It Couldn't Happen Then, It Couldn't Happen Now

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You may be looking for It couldn't happen here, a Night Stalkers newsletter.

Title: It Couldn't Happen Then, It Couldn't Happen Now
Publisher: Sherri Fillingham, Covert Press
Date(s): 1992
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Sandbaggers
Language: English
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It Couldn't Happen Then, It Couldn't Happen Now is a gen Sandbaggers 219-page anthology. Covers by Katie. Artwork and stories by Leah Rosenthal, Liz Vogel, Jacqueline Taero, Melissa Mastoris, Pat Nussman, Sherri Fillingham, Mary Raugh, Suzan Lovett, Kate Nuernberg, and more.

"The zine had fiction, poetry and artwork and is assembled so that a reader has to flip it over to switch from the 98-page "It Couldn’t Happen Then" section to the 123-page "It Couldn’t Happen Now" component. In the former, the fiction is set contemporaneously with the events of the televised series; in the latter, after the series." [1]

It Couldn't Happen Then...

  • 233-3007 by Liz Vogel (5)
  • The Voice in the Wilderness by Jacqueline Taero (7)
  • Rumours: Laura by Melissa Mastoris (8)
  • The Changing of the Guard by Pat Nussman and Sherri Fillingham (9)
  • A Poetic View of *A Special Relationship* by Melissa Mastoris (17)
  • Know Who Your Friends Are by SHerri Fillingham (21)
  • Confession Under Mild Duress by Jacqueline Taero (82)
  • Neil Burnside: An Analysis by Melissa Mastoris (83)
  • A Subtle Form of Suicide by Melissa Mastoris (84)
  • The First Rule of Engagement by Sherri Fillingham (85)
  • Top Ten List #1 by Mary Raugh (91)
  • Slighted Justice by Jacqueline Taero (92)
  • The Crossing by Jacqueline Taero (93)
  • A Suitable Prospect Jacqueline Taero (95)
  • Top Ten List #2 by Mary Raugh (97)

It Couldn't Happen Now...

  • Unacceptable Risk by Sherri Fillingham (4)
  • Top Ten List #1 by Mary Raugh (48)
  • Ten Years Ago Today by Melissa Mastoris (49)
  • Sacrificial Lamb by Sherri Fillingham (50)


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