A Kind of Magic (Highlander zine)

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Title: A Kind of Magic
Publisher: Ashton Press
Date(s): 2002
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Highlander
Language: English
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Leah Rosenthal

A Kind of Magic is a gen Highlander fanzine. . It includes articles, poetry and more. This issue includes stories that feature those most dynamic of ancient enemies, Methos and Cassandra, as well as MacLeod, Joe Dawson and a host of others. Adorned with illustrations, articles and poetry. Some of these stories have previously appeared on the Highlander Holyground Forum as part of the Mid-Week Challenges. 105 reduced print pages. Full color cover by Leah Rosenthal.

  • The Midwife’s Garden by Janice Rodriguez – A medieval village is both refuge and peril for Grace Chandel, her Immortal teacher comes to discover.
  • Circumstances by Dell Highway – In the aftermath of the tragic events of Endgame, MacLeod disappears and Methos and Joe Dawson follow, in order to discover whether their friend needs solace—or killing.
  • War in the Next Room by Leslie Fish – In a hotel room in Scotland, a pair of deadly enemies learn that Connor MacLeod's death has created several unavoidable ironies. Won a 2003 FanQ.
  • Unto Dust by Storie – A haunting tale of one Immortal's journey in the midst of a land seized by Depression.
  • Crossroads by A – Methos is in danger of losing the soul he fought three millennia to reclaim. His fate may depend on the aid of his best friend—and worst foe.
  • The Eyes of Age by Palladia – Not long after the events of Comes A Horseman and Revelations, MacLeod, Methos, Joe and Cassandra are drawn into a war with an Immortal with a taste for butchery and no regard whatsoever for the Rules of the Game.
  • The Musings of Death by Titania – Methos stumbles across a fateful battle, to tragic consequences.
  • Buried Treasure by Janice Rodriguez – A small, enigmatic collection of artifacts are found in the desert, and Cassandra rediscovers memories lost more than 3,000 years before.
  • Let or Hindrance by Palladia – How far is Methos willing to go to get what he wants...and will he recognize it when he finally gets it?