Orbit (Blake's 7 zine)

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Title: Orbit
Publisher: Liberator Popular Front
Editor(s): Audrey Waller and Sue Walker
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
External Links: the first three issues were uploaded by the publisher here
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Orbit is a gen Blake's 7 anthology with at least nine issues. The first issue is full size and the remaining are digest sized.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Tim Pieraccini

Orbit 1 contains 58-pages and was published in October 1982. It has a front cover by Tim Pieraccini.



  • Sue Walker, "The Magician (Tarot I)" (58)

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, "Liso" by Tim Pieraccini
back cover of issue #2, "Avon and Yoneth" by Tim Pieraccini

Orbit 2 was published in April 1983 and is 98 pages long. It has a front and back color cover by Tim Pieraccini and black and white interior art by Tim Pieraccini.


  • Jane Ching, fiction "Where Rumours End" (1)
  • Sue Walker, poem "The Hanged Man (Tarot XII)" (32)
  • Tim Pieraccini, fiction "Friends... Or Foes?" (script format) (33)
  • Sarah Wright, fiction "Deadly Interception" (68)
  • illo (72)
  • Lee Steadman, fiction "Escape" (75)
  • illo of Klein and Soolin (80)
  • Judith Seaman, fiction "Never Recognized the Fool" (94)
  • illo (96)
  • Linda Short, poem "Wise Enough to Play the Fool" (97)
  • Linda Short, poem "Of Even Death Bereaved" (98)

Issue 3

front cover of issue #3, by Tim Pieraccini
back cover of issue #3, by Tim Pieraccini

Orbit 3 contains 101 pages and was published in September 1983. Tim Pieraccini (front and back cover).

  • Judith M. Seaman, fiction, "Beast" (Avon's mind is swapped with that of an animal.) (1)
  • Sue Walker, poem, "The Charioteer (Tarot VII)" (28)
  • Tim Pieraccini, fiction, "Seekers and Secrets" (script format) (29)
  • illo, "Soolin and Indell" (45)
  • Sue Walker, fiction, "Nevermore" (58)
  • illo (61)
  • Sylvia White, fiction, "The Garden of Zeeden" (72)
  • illo, Avon and Eve (82)
  • Tim Pieraccini, fiction, "The Visitor" (96)
  • Debbie Moon, poem, "The Sands of Virn" (101)
  • Susan J. King, poem, "Sandscape" (101)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

LPF zine, £2.35 inc. p & p, 100 pages & cover. Usual excellent artwork by Tim Pieraccini (5, incl. covers). Quality production. 'Beast' by Judith Seaman, need I say more? But will shock Avon-lovers first time around. When I'd calmed down, I read it again and was very impressed. 2nd series - Avon's mind is inhabited by the mind of a terrified animal, but his expertise is desperately needed and somehow he must impart, via Vila, the information... Also episode 3 of Tim P's scripts for a 5th series. 'Nevermore'; immediately post-'Orbit' - very introspective and moving account of Vila's and Avon's emotions. 'The Garden of Zeeden'; 4th series crew visit a pleasure planet but Servalan is out to trap them via one of the ladies of pleasure to whom Avon takes a fancy. 'The Visitor'; 4th series. An alien foretells... + 2 more poems. Very good reading throughout though with my personal reservation regarding lengthy scripts, which I dislike reading. [1]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, by Tim Pieraccini

Orbit 4 was published in March 1984 and contains 102 pages. Tim Pieraccini (front and back cover).



  • Sue Walker, "The Moon"
  • Henry C. Eggleton, "Dark Warrior"
  • Sue Walker, "Strength" (Tarot XI)
  • Denise Sheets, "Kindred Spirits"

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, by Tim Pieraccini

Orbit 5 was published in January 1985 and contains 96 pages.


  • Sylvie White, "Reincarnate"
  • Jane Ching, "For In That Sleep of Death What Dreams May Come"
  • Laura Corkell, "Escape"
  • Sheila Paulson, "Thanantos"
  • Tim Pieraccini, "Avenger"
  • Jane Ching, "Testament"


  • Sarah Berry, "Legend"
  • Sue Walker, "The Fool""

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, by Tim Pieraccini

Orbit 6 was published in August 1985 and contains 98 pages. Tim Pieraccini (front and back cover).

  • Jane Ching, "The Bane of Rega"
  • Sue Little, "Antagonist"
  • Sylvie White, "Midnight Memories"
  • Sue Walker, "What Does It Matter What You Say about People?"
  • Gillain Marsden, "Silent Rules to Silent Games"
  • Samantha Lea, "A Dream of Freedom"
  • Tim Pieraccini, "Base and Deadly Passions"
  • Virginia Turpin, "Period of Adjustment"

Issue 7

cover of issue #7, by Tim Pieraccini

Orbit 7 was published in 1985 and contains 46 pages.

  • Nightmare by Ros Williams
  • other unknown content

Issue 8

Orbit 8 was published in 1986 and contains 100 pages.

cover of issue #8


  • Lillian Somogyi & Sue Walker, "Sunstar"
  • Sylvie White, "The Rose"
  • Tim Pieraccini, "Pilgrims"

Issue 9

Orbit 9 was published in June 1986 and contains 132 pages.

cover of issue #9


Issue 10

Orbit 10 was published in 1987 and contains 112 pages.

cover of issue #10


  1. from a fan in Horizon Newsletter #13 (January 1985)