liner notes from the artist:

  • 01 Lost Luggage 2:47 Parody of "Windmills". Music by Alan Bell, lyrics by Kathy Sands
  • 02 When Will This Journey End 3:01 Parody of "Fellowship Going South". Music by Leslie Fish, lyrics by Kathy Sands
  • 03 Owl and the Pussycat 1:54 Music traditional ("Farewell, Sweet Lovely Nancy"), lyrics by Edward Lear
  • 04 The Song 1:36 Parody of "The Quest". Music by Leslie Fish, lyrics by Kathy Sands
  • 05 Maryland, My Maryland 4:36 Music traditional ("O Tannenbaum"), lyrics by James Ryder Randall
  • 06 Rolling Mills of New Jersey 3:31 Parody of "The Rolling Hills of the Border". Music traditional, lyrics by John Roberts & Tony Barrand & the Sands family
  • 07 Gophers' Lament 1:41 Parody of "The Song of the Shieldwall". Music by Peregryn Wyndryder (aka Melissa Williamson), lyrics by Rob Dean, Kathy Sands & Larry Schroeder
  • 08 Go Lassie Go 0:37 Music traditional ("Wild Mountain Thyme"), lyrics by Stephen L. Suffet & Kathy Sands
  • 09 Social Security Blanket 2:06 Parody of "Wishful Thinking". Music by Alan Theisen, lyrics by Lee Gold
  • 10 Vulgar Henchmen 1:01 Music traditional ("Volga Boatmen"), lyrics by Karen Trimble
  • 11 The Ballad of Gauda Prime 1:57 Music traditional ("Streets of Laredo"), lyrics by Jacqueline Taero
  • 12 Washerwoman of Oz 1:47 Parody of "The Irish Washerwoman". Music traditional, lyrics by Kathy Sands, Rob Dean & Larry Schroeder
  • 13 Teddy Bears' Victory 1:38 Parody of "Teddy Bears' Picnic". Music by John Walter Bratton, lyrics by Steve Savitsky
  • 14 Danny Boy 2:39 Parody of, well, "Danny Boy", because sometimes a filk is simply too obvious. Music traditional, lyrics by Kathy Sands
  • 15 There's an Amoeba 0:52 Parody of "Hava Nagila". Music traditional, lyrics by Mildred Torgeson
  • 16 A Doleful Ballad 4:35 Parody of "The Irish Ballad". Music by Tom Lehrer, lyrics by Roberta Rogow
  • 17 Deck the Halls 1:07 Music traditional ("Deck the Halls"), lyrics by Jo Anne Christy, Doris Robin & Marcy Robin
  • 18 Sweet Mary Sue 1:55 Parody of "Sweet Betsy from Pike". Music traditional, lyrics by Wendy Atkinson
  • 19 Enterprise 1:34 Parody of "Summertime". Music by George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin & Dubose Heyward, lyrics by Sarah Elizabeth Miller
  • 20 Outer Space Marines 1:29 Parody of "The Marines' Hymn". Music by Jacques Offenbach, lyrics by Jeff Duntemann
  • 21 Our Space Opera Goes Rolling Along 1:37 Parody of "The Caissons Go Rolling Along". Music by Edmund Louis Gruber, lyrics by Jeff Duntemann
  • 22 National Embalming School 1:00 Parody of several traditional tunes (including "O Tannenbaum" and "A-Hunting We Will Go"), lyrics by Anonymous
  • 23 God Save the Queen 2:34 Music traditional, lyrics by Unknown & Anonymous & Vinnie Bartilucci (the Smurf verse)
  • 24 In the Bog Where You Lurk 1:19 Parody of "On the Street Where You Live". Music by Frederick Loewe, lyrics by Divers Hands
  • 25 Jabberwocky 2:01 Music traditional ("Greensleeves"), lyrics by Lewis Carroll
  • 26 Where Can the Matter Be 2:04 Parody of "Johnny's So Long at the Fair". Music traditional, lyrics by Don Simpson & D. Cochran
  • 27 Woad 1:34 Parody of "Men of Harlech". Music traditional, lyrics by Anonymous
  • 28 The Horse-Tamer's Daughter 13:32 Music & lyrics by Leslie Fish

Total time - 1:08:35 (68 minutes 35 seconds)

  • Kathy Sands: Lead singer for the lot
  • Marc S. Glasser: Guitarist, whistler and backup singer (not to mention 1st-order nit-picker and proofreader)
  • Harold Stein: Producer, engineer, all-around techie and trafficker in dead trees and electrons
  • Teri Lee: CD photographs and insert layout and design (and priceless advice!)
  • Michael Moller: Technical advisor