Liberator Popular Front

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Fan Club
Name: Liberator Popular Front
Dates: 1980 (?)-?
Country based in: U.K.
Focus: Blake's 7
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Liberator Popular Front was the first Blake's 7 fan-run fan club. It, and Horizon, were also the two largest.

Among other things, the club published the Liberator Popular Front Newsletter, the first edition of The Quibell Abduction, and Liberator, and the zine Tales from the Rebel's Return.

It also co-sponsored (with Horizon) The Teal-Vandor Convention.

A 1978 Description

From the zine, Liberator:


The Liberator Popular Front is a group of BLAKES SEVEN fanatics who live in and around London. We meet one Sunday in every month. Dues are 25p per meeting] most of which goes into victualing the members. Later on, we plan commemorative trips to Basingstoke (scene of "Children of The Stones"), etc. Right now, we mainly site around and exchange ideas about our favourite TV series. AND ANY MEMBER WHO VALUES THEIR LIFE BUCKLES DOWN AND WRITE CONTRIBUTIONS FOR LIBERATOR. OR ELSE! If you would like to attend and can make it along to an East London location on a Sunday afternoon, phone Anne Lewis on [phone number redacted] evenings and weekends, for details.