Tales from the Rebel's Return

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Title: Tales from the Rebel's Return
Publisher: The Liberator Popular Front
Editor(s): one could order it from Jill McCaul
Date(s): 1981 or before
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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Tales from the Rebel's Return is a 17-page gen Blake's 7 anthology published in the UK.

front cover by Chris Chivers

Collected Tales from the Rebel's Return is a reprint of of this zine, plus non-B7 stories reprinted from Enigma and Frontier Worlds.

It contains the first of the Blake's 7 Bar stories.

From the Zine

Perpetrated by (In A-Z order):

C.R. Casey
Chris Chivers
Anne Lewis
Jill McCaul
Lillian Shepherd
Jean Sheward

Assisted by a number of large but friendly Green Dragons, the Post Office, Augustus Barnett, the Dorsai, Fantasycon VI, Messrs Niven, Clarke, De Camp, Pratt and Robinson, the One Tun, the LPF in general and the regulars of "the Rebel's Return" in particular, without whom this zine would never have come screaming into birth. Skal!

This zine is produced on a non-profit making basis..............Published by The Liberator Popular Front. Cover by Chris Chivers.

On the last page (pg. 17) after the last story, is this, which I assume is from the editor: "Afterward: Somewhere in depths of space, beyond the blue event horizon, outside Known Space, on the other side of the final frontier lies the "Rebel's Return", if you make a close orbit of Space City, turn second left of Freedom City, following the Yellow an asteroid belt on the edge of an interdimensional rift where, capacity for alcohol and bad puns, you will find "the Rebel's Return". Welcome friend. What are you drinking?

I remember... T'was in the Spring of '80 when one of the perpetrators of this fanzine wrote to another on the subject of pen names, one of which had led to another via the medium of the SF bar stories of Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt. (No. No. Those are real names.) Hey, came the inspired reply. Why don't we write some B7 Bar Stories, It's author then proceeded to forget her 'brilliant' idea until, two weeks later, in the bar of a certain spiritual twin of "the Rebel's Return', (not all that far from Farringdon Tube Station) yet another soon-to-be regular of Lil's establishment produced the Format for the Tales...and the first of the bar stories was written that night. Oh, what have we done? Don's answer that. There are still many Untold Tales of the Rebel's Return and I am sure that you, friend, can help record them for us - puns, in-jokes an' all. If you find your way there, and someone should tell you a story, don't let the rest of us miss it. Send your communication to: The LPF [address redacted].


  • The Con Trick (2)
  • Pilot Error (3)
  • If You Can't Beat Them (4)
  • Something in the Cellar (6)
  • The Haunted Spaceship (9)
  • A.W.O.L. (12)
  • A Better Mousetrap (13)
  • Pass the Parcel (14)

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