Revelations (Highlander fanzine)

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Title: Revelations
Publisher: Ashton Press
Editor(s): Ann Wortham
Date(s): 1998-1999
Medium: print
Fandom: Highlander
Language: English
External Links: Publisher's site
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cover of issue #1

Revelations is a het, mostly slash anthology.

Issue 1

Revelations 1 was published in 1998 and contains 116 pages. Cover by C.P. Foster. Interior artwork by Leah Rosenthal.

  • Judas Kiss[Dead link] by Cori Lannam--Methos remembers how he left the Horsemen and considers the nature of betrayal during the time leading up to a final showdown between himself and Cassandra... (4)
  • Alone and Palely Loitering by Riley Cannon--Methos and Duncan try to repair their friendship after "Comes a Horseman" and Duncan learns about how Methos previously knew Darius. (18)
  • The Gathering Storm by Adam (26)
  • Shared Quickening by Adam (27)
  • The Apocalypse by Lady Rowena--A story about how Methos finally leaves the Horseman, told entirely from Kronos' point of view! (28)
  • A Momentary Lapse of Reason by Quale--In the aftermath of Byron's death at MacLeod's hand, Methos and Duncan have a lot of unresolved issues. (45) (reprinted from Walking Distance)
  • Survivors by K. Ann Yost--Methos and Avon are thrown together while trying to escape from the Federation. Crossover with Blake's 7. (54)
  • Voyeur by Methosia--Michaelus has a long-standing interest in and friendship with both Duncan MacLeod and with Methos. In the wake of Methos' past with the Horsemen being revealed, MacLeod finds himself unable to deal with his developing desire for Methos. Michaelus endeavors to assist both of his friends in the only way he knows how...and to satisfy a few of his own desires along the way... (59)
  • Visions of Methos: A Sweet Winter's Tale by Elizabeth (Dragonfly) Kowols--Cassandra finally has her "revenge" on Methos after taking a little advice from Amanda! (85)
  • Drinking the Music by Secret Admirer (89)
  • Swords At Sunset by Attilla the HunEE--A late entry into the "Swords at Sunset" contest hosted by Eng and Maygra on their website. It's a Highlander romance, a la Harlequin! Definitely an Alternate Universe for our heroes, set during the mid-seventeenth century. (90)
  • Bookends (a Forever Knight crossover) by Lauren Adams (105)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

The one B7 story in this zine is basically a PWP. Given the basic premise of Highlander (immortality, just in case any of the rest of you know even less about the series than I do), set-up is not a problem-- presumably Methos will still be around in the B7 future. And what a pretty pair he and Avon make.

It's a good story, but IMO not worth buying an entire zine for unless you're also a Highlander fan. If you are, this is a must. I haven't read the other stories in detail, but a quick skim indicated that they're well-written and full of sex'n'angst, all the good stuff, yes yes. And cartoons by Leah, for a good laugh in between angsty stories.

There's also one Forever Knight crossover story. [1]

Issue 2

Revelations 2 was published in 1999 and contains 136-pages. Color cover of Methos is by Karen River. Interior artwork by Leah Rosenthal.

Summaries from the publisher:

  • Temptations by Methosia (Duncan/Methos/Kronos): The immediate aftermath of the double Quickening Methos and Duncan share in Bordeaux finds Duncan confused by memories of Kronos' past with Methos... Reprinted from Walking Distance.
  • Strength & Cruelty by Quale (Methos/OFC; Methos/Kronos): Kronos likes to keep Methos happy...but not for too long. The two of them play a longstanding game of cat and mouse with each other in the Bronze Age...
cover by Karen River
  • The Space Between Us by Olympia (Methos/Duncan): Duncan walks away from his friends and the Game following "Not to Be," but when Methos literally shows up on his doorstep, Duncan soon learns that it's not that easy to leave all those he loves behind.
  • Upstairs, Downstairs by Amand-r (Methos/Duncan): Methos has moved into Duncan's loft and made a career out of annoying the Highlander. Well, two can play at that game!
  • A Foreign Country by arachne (Methos/Duncan): Methos and Duncan are estranged following their double Quickening in Bordeaux, but both are still drawn together and Amanda decides to interfere...
  • Round 3 to Methos by Jan B. (Methos/Duncan): Methos kills Kristin when Duncan can't bring himself to do it...but there are consequences that the two lovers must then deal with. Kristin isn't going to give up so easily!
  • A Midsummer Night's Muse by 'tilla and Hopper (Methos/Duncan; Methos/Kronos): An alternate universe romp in the days of knights and chivalry.
  • Out of Bounds by A. C. Langlinais (Methos/Duncan): Duncan reveals that he is feeling rather "possessed" by Kronos after Bordeaux and Methos eventually comes up with a rather unique solution to the Highlander's problem...
  • Unexpected by Alice Hill (Amanda/Joe): When Amanda suddenly shows up at Joe's bar, he wonders what she might want...and she's more than willing to show him!
  • Impiety by Red Wolf (Methos/OFC): Duncan is out of town but that doesn't stop two old friends from making themselves at home in his dojo!
  • "For it is Better..." by Alex Vinci (Methos/Duncan): A crossover with Star Trek finds Methos in the future, gone to ground on the planet of Vulcan. But Duncan is drawn to him.
  • Full color cover by Karen River and cartoons by Leah Rosenthal. Poetry by Shomeret.


  1. from Sarah Thompson at Judith Proctor's Blake's 7 site