Gateway to Eternity

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Title: Gateway to Eternity
Publisher: Ashton Press
Date(s): May 2002
Genre: gen
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
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Gateway to Eternity is a gen anthology fanzine with over 230 pages. Full color cover by Sazz. Interior art by Corinna, Leah Rosenthal and others. Some of these stories were previously been posted to the SG1HC internet mailing list, but none of them were archived on the web at the time of publication.

Reactions and Reviews

[zine]: At first glance: the artwork and images are lovely. I had to read the Pough story straight away - how could I not? Some of the cameos early on in the story were written so well they made me feel sort of teary! I'll send more comments, on the required paperwork, as I get further into it. I've got a lot of reading to do! BTW is everyone else as happy as me, that Daniel looks like returning for a final season? I'm hoping it will urge people to keep writing. Don't know what I'll do for bedtime reading otherwise. [1]
[zine]: First let me mention as general comment that this zine is closest to my heart because it is the first zine I have ever bought and it started the process of me wanting to explore the zine avenue farther.

Favorite hand drawn art:

(1) Page 143 by Wilma: An excellent picture of Daniel. She captures him so brilliantly.

(2) Page 81 by Leah (Father nature): I had to laugh when I saw this one. Her cartoons are so inventive.

Favorite photo manipulation: There were several in this zine.

(1) Page 105 (possibly by Corinna?) not labeled: I love the colors used in this one with Jack and Daniel.

(2) Cover by Sazz: Excellent colors. All of our great characters together.

(3) Page 129 (either Amy or Corinna) not labeled: A great manipulation of Daniel and all of his glory.

(4) Page 161 cover of story "The Battle Royal": Here again I loved the colors.

(5) Page 215 composite of Kasuf, Skaara, Jack, and Daniel: I loved the colors and the spacing of this one.

Favorite stories:

(1) A Child of Egypt by Pough: It was difficult for me to finish this because of the gut wrenching ending. It didn't help that I also read it after watching the "Meridian" episode.

(2) Fool's Gold by Corby: A beautiful piece of what lengths Daniel would go through to see a smile on Sha'uri's face.

(3) Shaqaa by Aurora: I have always been partial to the stories concerning Chaka and Daniels relationship with him.

(4) Wrong Impressions by Deborah Louise Gough: A tale a little reminiscent to the "Need" episode in the fact that Daniel can not help himself in saving White Lily Dove. I was not expecting the ending however so definitely a good read.

(5) The Battle Royal by Tiv'ester: A great tale showing Daniel's strength and courage. He will do anything in his power to protect his family and the people he loves. He had great leadership skills in this story. [2]
My favorite story in Gateway was Scribe's story [The Wedding]. I have told her myself, but it is so unbelievable what she did to Jack and Daniel, and getting them both was hilarious. That was so original to have the girls (me and Beth, sorta) to write all over their bodies (and to shave all their hair). That was the most truly piece of original fiction that I have ever read. While I am thinking about it, I want to order Redemption. Terri already knows this, but I want to tell you how fine her story about Abydos is in this zine. She writes superb stories anyway, but this is exceptional. [3]


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